Filipino delicacies.....

This is the first time I joined a filipino community for dinner. Well, my colleague invited me for her birthday party last Friday and I thought it's a good idea to experience something new - food and new friends. We were at Gerry's grill at cuppage terrace around Orchard area. I am not that a stranger there as I knew half of the folks there - some were my current colleagues while some are ex-colleagues.  

Taking a pix with the pretty birthday girl

pork sinigang - pork soup. It tastes sour and appetizing.

gambas - prawns. The prawns were cooked in some sweet gravy with eggs. I like it.

inihaw na pusit - squid. It's sweet too but I love it, though it's sinful. :(

'Bangus' - grill fish. Nice - I like this one, very crispy! 

Sisiq - pork mince meat. Well, my pinoy friend told me it's a mixed of all the pork spared parts. Just eat, don't ask too much!! :o
Now, I realised they really love pork. It's pork everywhere and luckily I'm a chinese. LOL. Anyway, it's a pleasant gathering and I like their warm and friendly company.