1. It was another long week for me as I have been real busy with work as well as my own personal workouts. I thought of going to the blogs to comment but too tired to do so after work and ended up resting and relaxing watching videos and reading articles on the net till my eyes are heavy. I will try to comment on my readers' blogs. :) 

2. Well, I have been playing badminton with this group from my company for almost 9 years but too bad, last Wednesday was the last session. The attendance was dwindling from the grand days of almost 20 players (where we booked two courts then) to four or less. Players has quitted the company and there are no new players to replace the old crop. Finally, the remaining four of us who considered 'veterans' of the group decided to celebrate after having the last game and went for beer and food. Well, as for me, I will join other groups as I still love the game, but I take a break now and focus on my two runs, which I signed up.

3. Brought my little princess last Sunday to pierce earrings as she wanted to wear earrings after seeing her kindy mates wearing. Well, I guess it's peer pressures but it's also time to poke two holes onto her earlobes for her age. She was afraid but yet, wanted to do it. The procedure was very fast, almost like a second where the sales ladies at the jewellery shop  'shoot' the earrings onto both her earlobes but half a minute later, tears started flowing down her cheeks and she hugged me and cried silently. Anyway, the pain went away quite fast and she was back to her cheerful self shortly. hahaha... 

4. The haze returned back earlier of the week and I have to resort to running on the treadmill this week. It got better on Wed and Thurs but due to work, by the time I reached home, it was quite late. Thus, I ended up going to the gym to run. I hope to run again in the open next week to prepare for my 10KM run next Saturday. Hope the skies are clear from now.

5. Oh... I will be off-work on Monday for my birthday. It's actually Tuesday but I decided to swap the entitlement to Monday for a long weekend, which also means I will be working on my birthday on Tuesday. Looking forward to the long leave while my wifey suggested going for a high tea buffet at a hotel on Sunday. I am looking forward to it.... :) 

6,. Btw, tried a new eatery in Taman Molek which specialised in Nyonya curry fish head. I didn't note down the eatery name , probably too hungry and tired then ... hahaha... next time! :) 

Nyonya Curry Fish Head - Love the fragrant and my kid enjoyed it very much despite the spiciness!

Vegetables with 'mui chai' on top

And, Kampung chicken with brands chicken essence. I love the soup since it's actually chicken essence. The meat is hard and nice!
Have a good weekend! :)


I usually used my company's notebook to settle all my computing needs including blogging but somehow lately they have tighten the security where I needed to sign in to my company's VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order even to surf the net. Thus, I don't feel too comfortable with this arrangement as I got a feeling I am being 'watch'. hahaha... Then, my pathetic netbook of 4 years has already given up on me although I tried to format it and reinstall Windows. It corrupted time and time again everytime I reinstalled it and also getting slower with some keys on the keyboard spoilt. OK, I decided to get a new notebook with a requirement of portability where I can carry it around. I shopped around for the past 1 month and ended up with a good offer from Sen Heng, though I gotta wait for almost 2 weeks for it to be shipped from KL. There's no stocks everywhere in Johor as checked by their staffs. I saved around S$300 on this baby as this seems to be the cheapest when i compared with prices from shops in Singapore and Malaysia.

And, let me introduce my new baby here - Surface Pro 3... :)

Before 'unbox'

Un-boxing ...  here comes the tablet
The stylus - I have yet to try out the functions yet except for clicking

Here's the tablet and the holder which mounted on it permanently. Its very sturdy!

After attaching the 'type cover' or keyboard. It looks like a notebook now.

The typecover 
I still need to get used to it though this is a hybrid, where I can use as a tablet and a notebook. I love the hardware here especially the high resolution 12" screen but it will takes me time to get used to... err.. rather windows 8 Pro. I am still wating to upgrade to Windows 10.

Oh...btw, due to the excitement, I needed some comfort food to calm myself down ... hahaha ... and had a nice char kway teow as well as sharing egg tarts with my little princess.

Have a good week!


It was quite a nice weekend as some of my in laws were still around after attending my nephew's wedding two weeks ago as some of them decided to take a short vacation in JB and Singapore. Thus, the weekend was spent going to makan places around JB. After I came to JB on Friday , I decided to bring my two sis in law together with my family to the orang asli settlement near Masai and we patronised the well known Todak Reataurant, which is by the beach and opposite the Sembawang Shipyard in Singapore. It was a popular haunt for locals as well as Singaporeans and the place was crowded but we managed to find seats.

