After I was back to work last week due to a MC on last Monday, my colleagues decided that I should take in some good food to 'nourish' my body. He thought some healthy, plain and bland food will be good for me. Thus, we have the below for lunch.

'Har Gau' - to whet up my appetite

Fried Yam - take a little... it's ok... :)

Chee Cheong Fun - healthy and delicious

Siew loong pau - To invigorate me..:D

Peking Duck - to give me energy 

Char siew Pau - to fill up the stomach and whet up my appetite again

Noodles - to keep me full for the entire afternoon 

Custard bun - to produce more saliva in my mouth
So, after taking these wonder food and some cups of chinese tea, I regained my strength and health again to face the world! :P ..


Well, after fetching my sis in law and my wife's niece from the Jb CIQ, we decided to have dinner at Pekin Restaurant, near Taman Sentosa. Well, this is the first Pekin restaurant opened in JB and the food still good there, despite they opened several mega restaurants elsewhere in JB. We ordered the usual food, except this time round we go for the Pekin Pipah duck. Well, that could explained why I got a throat infection. It was not that good already and I had this... so it got even worse..hahaha..
Pipah Duck... yummmy..i love the bones!!

their famous tofu, which mixed with spinach. (notice  the greens at the side)

A vegetable to go with...

Another vegetable...long beans
It was a simple dinner and I feel like going back there again this weekend. I am recovering already from my flu and so was my kid but it was my wifey's turn to catch it! Alamak..... I should have stayed in Singapore over the weekend...hahaha... Got some Hor Yan Hor packets of herbal tea and will drink it to chase away the heatiness in me.

Stay healthy folks and have a good week!


When it comes to Prawn noodles, my wife and I have different likings. She preferred the local Malaysian style with aromatic prawn paste soup and a little spice, which is the Penang style. The prawns are smaller or sometimes no prawns at all but the soup was very delicious and  fragrant. As for me, after trying the Prawn noodles here in Singapore, I instantly fell in love with the noodles here. I love the clear prawn soup and the big prawns here!!!
The Prawn noodles I had at Sultan Prawn Noodles restaurant, near Kallang MRT
Some of the prawn noodles here also came with pork ribs but I preferred the original type. How about you? :)

I think I have not been very active lately like in the past year where my weeknights are almost taken up by activities. However, also no  thanks to some of the activities which were stopped, like my church cell group and badminton practices which have been disbanded. I found that I headed back home earlier than before after work.  Anyway, though I can have more personal time and ample rest, I realised I spent most of the time on the net and ended up sleeping late at night.

In my opinion, being active makes one feel more 'alive'. Though it can be quite tiring, but it do helps developed ourselves (if we use the time to indulge in personal development) as well as makes us more open to others and not forgetting making new friends. I love my badminton practices in the past where it gave me a good workout and improve my game. My cell group has makes me grow in my religion. Like some bloggers who attended events, I'm sure it do open up their minds on new stuffs and knowledges.

Well, instead of facing the notebook screen or the cable tv, guess it's time to join some activities. Don't you agreed? By the way, I love the Starbucks breakfast. It cost S$6.90 for the below, a ham with cheese sandwich and freshly brew coffee. Have a good mid-week, folks!