Oh....how great it is weekend again, and a long one too since Monday is a public holiday in Singapore, as well as it is the school holidays!  How nice ..... it's been a long week to me and time pass by very fast this week. I didn't have the chance to train for my half-marathon this week due to my busy schedule but luckily managed to work out in the gym and did some short runs at the treadmills. 

And, how glad am I to hear from a veteran bodybuilder in my gym that I have improved my muscles toning and lost some weight in the bus ride on the way home. Yes, I did lost some weight when I check the scales this week, thanks to all the running. The veteran fella was a regular and has been working out at the same gym with me but we seldom talk and it's only when I bumped into him in the bus just now. I also gather some tips from him.

OK, btw, had a light Aglio Olio in Pastamania after my workout. It's been a while since I patronised Pastamania and it's nice to have something light and...chessy.

Have a good weekend!! :)


The feasting continued with my in-laws on a hot and bright Sunday last week where we patronised the popular Japanese restaurant, Nijumaru, near Sutera Mall. This restaurant is so popular that we have to reserve the place 30 minutes earlier, else we will end up waiting outside for a seat. It's been a while since I have been to Nijumaru and I am glad I am back there to savour their delicious Japanese delicacy. Too bad, I didn't take all the pixs here on a long table but only managed to snap some, mostly my meal. I also felt 'paisey' taking their food pixs...hahhaa...

Salmon sushi wrapped in some kani meat for sharing 
Miso Ramen for my kid

My Plain Udon , since I am not very hungry 

My mini platter of sushis

Another mini platter of sashimi for me

Oiishi - my chawanmushi!

Taken with my SIL before ordering the food by my bro in law.
Anyway, glad I am back here and hope to patronise again!

Nijumaru Restaurant is located at - 94, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia


Last week was a busy weekend for me as my bro-in-laws and family came over to JB for some nice reasons. I gotta bring my niece together back to my home in JB so that she can meet her parents over the weekend. And, it was feasting all over the weekend. I didn't really took all the food pixs for all the meals except a few.

First, my family and I brought my niece for some western food for dinner and we went to Anmour in Permas Jaya again. I would say the food here was great and affordable as each set usually priced around RM15-Rm20+. Most of it were around the range of RM15+, which I think it's affordable and its delicious too. My kids love to dine here too.

Garlic Prawn Pasta for my niece - RM15.90

Golden Fish and Chips for my little princess and shared with my wifey - RM15.90

Cheesy baked chicken cutlet with mushroom sauce , for my kid who also shared with wifey -RM16.90
Smoky Chicken Pizza for all to share - Rm12.90

My Americana Burger with bacon and beef - RM15.90

Oreo Milk Shake for my kids - Rm8.90

Regular Coffee for me - RM5.90
The bill comes at RM90+ with so much food where we needed to take away the pizza. Burp!!

Anmour Cafe is located at - 17 Jalan Permas 10, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya,  81750 Masai, Johor.


Oh.. I had an early afternoon meeting today and finished around 4pm. This was the time where I will be heading home to JB as the causeway is all-clear and it's Friday too, but due to the fact that I needed to wait for my lovely niece-in-law  (on command by my wifey), I decided to go to Starbucks at Bugis Junction to work, until 6pm. Got myself an ice-blended green tea latte with black beans and a rashberry cheese cake, while working. I had too much coffee in the morning thus a green tea is good enough to chill me down.

Quite a productive 2 hours, as I cleared a lot of my emails and work, though its noisy here but I love the environment here with lots of pretty girls to look around ...muahahaha... I will be going to do some shopping while waiting for her to reach at 6+.

Have a nice weekend!


Well, I mentioned my family delayed the Mother's Day celebrations by a week in my previous post. And, finally, we had a good time savouring some good seafood by the beach while celebrating the event. There were two mothers here, my SIL and my wifey and I am one lucky chap who got to enjoy a nice dinner where my nephew and his wife brought and bought us the dinner.

We intend to return to Todak Restaurant but it was a rainy day where they closed half of the restaurant which is an open area. Thus, there were not enough tables around for the waiting crowd and we decided to go next door, instead of fighting for seats with others. We went to TKK restaurant which is also by the beach but I did not take pictures of the surroundings as it was dark already. This restaurant is less crowded but we needed to wait quite a while for the food to be served.

The food were actually delicious except for one....

