I was having a tea break with my colleague and he's being a foreigner, was saying that Malaysia and Singapore are such lucky places where there are no natural calamities. Well, I told them that's a truth and how lucky we were to be born and stayed in such places.

Lately I have read an article posted on facebook by my Pastor friend and it says so much of the resiliency of the Myanmar people, after the earthquake. And, of course, no doubt the Japanese are super resilient after each natural calamities!!! Not to mentioned our forefathers of yesteryears which contribute so much to our societies during the tough times of the past.

Was it only suffering only brings out the best in human beings? I believe so...cos most of the successful entrepreneurs have humble beginnings. Thus, suffering is not really a bad thing if you're in this situation right now cos it actually molds you to become a better person. As in my last posting, go pursue your dreams and do not discouraged if you met with hurdles.

“Suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope (Romans 5:3-4).”

I just bought some sort of spa body shampoo which supposed to relax me. I usually used those anti-bacterial body shampoo and thought I give this a try, it's from Shokobutsu and the shampoo called 'Onsen'. Let's see how much it can calm my nerves after work...LOL

Well, mentioned about these mini relaxation, I remember during my late twenties, I used to go with my foreign born Indian colleague to our company's gym to workout after work. That fella was some sort of buddy to me then, since both of us are singles in a faraway place from home, in Singapore. He has since gone back to India, married and started a company. Well, I remember he took long showers after each workouts, probably 30 minutes while I will be ready in less than 10 minutes. I usually chided him for taking so long while I gotta wait for him. He told me it's the little bits of relaxation where he enjoyed  the hot shower slowly after work and a workout. Well.... a hot blooded male took almost half an hour to shower.....

Probably this is one of those mini relaxation of my this buddy friend - to de-stress after work and an exercise. I guess most of us have our own way to wind down daily which is an exhaustive list. For me, I love to surf the net after my light supper on my bed while listening to some soothing music or songs. I also enjoy an unhurried cup of fresh  coffee in the morning at a coffee outlet nearby before going to work. Of course, my ultimate stress busters is to run on treadmill and play badminton regularly.

How about you? How do you relax and wind down from work and indulge in some other activities ?Have a good week!


I am at it again, don't know what to blog of late and also the nights of badminton have been making me feeling tired. However, this also leads me to thoughts of prioritizing our goals and objectives in life and how best we spend our time in achieving what we want. Thus, I have something to write tonight...finally.

I guess most of us have at least 1 goal or wish-list. And, how great if we can move forward to this goal or goals. If not, we will be like a football team of 22 players on a field without a goal post. The ball will travel in every direction but without purpose.
No Goal!

However, sometimes we could set too many goals till we do not have the resources to manage them or we could have too many commitments till we have no time even for a single goal. Of course, some activities like sports, religious activities, charity activities and etc; are good and should have keep it up. If  that's the case, we should re-define and prioritize our goals and make time for those important ones and those can be achieved easily.

I am sure we will feel good, confidence and 'alive' if we met our goal or goals. Well, I passed a simple professional exam two weeks ago but that's really gave me a great and feel good weekend! So, this has urged me to continue to pursue what I want to achieve, which may not be necessarily material gains. In badminton, I tried to take on singles at the age of 40 and I'm feeling great though being beaten by younger opponents but the gap seems closer nowadays and my stamina improving..hahaha. Well, on a serious note, I need to prioritize for one or two important stuffs and probably I need to drop some not so important and not so interested goals.

Haha... I'm done with a post tonight. Have a good weekend and follow your dreams, despite whatever conditions you are in.


I used to have Japanese food nearby after my badminton session on Tuesday nights. Well, its not that I must have Jap food after badminton but just that there's not much varieties at almost 930pm but then, it seems like a habit or a temptation now to have the delicious ramen, chawanmushi, sushi and a hot cup of green tea.

 First thing first, after a tough session of badminton, it's so nice to wind down under the air-conditioned restaurant with an hot cup of green tea.

Next will be an assortment of fresh sushi which comes together for one of the sets. I simply love the sake sushi but don't quite like the cooked tuna sushi.

Here's the main meal which Menichi is famous for - their Ramen. Their soup is simply fabulous!!

And, not forgetting my favourite chawanmushi, which I have tasted the best here. I can't find any better ones elsewhere so far!!


I was at the Singapore's CIQ last sunday night and was queuing up at one of the biometric clearance lanes behind some Caucasians. Suddenly, a local lady from behind me was pointing out to the Caucasians that their passport cannot be used for the biometric scanning, in simple English. The Caucasians ignored her as probably they don't understand her.

