I thought this was another local cafe with a Starbucks or Coffee Bean theme which operated by the Super Group, more known for their 3 in 1 coffee sold all over the country and Singapore. Located at the less popular Aeon Permas Jaya, their manufacturing plant was just 2KM away. It was only until I realised they served meals , and not just desserts to go along with the coffee.

The environment was pleasant with a few tables and sofas and it was relaxing dining there. After all, this Aeon was not as crowded as the other five Aeons in JB.
Super Cafe... pictures courtesy of Super Cafe facebook page
While running some groceries after fetching my kids from tuition nearby, we decided to try out the food there and  had brunch.  I guess this is the only or the first cafe that the Super Manufacturing Group opens.

A pancake and ice cream with chocolate syrup on top for my little princess

Aglio Olio for my wifey

My kid and I ordered a set each of their breakfast set.
Overall,  the food was great and I especially love the scramble eggs, which was also my kid's favourite. I definitely love their Americano, which was thick and slightly bitter which really perks me up for the day! After having a light breakfast, I considered this a brunch and it was a good one!

Have a good weekend!


Well, thanks for the comments left in my two previous teasers and it was great to see there are still comments coming in after I stayed inactive for almost a year!! Yeah, I have taken a year break from  blogging and all ready to come back, with some new ideas. I will create some pages of interests in the coming weeks and probably will stick to a few topics instead of 'rojak' posts like the past. Of course, food is included as I always love to introduce new makan places in JB.

I also chose a new theme for the blog instead of using bloggers' themes and I am loving this theme. Hope you guys like it too. More to come albeit gradual updates and will visit your the blogs in my list again!

I be back..... !