Steamed fish ... I can't remember the name of this type of fish but it sure tasted good. The meat was very fresh, tender and smooth. My kids love it!!

Freshly steamed prawns - Since we are having fresh prawns,my SIL suggest to steam it instead. Yes, that's a good idea as the prawns were very fresh and I enjoyed this dish very much! 

Another favourite dish - the lala ... but there seems more shells than meat...hahaha...  My kid loves it! It's very nice with the ginger flavour everywhere and it's hot!

Ah ... at last and I am yearning for it - Salted egg crabs. The crab was quite big we only ordered one , which is a good idea as we cannot finished all. It's been a long while since I had crabs as my wifey is health conscious and I gotta wait for occasions like this to eat it. However, though the crab has lots of meat, somehow the gravy didn't cover the meat so much. It didn't taste as good, though fresh. The meat was missing the fragrance of the salted egg gravy.  Nevertheless, I ate a lot! :D
Anyway, it was a good meal before I headed back to SG for another work week.
TKK restaurant is located at - : Lot 648, Kampung Teluk Jawa, Masai, 81750, Johor Bharu, Johor, Malaysia


Sometimes I wonder are too we blindly follow the 'laws' until everything also have to follow unnecessarily. Well, I was sending my first ever P*slaju parcel after donkey years last Saturday morning. The P*st office was empty, thus I walked straight to the counter. However, the officer asked me to get a queue no. first. I was puzzled, there were no patrons around, thus why do I need a queue no. I thought queue no. are supposed to help us managed queues so that everything is in an orderly manner when there more than 1 patron. Feeling slightly irritating, I continued to stand at the counter (while the officer look down and did her work), and I asked my kid to get a no. Once he clicked,  I just pass the stuffs over to the officer before my kid passed me the ticket. The officer also didn't bother to verify the ticket and we just put it aside. Sigh ... I remember whenever I was at  TMTouch shops, the friendly officers just called me to the counter whenever it's empty.

OK, that's all about my rantings last Saturday morning, meanwhile it was a great Sunday after-all as Liverpool lost (opps.. no football talk here... hehehe) and we had a good time with our lunch. We were back at Lavender Bistro after a while. I simply miss my sandwiches and my little princess has also forgot about her strawberry shortcake which she alway ordered back then.

Mushroom soup for my kids

My kids also ordered a carbonara pasta, seems very wet.

A mushroom fried rice for my wifey

And, I had my favourite cheddar and ham ciabatta. 

And, not forgetting my Americano. :)

After lunch, we walked nearby to Baskin Robbins for some ice-cream. My little princess, who ordered a wrong ice-cream, took my sherbet orange instead while I gotta finished her 'cough medicine' like strawberry ice-cream. *shake head*

Enjoying 'my' sherbet orange.
Have a good week!


Well...all work and no play will make you dull but too much work and too much play and less rest will break you too! LOL .. That's sum up my week ! I have been waking up very early for early meetings daily for the past week with only 5 hours + of sleep. I also been working out as usual and run since Sunday till Thursday, with a group run along the beach at East Coast Park on Wednesday. Though I feel good after all these workouts as well as completing my work, I was down with a mild flu today. Though it's mild, it's so difficult waking up this morning as I felt so tired and I decided to take a medical leave. Anyway, doc checked my throat and it's red, as well as a slight runny nose. Its time to rest and I feel comforting. :)

Btw, I am back with my favourite bento, Shokado Wazen at Men-ichi Ramen in Northpoint Mall for yesterday dinner. I was late and just in time for the last order. The captain even told me to call in to reserve the food next time while I am on my way so that I won't miss out on it after the last order ...muahahaha...

So comforting ... got chawanmushi, teriyaki chicken, salmon sashimi and tempura.
Have a nice weekend while I have started my long weekend :)


OK.... I did it! I have signed up for the Sundown Half-Marathon scheduled on July 4th at 12.30am! Alamak...running 21KM at 12.30am ??? Initially I almost regret signing up as I thought it started at 5pm. Then, I  realised the event starts at 5pm onwards and the HM was the last run! Oh no... that means I gotta take an afternoon nap or else I will probably slept on the street before I complete the race .....hahaha...

