I was back in Sekinchan after visited the fishing and paddy farming village 5 years ago. And, I fell in love with this place then. However, the place seems too commercialised when I was back last week and it was very crowded too. Perhaps it has became famous due to so many shows and drama being filmed there, and it has quickly became a tourists' attractions. I saw lots of tourist buses over there. It's not a bad thing for the village but I guess the authorities can managed the place better. For example, there were lots of makeshift hawkers selling food and souvenirs near the beach, which seems makes the beach kinda lost its natural appeals. It used to be a nice, comfortable and humble beach when I visited it 5 years ago then. However, I still love their paddy fields, where the harvest seasons seems to have started. And, it was also a crowded Sekinchan due to the Sg. Besar by-elections.

Strolling at the beach and decided to take this pix where the waves are hitting the wood 

My little princess having a good time playing bubbles there 

I still love the scenic paddy fields there and the paddy has turn golden 

It's relaxing and calm looking at the paddy fields

Family portrait ... we taken a similar one before back then

Oh...this is no UFO creation ... 

Sunset over there 

Another sunset view 
Overall, it was a great trip and nice to be back here again and we also bought some rice from the shop at the mill. We drove off to Sg. Besar for dinner and it was a nice sight to witness the preparation by the political parties for the by-election.

Btw, we had our early lunch at Haha Pan Mee in Puchong. I always love the pan mee in KL where I guess you can find delicious pan mee here, compared to other places,.

My pumpkin or kampua mee hoon kuay. I love it !!

And a delicious fried fish cakes.
Have a great weekend!


Though over the years, I had a lot of Japanese food but I seldom had it in KL. My bro-in-law brought us to this Rotary Sushi restaurant in Puchong Jaya and I like the ambiance there. It was crowded on a Friday night despite around 9pm. Well, I guess city folks used to have their dinner late, just like me...LOL. The price is also reasonable though I was not the one paying, but just helping myself to the food...muahahahaha..!

It was crowded when we reached there and we gotta wait for a little while 

One of their specialty was using a refrigerated conveyor belt system. I guess that keep the sushi fresh and hygienic too.

A salmon mentai for my kid and Tobiko sushi for my little princess

I was ogling at the sake but I didn't order la... hahaha... paisey

I ordered a Tuna Maki. The tuna seems thick !

As well as a Salmon sashimi set (above and below). The sashimi was thick!

A teriyaki rice set for my kids

Assorted sushi shared among us

My bro in law and his wifey  love the garlic rice there and even my wife also ordered one, while enjoying the sushis.

Unagi sushi wraps in cheese. 

The captain asked us to like their facebook page where we will be given free desserts. I like it and got an ice-cream and mochi for my kids.

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience and I don't mind patronizing Rotary Sushi again. I didn't take all the sushi pixs there and will try to snap more when I go there again!


Well, I just got back from KL after been there for almost a week, and finally I can update my blog. Oh, some confession here,  I did brought my notebook there but I prefer not to touch it and get away from my normal routines and wind down. It's not really a grand trip but more of letting my wifey to have some catching up with her siblings, as well as bringing the kids to Kidzania which they missed it last year. As for me, it's actually kinda boring but I takes this opportunity to relax and recuperate, especially my injured feet. I also read a lot!

The kids were back to Kidzania and I realised they change the two sessions previously to one long session. As usual, we were late and only spend about 4-5 hours there, which to me, is good enough. To parents, it's always a tiring experience there as we gotta wait and lookout for the kids. Anyway, my eldest kid can roamed around the place this time round without supervision while we gotta accompanied the little princess. And, I spent RM60 to apply 'passports' for them.... not really sure what it is for except they can get more privileges, like earn more 'money'...hahaha..

My little princess in action at the Spritzer and Lifebuoy booths

More actions here as my kid turns investigator, construction worker, income tax officer, shopper while my little princess got her nails colored.

My little princess turns surgeon now while my kid busy repairing some TM breakdowns.

I felt good seeing them enjoying the activities while I relaxed around in the cooling theme park instead of going out on the hot day. I heard SG just opened a Kidzania too but I will probably bring them there later cos it will be very crowded now. Oh, after all these are done including shopping around IKEA, we patronised BB HO steamboat again in Puchong. It's been a while since I last ate there.

It was kinda quiet around 10pm+

Love the fried vermicelli with fish meat

New addition from them, fried chicken wings and it's so much better than those I had in IKEA earlier.

And, the main dish, Pulau Ketam steamboat. It's still good! The ingredients are fresh!