It's been a long time since I visited Klang, probably a decade more when I was still in college. And I was amazed with the changes that took place in this town, which used be a small, quiet town when I was here a decade ago. There were new townships, the largest Jusco in the country, busy streets and lots of great seafood eateries. Even the town centre was bustling on a saturday afternoon with heavy traffic.

I was introduced to this little shop situated in town which sells great cendol. It was established in 1972 and probably the business has been passed down to another generation. Heard that they used to be cendol peddlers before setting up a shop.

There were quite a crowd then when I was there on a late afternoon. Well, probably it's due to the hot weather, tea hours and of course, good cendol.

This was how the cendol looks like when served. Lots of ice granules added on top to freeze the dessert, besides the added liquid brown sugar and the green cendols with nuts.It was served in a small silver bowl, which will keep the ice from being easily melted. The cendol tasted good! The coconut milk was not too salty and smooth while the serving is also not too sweet. Just nice! Smooth, milky and refreshing!
Their rojak is delicious too! It comes with some fried prawn dough, eggs, cucumber and other salad. Dipped it in the sauce while it's still hot and you can't helped with another serving.  

A nice, cool cendol and a mouth-watering rojak, just nice for an afternoon bite before moving on to continue checking out the town. Cendol Klang is located at - 78 Jalan Nanas, Klang.


If you happens to drive northbound from JB or Singapore, you will likely pass by this Pagoh rest & recreation stop. This will take almost two hours if you are driving at 100-110km/h from  the Skudai toll centre.

The place is fully air-conditioned and spacious, where you will find lots of tables even though you are travelling during the peak periods like CNY or Raya. It's just great for a 'cool' rest unlike those toll food courts which are usually dirty, hot and full of flies. I usually stop by here and go in have an refreshing cup of great coffee.

 Above and below, the interior of the cafe. It's not crowded at that time while I was there last thursday, since it was a working day.
 Here's my recommendations - Asam Laksa and ....
 Thai Asam Laksa. Both cost around RM6.90.
The laksas are great and my family and I usually had a bowl of it before resuming our journey.  Lots of ingredients added and nice aromatic asam laksa soup. The only minus point is the soup is not as hot as we like it.
There's also a lot of nyonya kuihs around and I ordered the above (can't remember the name) for my kid.

And, not forgetting a cup of freshly brewed coffee which is a necessity for long journeys, which comes at Rm3.

Another snap at the cafe before we continued our journey. Looks great, right?


 This is the current novel that I'm reading...... ok, I guess you got the surprise look now, especially to those who knows me well. I don't really read novels in all of my life, but out of the sudden, I have pick up the habit of reading lately . And, fyi, I have completed sci-fi novels like The Incredible Hulk, T2:John Connors Chronicles and Star Wars-Rise of Darth Vader, before taking on this one!

I'm actually not a fan of novels but somehow I have pick up this habit lately. And, I prefer the sci-fi genre and especially those that were novelised into a movie and vice-versa. This helps me to understand the story much better before I watched it, besides getting the tiny details in the novels.

Well, back to this novel.... it's actually a prequel to the movie, Terminator Salvation which was shown earlier. This is also the first time I read a novel written by Timothy Zahn, who has written a few books on Star Wars. The novel depicted the early days during post Judgement Day as shown in Terminator 3 wher John Connor and his band of 'resistance' fighters taking on the supercomputer, Skynet. I have so far read two chapters only and been glueing myself to the novel whenever I find the time. An overview of the entire novel can be found at terminator wiki.

It certainly helps me to pass time during my journey to work as  it took me nearly an hour to reach office. Now, I wish the bus or MRT will slow down as I was catching up with the chapters. And, I wonder when this interest will fade ....


It's been a while back since I patronized Yew's Cafe in JB and it's great to be back on a sunday morning for their breakfast. I always like the ambiance and environment in the cafe, it's quiet and relaxing and a great place to wind down with a cup of coffee and their delicious offerings on their menu.

Well, back to my breakfast, I had their customised Yew's breakfast set. It comes with two toast, three sausages, beans, two slices of ham, scramble eggs and salad. This cost around Rm9.90, with the coffee or tea. Well, it sounds expensive but I guess it's affordable, if you compare with McDonald's meals. And, it was filling till I had a late lunch last sunday.

After been a while since I dined here, I find that their coffee is still great. I always told some of my friends that their coffee is one of the best around town. I remember few years back, I just went there for a cup of coffee and toasts druring tea time. :)

They have four branches all over JB right now. Check out their website for the addresses and menu.


Hello World! I finally setup a new blog on blogspot after been working on Wordpress (http://chrisau.wordpress.com) for almost 3 years. Well, I love Wordpress but guess it's enough of Wordpress for me and it's time to sign up for the adverts in blogspot, as well as experiencing a new platform.

Well, while I was unsure of what to blog on my first post (it seems difficult to start the first one ), I receive a wonderful gift from a piano musician from US. Her name is Kathryn Toyama, a beautiful and talented lady with a gift of creating beautiful, soothing, peaceful and healing piano melodies. The first time when I encountered Kathryn's music was last year, at a time when I was feeling quite stressful and I decided to search for some music on the net and God probably leads me to her site. I love her music the first time I listen to it online. It was so soothing and relaxing. Too bad I can't find her CDs in Singapore and a kind Kathryn decided to send one over to me, as a birthday gift last month.

Here's the cover of her latest album - Hope For Harmony.

It contains 18 beautiful melodies with one duet with Richard Alan on guitar. I think this is a nice album and a great way to start my blog!! (errr...still getting used to blogspot... )