Well, thought of trying something different for lunch today and remember my colleagues went for some nice filipino food here in Singapore and decided to suggest them to bring me there. Well, here you are - a nice little eatery called Jologs at  392 East Coast Road, Singapore. The eatery only have a few small tables but the place is cosy and nicely decorated.

Below, the menu at the right , with some other posters showing histories of Philipines to the left.
Here's one of their offerings - Bangsilog or fried fish. This is what my colleague ordered and I thought the fish is so 'fried up'  that it really looks crunchy.

This is what I had...Tapsilog or marinated grilled Beef slices. It's very delicious and taste slightly sweet.
Well, one of my blogger friends, Eugene, suggested I post some satisfied looks after they tasted the food ....and here they are, my colleagues. :)

My other colleagues relaxing on the sofa earlier while waiting for the food to be served, and enjoying the free flow of ice lemon tea. The Tapsilog cost $6.50 while the Bangsilog cost $6.00.


Ok, this comes a bit late...almost 4 days has past since the event and ReanaClaire has already posted this. Nevertheless, here's a pic I took with her during a X'mas lunch last fri, after our church services.

The pix looks almost the same as her camera cos it's the same position....haha...after taken using her camera, then they took with my camera.  I guess this pix didn't show my head that big as the one she posted on her blog, so confirmed it's the camera..LOL!

It was a great X'mas morning where we attended church together with our families and then went for the lunch organised by the church. The only exception is the food was so so...only, thus I don't think I'm going to post it...haha...

I was seated in between her second kid, Andy and her princess, Fernie. There's a lot of teens in this table thus this makes me almost 10 years younger when talking to them... :P  (Cleffairy : take note, getting more qualified to be your didi) Well, shared a lot of jokes with them and, yeah..also shared what are the baby boomers generation, the generation X,Y and Z with them and how the sales folks use it to target their customers .... (so, Claire, nothing notti ah....hahaha..)

Looking forward to meet her again in the next CNY holidays when I'm back in Ipoh. :)


yo folks...I'm back after a week's vacation back home in Ipoh for X'mas! And, well it's been a pleasant trip and I wished the trip is much longer, probably till 31 Dec, but too bad, I have work commitments and gotta be back early. :( Enjoy the trip very much as well and have a great X'mas reunion lunch with my close relatives, meeting up with reanaClaire (thanks for your posting on me, btw)  as well as the driving ...it's been a while I didn't drive long distance. :) Well, didn't really go around Ipoh as I wanted to, but did try out some of Ipoh's specialities.

Foh San restaurant, one of the best dim sum (chinese cuisines) offerings in Ipoh and been there since I was a toddler, is a MUST to visit for this trip. This is especially that they have moved to another location  and I'm willing to go all out for it, despite some protest from my dad .... no parking la....bad service la.. crowded la...etc. LOL...

The service is indeed not too good as you needed to wait and look for your own table, self-service by going around to get your dim sum with the order card and refill your own tea. I was wondering if anyone got themselves scalded with the hot water since there's hardly any rooms for us to place the teapot properly. Moreover, it's crowded over there and it's CROWDED even on a working day..oh gosh..there must be a reason! Yeap, the dim sum are damn good, even my dad stopped complaining after biting on the above dim sum, har gau ! The filling is consider big and it's very delicious!

I didn't snapped all the dim sum we ordered as whenever I go to collect the dim sum, my family started helping themselves with it... :( Well, can't help it, have to be a fillial son, good hubby and daddy..ahem!! hahaha..
Above are some the dim sum they served, Crystals gau and fish ball.
Here's my all time favourtie, char siew pau (BBQ pork bun). It's still one of the best in Ipoh, and even Malaysia.
And, here's jin dui (sesame ball with lotus paste fillings), which my 4 year old kid is crazy about, that's the first thing he wanted when he saw the dim sums.
As above, folks helping themselves with the dim sums, choosing and collecting it at one of the service counters.

