It's really been a long while since I patronised Sedap Corner restaurants in JB. They have a lot of branches all over in JB at popular shopping malls. I especially love their nyonya kuih which never fails me everytime I savoured it.

My favourite - Pulut Inti, Peanut Mochi and Bingka Durian. This is the first time I tried the Bingka Durian and it turns to be very delicious!  

My wifey shared this Oriental Fried Rice with my kid. The chicken was nicely marinated but then, the meat was a little bit hard.

I had my favourite Penang Char Kway Teow. It's still good!

Not forgetting my cup of hot nescafe to end the meal :)

The Aeon Permas Jaya branch 
I will go back there again to enjoy the nyonya kuihs. :)


Well, there seems to be more and more 'makan' malls in Singapore where Bedok point is one of them. The entire mall were almost filled with eateries and restaurants, with only a small percentage of shops. It was a Friday evening where I have worked late and thought of having a dinner in Bedok Point before I leave for home.

I had a simple but expensive meal at Kungfu Paradise Club. They have a few branches in Singapore and I like their varieties of food which were not bad.

Kungfu Paradise Club restaurant

Ready to order

Looking out from where I seated

I ordered a platter of sausages, rib eye and chicken chop. 

And their speciality Kungfu Coffee to go along
The food was good and the platter was making me very full. The meat, especially the rib eye and chicken chop were nicely marinated with spices and grilled. It was awesome! I also like the wasabi salad.

The dinner winds up my week and I am heading back to JB soon.


was so excited when I saw this on sale in one of the confectioneries in Ipoh. Thus, I quickly bought a pack to try. I heard that it's a new product and recently on sale in Ipoh.

Add caption
Well, after I opened it, the biscuit was nicely wrapped with another cover. The biscuit was fresh and crunchy but however, somehow the durian fillings were hard and sticky. It seems like I am having durian sweets where after finishing the biscuit, the durian fillings still 'unmelt' in my mouth. Good efforts but there's still room for improvements. :)


When it comes to Bak Kut Teh, I still preferred the traditional type over the claypot type. The traditional type are those that was prepared and brewed before it was served in a small bowl. I believe they brewed the soup too, for the claypot type but then, I think the soup is kinda diluted and not as fragrant compare to the former. However, no complains .... both are still good.

The claypot BKT, which usually have lots more ingredients like mushrooms and etc.

The traditional non- claypot BKT are much simpler with only the meat but the soup was very 'thick'

I had both types of BKT over a week and my preference is still the traditional BKT. Anyway, one problem is you tend to finish the soup very fast and needed to request to add more soup, which there may be extra charges.  How about you ?

Oh... this is not relevant but then, I love this dish which was served together with the claypot BKT - 

Claypot ginger chicken
It was nice and the ginger fragrant was all over the chicken meat, which brings me to a conclusion that the dry version of  BKT should be nicer in claypot. :)


I felt an urge for a nice cuppa of coffee and cakes, especially after reading Ken's posts of late :(. The first place that comes to my mind was Just Want Cafe. It's been a while since I was there at their Taman Molek branch. Anyway, I was at the Permas Jaya branch this time round since I needed to settle some bills nearby. It was not a great weekend as my kid needed to attend his replacement classes on Saturday and with Sunday a school day in Johor, my time with him is really little. Glad to wind down with some nice coffee as well as let my wifey relax.

Nice to enjoy a coffee made by a pretty lady ...

'Sculpting' the coffee

Here's my wifey's mocha .... to the delight of my little princess, for the Doraemon face

Choco Citrus Crepe

Latte Crepe

My cuppa of Cappuccino

The cheeky girl enjoying her cakes..
Again, I still think their coffees are much better than those established coffee joints and this will be my favorite haunts for some good coffee to wind down.

Have a good week!!


It's been a while since I had Kenny Roger Roasted Chicken and having read so much about it recently, I thought why not I give it a try. It seems there's no more self-service now as I can sit down comfortably and ordered from the menu, unlike last time, where you have to go to the counter to order and select your choices of side dishes. I got myself a quarter chicken with three side dishes, since they have run out of muffin that evening.

