Finally it's weekend again and I am so looking forward to this short break since last Monday as it's an indication of my project completion. It was a tough week as I have a deadline to meet today and well, it's all ended today. I'm glad I can wind down a bit now.

I joined my colleagues for lunch today and we tried out Eatzi International Restaurant, which is almost all over Singapore. They have lunch sets daily and today, the main course was either sirloin steak or grilled fish. It's been some time since I had these lunch sets which comes with a soup and toast, the main course, coffee/tea and dessert. I go for the sirloin steak set which cost around S$11.

Sirloin Steak and well done...

I checked out the Grilled Fish where some of my colleagues ordered and it seems better than the steak. At least, it's healthier and have more vegetables. :D
Grilled Fish
I had my coffee of course, though I didn't snap a pix of it but I love their dessert - Mango Pie.
Mango Pie
Well, not much comments on this eatery but it's nice to enjoy a set lunch again, which reminds me of those coffee house back then in Ipoh when I was a kid.

I'm sure I will have a good and relaxing weekend to rest and relax and I hope you have a good one too! Let go, clear your mind of any negative emotions and thoughts and just wind down and have fun! Do what you like! :)


After weeks of late nights, finally I can leave slightly earlier tonight and have a good workout. It's been a while since I last workout and as someone who needed exercise like a drug,(uh-oh) and amid having a tummy, I can finally released all my stress and let the good endorphin flows in my body.

And again, I like to emphasis exercise is great. It helps us to calm down, feel more relax, overcome a bad day, less anxious, manage our emotions better, sleep better as well as strengthens our muscles, heart, reduce weight and etc. Just do a google and you get a long list of it's benefits.  However, from my experience, I find that the best is to workout till you huff and puff, where try to have a strenuous workout instead of strolling around, in order to have the feel good effect. Of course, do seek medical attention if you have not been exercising for a while.

If possible, workout till you drop....till you cannot take it. One of the better way to achieve that is to play games that you love. For example, I love badminton. Thus, I tried to play some singles matches till I really feel that I have had enough. After a nice dinner and shower, I really feel good!

Just some sharing after a nice time with a workout. Have a good mid-week. :)


It was wifey's birthday and after getting her some gift from Singapore yesterday, I decided to bring the family out for a nice dinner in Tebrau City, besides shopping around. Unsure of what to eat when we reached there as it was always the same eateries till wifey recalled there's a new restaurant opened not long ago, serving taiwanese food. OK,  let's go for it!! After all, she suggested it and it's her special day! Let's check out the pixs....

The entrance to Zen Taiwanese Restaurant

first ... check out the Fried Salty Chicken.... My kids love it most!
crispy, salty and can taste the herbs' aroma....
Purple Romance tea
 We ordered the set meals where each set came with some small dishes, soup and rice.
"San Bei Ji" or "third cup chicken". Slightly spicy but delicious.
the side dishes... a dumpling filled with fish meat, vegetables and sesame ball.

the only dumpling... :(

the 'green' of the meal..
not forgetting the rice and the herbal soup...
This is what I had....Pork ribs with their special sweet and sour sauce. This is very appetizing while the pork ribs were fried, thus, it's crunchy!
inside the eatery....

wifey and Nicole having a good time...
family portrait ...taken by my kid.. :)
Zen Taiwanese Restaurant is located at Lot S26, 2nd Floor, Jusco Tebrau City, JB.


If you are my facebook friend, you would probably noticed I always had breakfast in Ya Kun Kaya Toast. Well, it's really convenient for me to have a relaxing moment for a nice cuppa of coffee and crispy kaya toasts before going to work via train or buses nearby.

freshly toasted bread with spread of delicious pandan kaya...yummy!
And, of course, the coffee! Well, I usually took a pix of the coffee each time I was there but too bad, only these pixs were left as I deleted them after I have published onto my instagram photo sharing application. Anyway, Ya Kun's coffee really one of the best in Singapore!

Have a good weekend,folks!


Well, happy mid-autumn festival folks and I guess you folks have a great time. As for me, I guess playing lanterns with my kids and having lots of mooncakes over the last few weeks can be considered celebrated. :)  It's Monday and I am back in Singapore to work. It's a long day for me too as I am rushing to get a project out and thus, stayed in the office till almost eight in the evening. Reached home at around 9pm+ and I thought it's a good idea to check out Japanese Ramen in Men-ichi restaurant, Northpoint Shoppung Centre. It's been awhile since I last patronised this eatery.

Men-ichi Ramen restaurant

getting ready....

It was quiet at 9.30pm which could be due to the mid-autumn festival as well as schools just reopens in Singapore. Anyway, their last order was at 9.30pm as the mall close at 10.30pm daily. I was hungry and order quite lot of food. Here they are:-

My favorite...chawanmushi  ...and which they steamed deliciously! One of the better ones around  
Assortment of sushis

Salmon maki... my favourite too!
and the main meal...Ramen
a hot green tea to wind down...

 This cost around S$23+ but it's a great way to pamper myself on mid-autumn festival!burp.....!!!


I always thought Klang Valley always had good pan mee since I had one back in the 90s when I'm studying in KL. And yes, I tried another one of the good ones around here in Puchong. They have a varieties of Pan Mee with different types of ingredients used to made it...like spinach, kam gua and etc. And not forgetting the side orders too like fish cakes.

I usually prefers the mee hoon kueh type where the pan mee was sliced in bigger parts than the noodle lookalike. I go for the spinach flavour. The soup was sweet and added in the anchovies made it even nicer. The anchovies are crispy too!
Spinach Pan mee

We got ourselves some side orders like fried fish cakes which is my favourite and fried wantons.
Fried wanton

Fried Fish Cakes
 And, of course, not forgetting a cup of kopi-O kao, which is a big glass, it seems!!
Long black ??


As usual, my adventurous bro in law always love to explore smaller towns around and we ended up in Serendah, which is around 30+ KM from KL. I definitely never been to this place though in the past, I always pass by the junction to turn into this little town when express buses were still using the old trunk road to travel between towns.

It was like back to the past or feel like back to the colonial times (though I was not born yet then) as the place came to a standstill with those pre-war and old shop houses. Some of the buildings are not well maintained and I guess it may be occupied anymore. Anyway, it was real peaceful over there and it was good to runaway from the city area.

quiet & peaceful... at the background is an hokkien association building
it's like back to the past.... folks enjoying the slow pace of life here

a run down shophouse ..
caught sight of an old but massive tortoise at a chinese temple nearby

We drove to nearby Rawang to savour the black beans fish at the well-known Lan Je restaurant by the roadside. It was very crowded by lunch time. However, their steam fish is famous and almost every table order at least two fishes, which were not very big portion.
three fishes ad three vegetables ...with a meat on the way.... 
it's a crowd out there..
Well, had a good time going around places nearby the city where I had never been before...