This was my next run after the night run, Sundown Half Marathon, on 30th May. Well, though this is a 10KM run, I didn't really train for it since the last run. The most I ran was 5KM with my colleagues weekly and due to that, my timing for this run is almost like my first 10KM run back in 2013! LOL ... Anyway, this was a really fun and easy run at the Gardens By The Bay and it was the second time I participated in. The route was almost the same except this year was easier, where we don't have to run up the slope around Marina Barrage. I did enjoy the run a lot after doing a few HM previously, at least it ended earlier. And, it's pokemons catching time after that! Well, there were lots of rare pokemons around Gardens By The Bay and Pikachu was sighted too, though I didn't walk farther up to search for it! 

I was early with my colleagues and there was not many people then. I didn't really sleep enough and I was kinda tired after the run!!

Oh..I love the finisher's medal this year, so much nicer than the typical rounded one of last year.

The other side of the medal.

As usual, I always like to take a pic of MBS whenever I was at GBTB.

The carnival begins after the run, which is just part of the fund raising event. There were other stuffs going on that day.

Go-Kart organised by Yahoo!

Lots of booths around with sweaty runners walking around .,.LOL

It was a beautiful Saturday morning!

Folks having a good time with the games there too!
The 10KM run was the longest as well as competitive too with prizes, while they also have a 5KM fun run and a 2.5KM family run. Another thing I enjoyed of the run was there are lesser runners compared to those major runs, thus it was not so crowded!

Yours Truly here in action ... 
After the run, I had a bowl of beef ramen with shallot pancake, before heading back to JB.

Have a wonderful mid-week! :)


Due to the new Johor weekend, we seldom travel around especially to nearby places from JB, which my family and I used to do that many years back then. Thanks to some enrichment classes which was cancelled on a Saturday and we decided to go around (again). Well, we didn't venture far and a friend told us to bring the kids to Ecoworld Tropics at Masai , where they can enjoyed some nature and beautiful decors around. I didn't know where is Ecoworld Tropics as there are so many Ecoworld around and I am not sure if they also decorate and landscaped each Ecoworld office and garden. hahaha... Well, we were told of the place and with a GPS, we managed to reached Masai quite fast.

A beautiful landscape and mini garden with my little princess become my model

There was also an 'animal' park there , where it was made of cardboards.

Sculpture of horses from cardboard

I love this pix of the windmill, where it was a hit last year with the public.

Such a beautiful, clean and relaxing park. It was nice to getaway from the citty and head to the quiet town of Masai, with such a beautiful park. It will be great to stay here too ... how I wish... hahaha...

My kid trying to get some attention ,... :P

Love those recyclable items being in used for decor!
The day before, I was at Breeks Cafe in City Square for my late dinner. It was quite late when I reached JB and I settled my own dinner as I was a little hungry too. I decided to have something western and I Love Breeks there, it was quiet and relaxing.  I ordered a combo of cajun fish with beef fillet. It was nice! And, not forgetting a long black to wind down!!

Have a nice weekend!


Oh dear... I guess I am slowing down in the blogosphere. Besides a busy schedule, I found myself running out of ideas or topics to blog. My initial intentions of starting this blog was to file all the nice makan places back then in 2007 but as I see there are better and wonderful makan blogs around, as well as I seldom travel around now, I switch it to well-being like writing on articles of positive thinking and sports. Anyway, I am not quitting yet but will update my blog slower. I am still trying to make this blog a relaxing spot on the cyberworld, for leisure reading and motivation.

Oh, if you wonder what was I doing lately, well, I was sorta catching monsters around. hahahha... There's a  Pokemon Go fever going on in Singapore right now where you can see almost all folks catching monsters in the train, parks, shopping malls and stopping at Pokestops to regain resources, not mentioning going to 'gyms' to gain experience in battles. Yeah, I think I also addicted to this game but I think I will get tired of it soon compared to Candy Crush.

One of my favourite pokemons..lol

Got one while watching football...muahahaha

A chart showing the common, uncommon and specials pokemons... I have yet to get PIkachu while my colleague caught twice! 
And, a warning not to catch the wrong thing especially on 7th Month,... muahahahahah...
 I was back to Anmour restaurant in JB and this place seems crowded everywhere!! We had some western food after church on a Saturday evening.

A salmon steak and pasta for my kid

An Aglio Olio for my wifey who shared with my little princess

A sirloin steak for me

And, not forgetting my regular coffee...
Have a nice week and be alert of your surroundings if you are playing Pokemon Go..