It's been a busy week for me and I don't really have time to update my blog. Well, I just got back from KL to celebrate my father in law's birthday at Harmony Banquet Restaurant near Puchong. The place was clean, quite new and the waitresses provided good services. However, the eight course menu was just average. Anyway, its a nice place to dine in.

Assortment of dim sum and light delicacies

'sau' noodles .. auspicious noodles for birthday

'shark' fins.... without the fins.... LOL

Mushrooms and small abalones

steamed fish

Dried curry prawns

A mixed of vegetables and mushrooms

Dessert - 'peach' pau

Ice honeydew dessert
Overall, the place was not too bad as there are ample parking spaces and again, I like the clean environment there. At least, a good place to relax and dine.


  1. Aiyor!!! After the noodles, so full already...how to eat anymore? Hmmm...your missus and in-laws will not be happy with you...no sharks' fins, abalone small....

  2. The food looks so good!! Take me there one day.. but I dont think it is possible... will tell my brother.. better option! hahaha...

  3. Good food there!! Especially the peach pao!

  4. Stp - yeah, I totally agreed with you. All of us are full after the 4 dish.

  5. Hadley - the peach pau was good.

  6. Love the look of the food there. Must b pricey

  7. The food actually looks quite good! But you said average only?

  8. The dessert certainly looks inviting... so shark fins without fins should be named as "shark"? LOL!