The lady, who was behind me, started talking to me in Mandarin in a very frustration manner that we will be stuck at the lane as the Caucasians will likely stuck there and delay our clearance. I am not really sure whether their passports can be used for the biometric clearance but because of the 'pressure' from that lady, I started telling them that their passport may not able to be used for the biometric clearance. One of them told me politely that some of them managed to go thru and later, it's true that they managed to go through. I felt so embarrassed and when I turn behind to look for that 'kaypoh' (busybody) lady, she's nowhere to be found, probably hiding somewhere in another queue. Yeah, you bet,  I was scolding that lady in my mind....!!!

Anyway, this has taught me something. When you aren't sure of some facts although others tell you it's right or wrong, it's better to keep quiet. I guess this applies strongly in work too, as I know there will always be some cowardice who likes to instigate others to voice out their opinions for them.

If you are unsure, it's better to be silence, whether it's a small or serious issue. On a lighter note, let's not be busybody!! haha.... Have a good mid-week!


opps.....I did it again! I went to a badminton shop two weeks ago and got tempted again. With the blessing of my wifey since it's not as expensive as the high Yonex or Li Ning rackets, I got myself another new racket - Apacs Lethal 11. It cost me RM140+ including string and grip.
This is not really a new racket but it is one of the popular and affordable Lethal series together with Lethal 7 and Lethal 9. According to Apacs website, this is an head-heavy offensive racket. However, I find that it's ultralight, though at 4U. However, after trying it out on three occasions, I find it's really a good racket despite being light which many believe light rackets may not generate that much power. I like their hollow shaft which really gives excellent power generation while producing a 'whip' sound, as listed in their website. It did produces good and sharp smashes and I guess this racket suits doubles play more.  I find that this is a light head and balance racket. I'm loving it now, it's like a 'sword' to me!

Here are the specs as according to Apacs :-
Frame Material
30T HM Graphite ( Toray M30 ) + CNT
Shaft Material 24T HM Graphite ( Toray T700) + CNT
Flex Flexible (9.5)
Weight 4U (84-86g) G2
Length 675mm
Balance 285 ± 3mm (Even Balance)
Max String Tension
Special Features :-
  • New high speed frame design
  • Head heavy balance
  • Unique UK specification
  • Special apacs internal muscle wave frame

Check the full description of the product here.


The bowls here are really big, and living up to its name! This eatery mainly sold noodles like pan mee, mee hoon kuey, prawn noodles, curry noodles and etc. I had a mee hoon kuey on a cold night and it was fantastic. The bowl was big and it was quite filling after I finished it, and can't even help my wifey with her other big bowl of dry noodles.
They also sold 'lok lok' (sticks of fish balls, prawns, squid slices, vegetables ..etc simmed inside boiling gravy), which was something I never had for a long time! Luckily I didn't order a lot else definitely I will waste food. 

Location - 58, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor.
Well, I was at Kluang today, which is about 50mins drive from JB. It's nice to getaway again to some smaller towns and especially tried out the nice food over there. And, I never miss the chance to drink the Kluang's Railway Coffee. Anyway, since I blogged on their coffee before, I turn my attention to this ....

I guess besides the Railway Coffee, this is another one of the favourites among the local folks there. I noticed there are really lots of folks going in and going out this shop, mostly buying the biscuit, which is actually a  'tau sar peh' , similar to Ipoh's tambun pearls.

As it was still fresh from the oven and still slightly warm, I quickly open it and took a bite of it. It's really crispy and delicious!! I can't help with another serving. Now I know why the Kluang folks love it and purchase loads of it!!

Well, here's the shop. I really noticed cars check in and check out of the parking lots near this shop...all going there to get the delicacies!


I have been exercising like nobody's business lately.... went for an hour jog at the gym on Monday, play singles in a badminton tournament (and got thrashed by some younger and fitter policeman ...), play badminton again tonight and will be playing again tomorrow night...hahhaha.... It's great! Now, lying on the bed with my netbook on my lap, I can feel the soreness of my entire body. hahaha...

Before I retired for the day, just like to share that one of my ex-boss who suddenly turned 360 degree from an introvert, serious and uptight guy to a cheerful and funny guy! In fact, all of us were kinda surprise! Well, small wonder that it could be due to his long  time illness has been cured. Then, I also remember in my previous organisations some folks who were very talkative suddenly became introvert and vice-versa.

When one is open, it is so easy for others to approach and in addition, work can also be resolved easily. However, if one is not easily approachable, it will make a working relationship difficult, as well as interpersonal relationships. And, in the end, work suffers and causes unnecessary stress.

It's always better to be open and warm rather than being an icy king or queen. Life's will be more fun and blissful! Have a good mid-week!