Here's a snap of the restaurant, at their second level. One thing I like about the new building is some of the tables are placed facing the main road, where you can have a good view of Ipoh town while enjoying the food. This place is a must to visit when in Ipoh but I hope they improve on their service. :)
And, last but not least, here's carrot cake. I find that it taste different from other places like JB. This is the type of carrot cake I enjoyed when I was a kid. :)


Well..... it's been nearly two years since I went back and definitely looking forward to go home this weekend for Christmas! OK, let me make a list of the things I wanted to do at home, besides seeing mum and dad, siblings and close friends -

1. Eat 'kai si' hor fun, a few times not just once and sample the hor fun around
2. Visit new Foo San resturant for dim sum
3. Eat the Kg Simee Egg Tart
4. Eat the 'heong peh' biscuits from Gunung Rapat
5. MUST drink White coffee....
6. Go around and take pictures ...
7. Shop at Kinta City
8. Go to old town and eat all the char kuay teow, wantan noodles, Asam Laksa, Prawn mee, Popiah, Yeong tau foo noodles...and etc
9. Ask ReanaClaire to bring me out for makan..LOL
10. Eat 'Kai si' hor fun again with 'nga choy kai'
11. Drink white coffee.. ( did I repeat?)
12. Eat... Eat ...Eat.... etc :)

I guess I will put on weight a week later!! :)


It's been awhile that I didn't go around to check out the newly opened outlets of the new waves of kopitiams which boast a nice nostalgic design,  comfortable surrondings, giant posters of JB in the 60s and 70s and great coffee in those old fashion ceramic cup.
OK, I spotted this not too new kopitiam while on the way to Tesco Plentong. My wife who's been there said they make great toast, so I decided to give it a try for tea on a saturday afternoon.

I wonder why they named it 100 degrees kopitiam...must have a reason and probably deal with coffee.

Here's a snap of one part of the interior. Nostalgic design, clean and comfortable.

The Laksa looks good on the menu and we thought (and tempted) of trying it, despite I having a bad stomach that day. Well, I ended up visiting the doc at night for gastric. :( OK, back to the laksa, it's kinda a bit spicy to me but it's good. There are two big prawns  there. Anyway, good thing I shared this with my wife else I may have to take MC on the following monday. LOL
OK, the toasts. This looks special, they called it 'chi chi toast' or something. It's chicken floss on top of the toast with mayonaise. My son love it!
Here's another toast from their menu which is my favourite - garlic toast. It took them a while to prepare the toast and I guess it's really 'freshly' prepared, with fresh garlic..hahah... It tasted great! I will probably come again for this.
And as usual, I cannot end a meal without a coffee.


I'm back in Seasons cafe again and this time round, I'm at the Pelangi Plaza's branch. Well, probably the outlet is very convenient for us after running our errands at Cold Storage below, and there's also a  variety of food. Here's a picture of the cafe.

I chose one of the best seats over there which was facing the mall's open area. Love the X'mas decor, especially this year's, though it's not as grand as bigger malls in KL or S'pore.

OK.....well..I had the same  thing again, Aglio Olio! Probably I want something light and also, I love pasta in olive oil.
And, again....Earl Grey Tea to calm my soul and refresh my mind...LOL
Well, just a simple and healthy meal to help me keep my weight in check... :)

I like eating here in the open air. It is better than eating in some cheap building made with vinyl siding.


I always appreciate dining in nice restaurant with a great ambience and reasonable price on their food. ( Of course, not as reasonable as food court :) ) Well, here's one new eatery which I've discovered in Taman Pelangi ,JB which serves mainly Indonesian food and some varities of western food. They also sold bread, pastry and cakes and I especially love their assortment of healthy breads.

Here's a view of the main entrance to the restaurant which was just decorated for the seasons' greetings. It makes the place so beautiful!

One of their specialties is the Ayam Goreng Plate which cost RM12.50. It comes with fried chicken, egg in marinated in sambal, salad, nuts and nasi kuning (yellow rice). The rice has a very strong coconut milk fragrance in it.

I had a Chicken Cordon Bleu which cost around Rm18.50. The chicken meat is wrapped with pieces of ham inside it, and presented in a creamy sauce. It's delicious and I heard from the manager that this is one of the bestsellers.

Here's the Soto Ayam soup, cost around RM9.80. This soup is very popular can be found mostly in malay restaurants or even food courts.

Swiss Alpine - RM6.80. Well, this is swiss herbal tea which comes in a pot.

Niniq Bistro & Bakery is located at - 40, Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi, JB.


Oh yes! I'm back in Stonegrill! I really missed those sizzling sound of the steaks, salmon fish or chicken chop. In fact, before you stepped into the restaurant, the aromatic cooking smell of steaks in black pepper sauce were already teasing your senses.