Todak Restaurant

Deep fried fish 

A vegetable dish to balance the meat :)

Satay as requested by my kid

Lala - love it. It was very fresh

Salted egg Crabs ... it was fresh and the meat doesn't 'stick' to the shell. And it was affordable too, RM50 per Kg. Since we ordered two small ones, it cost us RM45 for this dish... I think cannot find this price!
I had a great Friday night lunch by the beach and all in all, it cost Rm140+ which I think is reasonable.


I remember vividly in the past, whenever the typical lower to middle income folks found out someone was an insurance agent, they will always try to shun or avoid the latter. There's always the saying that I heard when I was younger that insurance is a scam and lots of people got burned. Well, of course this perception changed when I got older and gradually I realized it's actually some good financial products especially those yields good coverage and even returns.

 I just met my insurance agent who had been serving me for almost a decade. I can say she provided good services and educated me a lot on her company products though sometimes it can also be irritating when she try to push her products which gave me some kind of 'guilty' feeling if I don't invest. hahaha...  On the other hand, it's a win-win situation as she helps me to see which area of my family and I were not covered while she increase her sales. Of course, I buy intelligently and within my own means. I guess it's boils down to our own budget, coverage needs as well as find out  little on how good is the product. In my opinion, for adults, a critical illness coverage is a requisite while for kids, its nice to get them a savings policy for their education which includes some coverage.

Just some thoughts on insurance here. Over the last long weekend, my family and I was at Kinsahi restaurant in Tebrau City and we had some simple sushi and Japanese meals.

Salmon Sashimi to share 

Ebiko Sushi for my two kids - their favorites!

My lovely Salmon Sushi

A shabu-shabu for my wifey and two kids

Assorted sushi maki to share

Assorted sushis to share

And my favourite Kake Udon ... seems the pix is too dark .. hahhaa

Have a good coming weekend!


oooh.... I'm still enjoying my long holidays though today is the last day. Four days of good food and no exercise , I am feeling a little bit guilty. I guess I gotta run this evening after back to Singapore ... hahaha. Well, not a bad weekend as I spent two of the four days attending my wife's nephew wedding reception and dinner. It was well-planned wedding and I guess they must be very experience in planning weddings, probably his friends and himself are in the same age group, so, it's one wedding after another. That was one of the nicest wedding reception I ever attended!

Ok, a short and funny posts here. While my nephews and nieces are taking a selfie, I was caught 'bombing' their pix...hehehehe... I was probably relaxing and enjoying the view of the gorgeous babes at the swimming pool    beautiful rooftop and surroundings.

Have a good week!


For the past few evenings when I was in the gym, there was this couple who were here for a workout. Well, definitely nothing wrong with it but somehow, the guy was kinda trying to act smart in front of his girlfriend and was teaching her all the wrong techniques! Somehow I bumped into them a few times as coincidentally, we are almost using the same machines, so I overheard their conversation as well as saw their workout. Well, I was like .... cmon, though its your girl, there's not a need to bullshit in order to show that you know all. He can always approached the resident instructor for help on using the machines and so on. Of course, I am no busybody and mind my business but I find that by trying to act smart, he's actually teaching all the wrong techniques to his friend and worst still, she may hurt herself!

That also brought me to my younger days when I was trying to learn badminton. There were so many 'coaches' around me and teaches the poor me all the right and wrong stuffs, where mostly wrong stuffs. :P Thus, that's the reason why I decided to send my kid to the badminton academy so that he learnt the proper basics.

Ok, that's all for the rantings. It's will be a long weekend in SG in conjunction with her 50th anniversary and the National Day will have an extra day off. Thus, we will be off from Friday to Monday and back to work on Tuesday. :) And, finally, I had my Shokado Wazen bento again tonight... how I miss it!!

Have a good weekend! :)


How time flies and it's only four more months for 2015 to ends. Well, I was kinda busy last week and didn't really update my blog and all of a sudden, I find myself writing the first post for August. Anyway, not a bad day today for the first working day of August as I finally found a running partner for the Standard Chartered Half Marathon. My Deputy Director, who was quite a fast runner, decided to take part in this event and I bet he will have to wait for me at the finishing line. hahaha... He usually paced around 5 mins + to  6 mins + for a 15KM run and ran non-stop. Phew... And, he's a trained policeman in his younger days.

Another good news in running is my ex-boss asked me to join her for a 10KM charity run in early September and in addition, great to see another colleague of mine interested too. We signed up together today. Well, thus, I have two runs lined for me for the rest of 2015, one in early Sept and another one in early Dec. I finished my last run in early July and the schedule looks quite balance. It's almost 2 months apart for all the three races.

Ok, nothing grand for dinner tonight after my workout at the gym on a rainy day. It's been raining the whole day till evening. It's just ginger deer meat rice with a sunny side up. It helps to warm me up. :)


Have a great week!