I always believe whenever you are faced with a stressful situation like decision-making and etc, it's better to calm down your mind so that you can make a better choice. I was kinda frustrated with some important decisions to make lately and being in a bad mood doesn't really help. Thus, I went for a run and the feel-good hormones really works, and then settled down for a nice Japanese dinner at Men-ichi Japanese Ramen, Northpoint, SG.

A must for me whenever I had Japanese food - Chawanmushi. And, Men-chi's chawanmushi are always one of the best!

'Paitan Tonkatsu Ramen' - when served

After I stirred it...
After taking a shower and feeling calmer than ever, I realised what's that so 'important' is not really that serious after all! Thus, this is the power of positive feeling.... instead of exaggerating the situation, look into the real perspective of the issue!


I always likes to have a nice and simple dinner before going back to Singapore for the new work week.And, most of time, I patronised Pekin Restaurant in Taman Sentosa, JB. How great is to end a Sunday evening with some simple, good food and freshly brewed Chinese tea. It really calms me for the evening before facing another stressful week. :(

Fried pork meat in sweet and sour sauce or "gu lou yok"

Their famous spinach tofu

Fried 'mantou'

Century eggs and vegetables soup

"Four heavenly Kings" - consist of a mixed of four vegetables
Have a beautiful week!!!


After a relaxing aromatherapy massage at Thai Odyssey in City Square Mall, JB, I decided to patronized Wong Kok restaurant. It was just situated next door to the spa and seeing that there was no crowd on an early evening, I  thought it's an good idea to counter my hunger pangs. I decided for something simple, just a meal and a drink.

'Fu Yong' egg rice. The portion was quite large and I can hardly finished it. Anyway, the egg was nicely fried and it was delicious!

'Ying-yang' - Coffee mixed with tea. I always love this HK beverage. 
It was a great day to end the week. An aromatherapy massage is always relaxing and keep the stress and strains at bay, especially after a week of workout. Probably it's a good idea to have a massage once a month to pamper ourselves, to relax and to loosen the tense muscles!

Have a good weekend!


It's always a good idea to look for good food whenever you are on the roads, especially on long distance travel. After all, it's not always you will go to such a far place just to eat, unless you are on a 'makan' mission. I was travelling back from KL after celebrating my father's in law birthday and again, I stopped at my usual destination for a break, the foochow town of Yong Peng. And, since its foochow, it's time to savour foodchow food.

"Foochow" Soup - A must when having foochow food. Put some drops of vinegar onto it for some great taste!

Red Wine Chicken - I love the fragrant of the wine!

'Kangkung" - Some vegetables to balance the meat

My favourite, in cantonese it's called 'Shi chai choy". I am yearning for this dish for quite some time and it's kinda difficult to find it in JB.
All these beautiful dishes can be found at an old kopitiam called 'Hock Swee Hin', which was almost a corner shop-lot located near the traffic light going to Yong Peng Utara toll.


This is the first time I joined a filipino community for dinner. Well, my colleague invited me for her birthday party last Friday and I thought it's a good idea to experience something new - food and new friends. We were at Gerry's grill at cuppage terrace around Orchard area. I am not that a stranger there as I knew half of the folks there - some were my current colleagues while some are ex-colleagues.  

Taking a pix with the pretty birthday girl

pork sinigang - pork soup. It tastes sour and appetizing.

gambas - prawns. The prawns were cooked in some sweet gravy with eggs. I like it.

inihaw na pusit - squid. It's sweet too but I love it, though it's sinful. :(

'Bangus' - grill fish. Nice - I like this one, very crispy! 

Sisiq - pork mince meat. Well, my pinoy friend told me it's a mixed of all the pork spared parts. Just eat, don't ask too much!! :o
Now, I realised they really love pork. It's pork everywhere and luckily I'm a chinese. LOL. Anyway, it's a pleasant gathering and I like their warm and friendly company.


It's been a busy week for me and I don't really have time to update my blog. Well, I just got back from KL to celebrate my father in law's birthday at Harmony Banquet Restaurant near Puchong. The place was clean, quite new and the waitresses provided good services. However, the eight course menu was just average. Anyway, its a nice place to dine in.

Assortment of dim sum and light delicacies

'sau' noodles .. auspicious noodles for birthday

'shark' fins.... without the fins.... LOL

Mushrooms and small abalones

steamed fish

Dried curry prawns

A mixed of vegetables and mushrooms

Dessert - 'peach' pau

Ice honeydew dessert
Overall, the place was not too bad as there are ample parking spaces and again, I like the clean environment there. At least, a good place to relax and dine.


One thing I love about shopping malls food courts in Singapore was they have a variety of foods to choose from , ranging from Japanese, Korean, Malay, Indonesians, Western, Chinese and etc. There are soups, fish head noodles, fast food joints, nasi padang, economic rice, indian cuisines, pizzas, pasta and etc..... which offers a rich choices for lunch or dinner.

I was kinda tired one night after work and thought it's a good idea to buy a simple kimchi set for dinner. It's not the best but then, not too bad. At least, the spicy kimchi invigorate me for a while before I get my restful sleep. And, it was also a cold night! 

kimchi set....


Nothing beats having a fresh egg tart in the morning. I guess no matter how famous or not so famous a shop is, it's always delicious whenever it came freshly out from the oven. Thus, on early morning, I always at the same time to wait for these freshly baked pastry to arrive fresh from the oven for my breakfast! A yellow delicious pastry to greet the yellow morning sun!!