Well, here what I have in order to make my afternoon more pleasurable - Sirloin Steak. The steak is marinated with I dunno-what-spices or herbs and it smells really good when it sizzles on the hot burning stone! I really enjoyed cooking this big piece of meat! LOL

Here's how it looks like when cooked and .... the remaining of which haven't gone into my mouth. :)
I've yet to see any Stonegrills restaurant outside of JB but there's really quite lot of branches all over here.  I can recalled there's one in Pelangi Plaza, City Square, Tebrau City, Jusco Bukit Indah and Sutera Mall, which is spreaded across the city. Their specialities, of course, meat (chicken, kebab, salmon, lamb chop, beef steak) cooked over a hot burning stone and is served raw initially. Besides that, they do offered bee hoon in both soup and tom yam, which was also kept heated under a hot burning stone.

The Sirloin Steak cost around RM23.90, and this stonegrill that I went to is located at - G22, Groung Floor, Aeon Jusco Bukit Indah.


Met a friend of mine while on the way back to S'pore at the JB custom and when asked how was his weekend, he looks down. Well, he told me he was feeling pressure from work which incidentally, all these happened on a friday where he supposed to feel good seeing that weekend is near. Just like me,who only went home once a week, we are eager to see our loved ones. Due to those work pressures and with his kind of sensitive nature, he had a terrible weekend where instead of supposingly spending quality time with his family , he got irritated with his kids who asked for his attention and not in the mood while accompanying his  wife for shopping and dining.

Well, I told him though it's not easy to feel good when bad things happened in work, he should at least don't put his entire family down where after missing him for 1 week, they are looking forward to see him. I told him I'm sure his family is dissapointed seeing him down and depressed, where they feel down too which is supposingly a time to relax. I advised him, probably, it will good for him to share with his wife on what's happening  rather than keep to himself, for a listening ear and then try to put things behind or at least, leave it to the next working week to solve his problems in work. After all, work always have a solution....

My take of this posting - Don't let work bring your loved ones down cos work is just one part of your life. There are many other areas in life not to be missed like spending time with family.Just try not to bring work home and affect the peacefulness and blissfulness of the souls!


Check out this resort at Port Dickson, I find that it's a different place to be at PD, compare to other resorts. Well, why I said that is because there're no beaches at this resort and the place is so 'westernised'. It's like being in the wild wild west, yeap, the cowboys and red indians seen on  tv. It's a place for those seeking adventures and great for teambuildings! Below is the main entrance which leads to their 'eagle street'.

Some vintage vehicles out there to greet you near the main entrance. I wonder if guests can have a ride on it.
Spotted a horse carriage here, well, it's really a cowboy town! The horse is kinda shy and keep looking away from me when i snap a picture of it. Luckily, I didn't agitate it. :)
Well,guess this is the restaurant...and nope, I didn't try the food inside there.
Here's some shots around the place... looks nice, clean and relaxing! 
The souvenir shops,reception, offices and arcade are located around here.
The pools and jacuzzi are located nearby the main area, and I simply like the 'green' environment over there. Love the grass, it's so neat and trimmed, like a carpet.
As above, these are not hotel rooms but .... guess what, toilets and changing rooms.
Probably adventure seekers would love the above , sort like some 'flying fox' stuffs. They also have paintballs games.(ouch!, I tried that before and that will probably be the last time for me :P)

As above, a beautiful kampung house built on the pond. The rates for the kampung house is around Rm170++ - RM199++.

One of the eye-catching views here are the indians tepees. It's the cheapest accomodation here, around RM88++-RM99++.

Above, seems like lots of folks waiting for the horse ride. 


Well, let me add some 'personal touch' to this posting.... here's a pic of myself with my elder kid and with my baby daughter.

And, here's a family portrait.

More information on the resort can be found here. We didn't stay overnight but more of visiting the place. We drove off to check out other places after this.


Well, this is what I had for tea during one saturday afternoon while waiting to be fetch home by my wife at Jb's City Square, from Singapore. A delicious and healthy Alio Olio pasta in Olive oil. Seasons' cafe have been in JB for a very long time and have many branches all over the city. It's quite a nice place to have an afternoon coffee here where they served a variety of oriental to western food.

And, Earl Grey Tea for a refreshing afternoon.

Here's how the place looks like, in City Square. These cost me around Rm9.50.
Have a good week ahead, folks!