It was another good weekend for me last week. By the way, my definition of a good weekend is I spent my rest days well and utilised it to the best that I can as I used to be inactive for the most part of this year's weekends and wasting it. Anyway, not just weekend, but we should also lived to the fullest daily as in Psalm 118:24, This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.  

It's usually family day for me during weekends and I brought my family out from almost noon till night last Saturday. We were at Plaza Pelangi for lunch and it happens that there was a Gangnam dance  competition there, much to the delight of my kids. LOL.... However, it was a day of running errands followed by tea breaks and later wind down to a nice dinner. We were so tired when home even at 10pm and slept early. After all, my  little princess gotta performed in her nursery the next morning.

Woke up early to send my princess to Foon Yew high school where she will be performing before we went to nearby Taman Pelangi for breakfast. Back to the school later and enjoyed a quiet Sunday morning there before the show starts.

My kid, wifey and yours truly....

My little princess receiving her award...
It was a two hour show with all the kids performing in groups and I have had a good time there, especially taking videos and pictures of my little princess performing. As usual, she was her bubbly style during her performance. (third from left, back row)

Next, after lunch, I rush off to my church for my Baptism class and it was another 1.5 hours of spiritual refresh and learning. It was great!! Brought my family out to McDonald's for dinner later as my kids were persuading me for burgers and sundaes. Ok, they got their wishes..... hehehe...

Have a good mid-week, folks!


It was not a pleasant drive to Kluang last Saturday as it was raining heavily all the way till we almost reached Machap R&R.From there, it was just a few Km to the Ayer Hitam toll. I was there to bring my kid and sis in law for their chinese sinseh checkup as well as have my pulse checked too by that famous sinseh in town.

Once done, I was back to Kluang Railway Coffee again after almost a year. It was refreshing to enjoy the kaya toast and a nice cuppa of coffee , though I have been cutting down to 2 cups a day. I simply love the kaya, it was so delicious!!

A cup of nice coffee with healthy toasted bread in kaya spread
My wifey was a fan of mee rebus and thus, she ordered, which was one of the specialty there. Somehow I find that the food at the original Kluang railway coffee are much better than their branches like those in Ikano Power Centre and etc. Let me know your opinions too if you have been to both.

Mee Rebus

While we are enjoying our food, my little princess was playing 'masak masak' and even made me a 'cup of coffee'..hahaha...  We drove back to JB in a nice cooling weather after the rain before entering Senai (U) interchange to go to Johor premium outlet. It was tiring when I got back but then, it's been awhile since I drove around like this.

Then, woke up early on Sunday but still late for church service. However, I still persisted to go to service as I do not want to skip too many services. It was a great sermon by an invited Pastor, who talked on Spiritual maturity. After listening to it, I don't really think I am that mature...hahaha... After service, I packed some chicken rice home for lunch before going back to church again for my baptism class, all happened within 1.5 hour. It was a great sharing and time really passed without me noticing it  and I am back home again .Took a quick nap before taking my family out for dinner and came back to Singapore after that for another work week.

It was a good weekend for me. Have a bless week!


When you mentioned laksa in JB (not the Penang Assam Laksa type), almost most of the folks here will recommend this place, W.W.Laksa House at Jalan Kolam Air. My wife and I were there last Monday for lunch before my medical tests (see my previous post). I guess it was the second time I had it but this time round I really felt it was delicious, though my wife don't think so.

 It's quite normal in JB to have freshly grilled otah-otah placed on the tables in kopitiams. There were some nice hot ones on our tables and we decided to try it. The otah-otah were really fresh and hot and not too spicy. (For those unsure what it is, otah-otah (Chinese鲤鱼包) is a cake made of fish meat and spices. source - wikipedia)
Fish meat and spices grilled in banana leaves. Just freshly grilled and it's so yummy!

Finally, the wait is over and here comes our delicious bowl of Laksa. 

the 'short' wait is over..... yummy....
 I don't know how other folks thought of it but I find that the laksa gravy was just nice! Not too salty, not too 'lemak' , not too spicy (there's belacan for the chilli padis...) while the fish cakes and fish balls were delicious! No wonder there was a designated parking space for their patrons as well as it was so crowded during lunch time. This place also being advertised in the local papers.

Address: 36A& 36A1, Jalan Kolam Air, Taman Water Works, Johor Bahru, 80100, Johor Bahru, Johor, 80200

oppps.... it should be termed as the last coffee for the day. Went for a heart scan just now which consisted of a 10-15 minutes scan of the entire heart, resting ECG and treadmill ECG at a nearby hospital which cost me RM560 in total, including the cardiologist's fees. I was complaining of irregular heartbeats for the past two weeks which scared the hell out of me, though two doctors assured me it's mind over matters and asked me to cut down on caffeine intake. Anyway, one of the docs suggested I do a full heart checkup to ensure there's really nothing wrong with the heart before he prescribed relaxing pills to me, and again less coffee.

The three tests turned out to be allright and infact as someone who ran on the treadmill regularly, I continued to run till the end of the stress test, though the nurse told me I can stop if I feel tired...hahaha... Well, can't help it, have to show off a bit to the young, petite and cute hitam manis malay nurse. Seeing nothing wrong with me except probably stress and high caffeine intake, I was asked to relax more and cut down on coffee, tea or coke. The doc asked me to substitute with green tea instead. Ok, not too bad as I love green tea too.

After the checkup, my family and I were slightly  hungry and we drove to Taman Pelangi for Niniq bistro. We  ordered a focacia turkey ham and cheese sandwich to share (as below) which tasted good!!
Turkey ham and cheese focacia
 And well....I was uneasy when the waiter asked us for our order for drinks and when wifey said coffee, I told him two coffees please. Then, wifey gave me a short stare and well, I told this will be the last one for the day..... sigh...  It's rather unusual not to order coffee in a place where they make good kopi....
Flat white

Ok, I keep to one cup per day from tomorrow onwards first and see how.... Have a good week, folks!