The chicken seems quite nice and I begining to like KRR again!! :)


It was great to see a mini 'Jonker Walk' taking place in the new town of Ipoh. Located around Jalan Yau Tet Shin, near the famous Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken , this area was so happening with lots of tourists and stalls for the night market being setup in the evening. There were also shops selling Ipoh's delicacies around the area like the heong peh and other confectionaries, salted chicken and etc.

Lou Wong Restaurant was so crowded on CNY day 2

That's what I meant by Ipoh's Jonker Walk .. stalls were slowly setup 

Love this stall ...selling lots of football jerseys

Found a peddler selling chestnuts, using the traditional method to fry it

One of the confectioneries there. 
Back in the 70s, when I was a little boy, this place was also bustling at night with lots of food peddlers selling various types of noodles and dishes, which included Lou Wong. However, in the late 80s and 90s, this area has became a ghost town and it was very quiet then, with the exception of the restaurants like Lou Wong. I remember I always walked past this area every Sunday to attend tuition. It's great to see the place being revived.


Whenever I am back in Ipoh, one of the things that I always wanted to do was to drive around for sight-seeing and taking pictures. On the second day of CNY, the roads were less congested and almost empty. That makes it a good time to drive around. Well, probably I only came back almost once a year or once in two years which makes me even more wanted to go down town.

The majestic Titiwangsa range at the east with Mount Korbu, the highest peak in the range.

Birch Memorial Clock Tower - Built in 1909 in memory of the first British Resident of Perak, J.W.W. Birch.  
Sultan Idris Shah State Mosque - biggest mosque in Ipoh.

My Alma-Mater, St. Michael's Institution

The Ipoh Padang... love the buildings in the background

Off we go to the mini 'Jonker Walk' of Ipoh next .... 


I thought it's a good idea to visit the Kinta Riverfront, which was located in between my ex-school and my ex-home. Afterall, it was one of the tourist attractions in Ipoh now which features a cycling track or walking path along the beautified Kinta river as well as eateries along the river bank.

The Kinta Riverfront hotel

Above and below, the beautified Kinta River on different directions

A bridge to cross over to the other side 

A view of the hotel along the river

Another bridge
 I was actually nostalgic when I stepped onto the walking path along the river bank as this was the place where I used to jog daily during my teen years. I felt so surreal as this place changed into something different, though beautiful. It used to be grasses along the riverfront and later, a narrow concrete paths for joggers back in the 80s and 90s.

However, I am quite dissapointed that the once famous D.R. park nearby was in such a run down and dilapidated sorry state. It used to be the pride of Ipoh but somehow it seems that the park was not well maintained over the years.
DR Park... the grasses were long and trees were not trimmed

The pond used to be deep and contains lots of fishes... I doubt there were any more fishes now

I was actually quite excited to be able to come back to this place again, as it was so near to my old home where I can see it almost every day and not forgetting I was doing my jogging daily as well as school's cross-country here.


Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! I just got back from Ipoh and Seremban and though the trip is short, it was a pleasant one! I especially love the time spent on sight seeing in my beloved hometown, Ipoh, on the second day of CNY and noticed the changes that took place!

I was at Nam Heong kopitiam, which is known for the origins of Old Town White Coffee, for a coffee break. My family and I were quite lucky as we managed to find a place in the midst of a crowded kopitiam. However, too bad, not all the stalls were opened especially the hor fun.

Crowded !!

Yummy popiah!

Curry Mee! 

Dry Curry mee

The famous Ipoh White Coffee ... woah ...!

After the simple meal, we walked around the quiet Ipoh Old Town and that place is really peaceful on the second day of CNY, compare to normal days where it was bustling with heavy traffic due to banks nearby and wholesale traders.

The corridors of the pre-war shophouses...so nostalgic!

Quiet and peaceful

One of the heritage buildings that should be preserved ... the Eu Tong Sen building built in 1907.

Another old shophouse ... notice the design of the house.
It's really like walking down memory lane in Ipoh. I thought of visiting the so called 'concubine lane' which features one of the oldest buildings there but my wifey decided to go elsewhere before evening.