I thought it's a good idea to go back to "Just want coffee" cafe for a nice cuppa of cappuccino on a Sunday afternoon. This was  the second time we are here and it was less crowded on a Friday afternoon then, compared to Sunday where you can't hardly find a seat.  I simply love their coffee, which I felt that it's better than most of the famous ones at the malls. 

cakes - Cheese and Oreo cheese cakes

A cuppa of mocha latte for my wifey

My capppuccino!

Rose Latte ... love the sprinkle of roses on it with Tiramisu. 

My little princess loves the cheese cake

She almost finished the cake by herself

Coffee makers getting busy!
Their cakes were good too and i like the Tiramisu. I can felt the liquor strongly in the cake which blended well with it. I found a good place for coffee and cakes. :)


Ever since I tried the kampung chicken rice at Zenxin Organic Park in Kluang, I always craved for it. And, it's indeed great I found one over the last weekend, also at the same place where  I had my rojak in Tea Garden, JB. I simply like the 'harden'' meat of the kampung chicken instead of those soft ones found in any chicken rice stalls.

It cost around RM11.90 for a half-bird and I think it's worth it. I shared it with my wife since it's quite a big portion for me. Dipping in their home-made chilli and garlic sauce really makes a great chicken rice meal! :)


 I heard that the rojak in JB's Tea Garden was good thus I went back there again for some snack. The rojak was more like the indian muslim type, but then the ingredients were unique. There were fish cakes, 'yau char kway', tofu and etc. The gravy was very similar to the Indian type which was creamy and slightly spicy.

Overall, it's a special type of rojak and unique. I really enjoyed it!


It's been a while since I had dinner at Tea Garden, which was a popular eatery in JB and have several branches all over JB. Usually I went there for breakfast or tea but seldom had heavier meals like lunch and dinner. It was a pleasant place to dine there with its nostalgic architectural designs. They boasted a variety of food from western to oriental and I love most was their kopi, which was very 'kao'. 

My kid suddenly wanted to had this noodle... 'yee mee'. Well, kids usually love it for the crispy noodles.

My wife tried  their salted baked chicken. I find that it too salty and lack 'tong kwai', compare to those of Ipoh's. :)  It's still nice anyway. 

I suddenly feel like having tom yum, thus I went for the seafood tom yum. It's not too spicy but aromatic enough. Great dish!

and forgetting my kopi 'kao', which was my third cup of the day. :P

It was just a simple dinner for a lazy Saturday where I had a long nap in the afternoon. Well, sometimes we all need rest to recuperate from the long, hard week and it's comforting to stay at home doing nothing but rest. Have a good week, folks!


 It was a 'makan' weekend. We had a sumptuous Japanese food for dinner and then western food for lunch on last Sunday. Since my niece was here from Singapore, we decided to bring her for some nice food and after looking around in Johor Jaya, we ended up in Moonlight Restaurant.

Besides offering a mixed of western and local food, this place was also a pastry and cafe. There were lots of breads and buns as well as cakes here . Their coffee was good too as I tried their Americano which was bitter and aromatic enough. They have a few branches and I know there was one in Taman Sutera and another one going to be open soon in Taman Pelangi.

Moonlight restaurant in Johor Jaya

 I had a rib eye in black pepper sauce.

An aglio olio for my wifey

My niece wanted something local , fried rice

My little princess enjoying her kid's set

And not forgetting my cuppa of Americano... !
That sums up my relaxing day!


Last week was a busy week for me and I don't really find the time (or rather the mood) to blog. Anyway, glad it's weekend again and it was also my kid's birthday. I asked him what he wanted to have for dinner and he wanted Japanese food. It's a good idea too since he was down with a sore throat. Ok, with that, we head for Mori Restaurant in Permas Jaya, JB. Initially we wanted to go to Niyumaru, which was quite popular in JB but it was really crowded then when we reached there. 

There was a 30% discount for all sushi in Mori and we ordered quite lot of sushi, just for three adults and two small ones. What I like this place was it's quiet and you can really relax and wind down there compared to Niyumaru. There were also a lot of Japanese patronising this restaurant.

Ebiki sushi and salmon maki - my kids' favourite

I ordered a fried rice .... I always love Japanese fried rice

Ebi Fry Maki

Salmon Yuzu Maki

Salmon Teriyaki Bento Set

Salmon and Muguro Sushi

Udon and tempura Bento Set
Overall, it was a lot of food for us and we have to slowly enjoyed the food and stayed longer at the restaurant, enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. I was really full!! Need to workout harder next week. :P


I never really tried dry BKT but finally got a chance to eat it during my trip to KL over the raya holidays. I had a great BKT meal at Equine Park in Puchong. It was a large corner shop lot and they mainly served BKT.

Getting ready the fragrant chinese tea

The dry BKT
Somehow I find the dry version to be quite similar to the claypot salted fish with pork. It was also a little spicy. Anyway, it was great and very appetizing, though I still prefer the traditional soupy type.

The dished we ordered 

Getting ready the garlic and chilli

Fried shark meat 
The fried shark meat was special and it was crunchy. However, some parts of it seems a little bit hard, which I guess it could be the bones.

A healthy vegetable to go with the meat
I helped myself to the soupy BKT most of the time and even order extra soup. Well, maybe the dry type is not really to my liking. Anyway, BKT seems everywhere in the Klang valley and it's certainly a dish to try while you are there!