I am bit nervous, as so far, I only completed 12KM and was feeling tired after that. There's still 1 and a half months to go before the run. My runners' colleagues told me once I managed to train for 15KM, then I should be ok. Yeah, as Lina mentioned, I gotta pace myself and I have been running at a comfortable pace and make sure I got enough rest before training to avoid muscles ache and joint pains. Anyway, the good news is it took 4.5 hours to qualify for the medal which should be more than enough.

I remember I was feeling nervous too when I first trained for my 10KM last year where I only ran 5KM then and never completed a 10KM run. Nowadays, 10KM is not really an issue for me. Thus, I guess I should be able to complete this race. Wish me luck. I will be running a long run once a week where I gradually increase the mileage. On other days, I will just do 5-6KM runs, which I did one tonight.

And, to reward myself, I had a Kuro Tonkotsu Ramen. I simply love the garlic fragrance in the soup. It was delicious!!
Kuro Tonkotsu Ramen

After stirring the soup and the ramen and egg surfaced.... yums! :)


It was Mother's Day over the last weekend but we bring forward the celebrations to next week as my SIL's son couldn't make it on a Sunday evening. We usually celebrate together for the two mothers, my wifey and my SIL since both families are small. The weekend was quite quiet as my son prepared for his mid-year assessment and it will be a tedious week for him. Thus, we didn't really go anywhere except going out for meals and run our errands quick.

I went for a jog for 5KM on a Sunday evening though my muscles are still aching and sore after 2 days since I did a 12KM run last Thursday evening. I wonder why it takes so long to recover...hahha.. I guess I need to strengthen my legs in the gym.

However, I still managed to catch a nice dinner at Pekin Restaurant at Taman Sentosa , JB on a rainy last Friday after I got back from SG. I am sure it is fully pack over there tonight.

Herbal Chicken -  This is one of their signature dish

Pork Ribs King ... my favourite! Love the sweet sauce!

Their signature tofu ... with a blend of spinach on top

Four seasons beans in teriyaki sauce ... usually our favourite dish

And a fried mee which we pack away the extra. Their fried noodles was also quite good,
Have a good week and Happy Mother's Day to all moms!


I blogged about buying a JBL bluetooth headset back in early March. Well, many 'events' had taken place since then to the headset which I felt like blogging about it. The sound quality of the wireless headset was very good but it lasted less than a week. All of a sudden, it cannot be charged. I brought back to Harvey Norman, which is the place where I bought it, and they kindly gave me a one to one exchange, since it's less than 7 days.

The second set works well , so I thought I got a defective first set. However, after 2 weeks, it happened again. I got really frustrated this time and again, brought it back to the shop. Instead of a one to one exchange again, I believe the product may have a defect, as it should be 'tahan lasak' since it's meant for sports use. I requested to change it to another product, a well-known one in Jabra and the model is Rox. They agreed.

I used the headset for about 1 month without any issues and though the sound quality lost to JBL, it's actually quite decent. I beginning to love the headset. However, the same problem occured again last Friday where it cannot be charged. This time I brought back to Jabra service centre which is just in town and they told me the likely caused is the headset is not meant for sports, thus my sweat could have easily gone into the USB jack and I charged it immediately before it dries up. I got a 1-1 replacement again.

So, with a 2 years warranty on hand, I have gotten three new sets of bluetooth headsets to use...hahaha.. OK, I gotta be careful with the Jabra since it's not for sports where I likely charge it the next morning after my night run or workout.

Oh...I finished my workout early tonight and manage to get a bowl of Miso Sapporo Tonkatsu Ramen.... how warm and nice....

Have a good week!


It was indeed a long weekend last week but since I gotta do some work on Labour Day ('really labouring day...') due to IT servers' maintenance and downtime, I can't go anywhere but work from home to test my systems.

It finished in the late afternoon, later than lunch, and we headed to Tebrau City to finally enjoy our long weekend. It's an even longer weekend for my kids since there's Vesak Day holiday in Malaysia. Singapore's Vesak Day only falls on 1 June, thus I gotta go back to work. Nowhere to go but just hit the malls and shop and we were back to Kim Gary for lunch.

Chicken rice with egg and sweetcorns... quite nice and ordered by my kids

Just found out Kim Gary also offered dim sum which I don't see it on the menu. I quickly ordered some char siew pau to try it. It's nice!!

Minch meat with egg rice for myself .

Noodle soup for my wifey 

And, a cuppa of HK coffee for me, after a 'laborious' day...
Have a good week!