It's been raining lately and that's welcoming as it was so hot and humid for the past few months! I was not sure whether is it me only but nowadays whenever I go to work in the early morning in my long sleeve attire, I will sweat profusely!! And, it doesn't help while waiting for the train or bus with the morning sun shining on poor commuters like me. I remember in the past, the early morning was cold and I gotta wore a sweater in the air-cond bus but it seems not anymore. Thus, I really welcome the slightly cool weather of late and hope it can last as long as possible.

With that, after my workout, I went for a warm and comforting Korean Ginseng soup for dinner. It was so nice for a rainy night and really chicken soup for the soul!

Just a short post today, have a fabulous weekend!!


Lately I have been listening to sermons on contentment and it also reflected on me that life's great with the little nice things around. My life is kinda routine now with two schooling kids on a weekend where Sunday is a schooling day. That means, no more short getaways to nearby towns or theme parks. Saturday is just having meals together while fetching them to tuition classes and church school and my wifey and I make sure they get to bed early for school on Sundays.  We have to wait for the school holidays if we want to go somewhere farther and longer. However, there are moments to cherish like I enjoyed seeing them going to the church school and playing/fellowship with other kids after the short 1 hour session, in the calm evening at 6pm at the church. Even those lunches and dinners we had at some nice restaurants or eateries are great, though we no longer ate somewhere in Melaka, having bak kut teh in Kota Tinggi or drinking awesome coffee at Kluang's railway station. Back in Singapore, I also enjoyed the moment of going to the gym earlier before the sunsets. I am enjoying all these small stuffs, and it's difficult to explain and maybe its contentment.  Of course, having said all these, I hope to go overseas at least once a year from now....muahahahahaha...

Oh, after a workout, I am back to the Chinese eatery operated by a Chinese national nearby my home, though I didn't order any chinese beer this time round. I had a braised beef noodles and a shallot pancake, all for S$6.50. Not bad for a hungry me at 10pm. :)

Beef noodles S

Love the Shallot pancake...crispy and delicious!!!
Have a great week ahead and don't forgot to slow down and smell the flowers!


I never do movie reviews in my blog but after watching Independence Day: Resurgent, I was a little disappointed with the long awaited sequel (or they should stop at the first movie, for goodness sake!). The first one was so dramatic and good which I branded as one of the memorable movies I have ever seen together with Terminator 2, Titanic, Matrix, Star Wars, Aliens 2, Avengers 1, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, ET, Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, Beautiful Mind and etc. I can re-watch these movies all over again after some time. I find ID:R is a bit ridiculous for the following (spoilers alert!) -

1. Though humans acquired alien technology from the last war, I don't think they can be so advance in 20 years. And, how can they lived happily with the scattered aliens  from the last war  roaming around ? Even kids can safely go around in their school bus!

2. There are too many characters in the movie and it's kinda messy. And, how come only USA and China fighting the war?

3. If the aliens can destroyed Earth by drilling and sucking the molten core, why don't they do it in the first movie?

4. The disaster scenes lasted only a short while with buildings going up and coming down (seems targeting London only) and this supposed to be a disaster movie!

5. The friendly Alien looks like my round speakers... a bit lame.

6. If the aliens are so intelligent, they need not unleased their Queen which is a single point of failure. Once the Queen died, all the aliens run away ...hahahahha... They could easily win the war by sending the hordes of aliens to retrieve that errr...ball.

7. Though the Alien queen died, the aliens are just 2 mins from success. They need not drop everything and run for their life!  If USA can appoint another President, why can't the intelligent and advance aliens have a backup plan should their Queen died? hahahaha..

9. And, no Will Smith... 

Anyway, I love the CGI effect as well as the non-stopping actions in this movie which keeps you to the screen. Hope they do better in final trilogy. hahahaha... OK ok... don't suggest I apply for the Director role...LOL

Oh, it was a long wait at the CIQ due to Raya balik kampung last weekend and since it was late when I reached JB, I headed to Breeks at City Square for a good dinner.  And I had a combo set of Cajun fish and sirloin steak. It was awesome!

Cajun Chicken and Sirloin Steak Set
Have a nice weekend!


I didn't do any long distance running since my last half-marathon in end May. And, since I've signed up for a 10KM run in mid-August, I decided to get this lazy fella in me to get back to training. I did ran 2KM-5KM almost weekly but when I tried to do 10KM this evening, somehow my body and mind were like giving up before I started to run....LOL. I struggled at 3KM+ , though I also tried to run faster this time round and that may explained the tiredness. After I am done with 5KM, I took a short breather and decided to run 2KM more but somehow I gave up after adding another KM. OK la, maybe the body need some adjustment. I will try again next week.

Gelare SG has 50% discounts in their waffles on Tuesdays and I managed to try some of it with my colleagues. However, I am not really a fan of waffles as it is too sweet for me and I can't even finished one! Unlike my lady colleague who could gobble up the entire waffle, faster than the usual rice or noodles that she had! 

Chocolate syrup with cherries and ice cream toppings.

I had this plain waffle with chocolate syrup.

Another colleague of mine ordered a syrup with banana slices topping waffle.
Arrhhh.... I had enough of waffles, don't think I want to eat it for a long time. hahaha....


During my previous trip to China, I almost had Chinese beer daily during lunch and dinner. The beer is not strong, around 2% alcohol but it makes a refreshing beverages after a tired day. Though compared to other most established beers like Tiger, Carlsberg, Heineken and etc; it definitely not as good but the low amount of alcohol means I could drink more without much effect of the alcohol.

Well, after a long day at work as well as my workout, I came across a small eatery opened by Mainland chinese. I decided to patronise it and seeing that they sold some of the beers from China, I thought it's a good idea to order a bottle. It's been awhile since I tasted the Chinese beers!! Thus, I order a Harbin beer together with a Braised Beef La mian. It was a great dinner though I am bloated after finishing the bottle. LOL

A refreshing Harbin Beer 

 Beef La mian 
Have a great week ahead!


Oh yes.... I am back again! It's been 2 weeks since I didn't update my blog !! Well, if you are wondering where I am,  I am still very much around , work and rest as usual. I was also almost on a week leave, thanks to the Raya holidays where I could spent time with my family. Initially, we wanted to travel to KL but somehow the plan was cancelled and we stay put in JB and went around town. We almost visited all the malls in JB during this 1 week and most of the time, we left the house late and reached home late, and wake up the next day late too. hahaha...  I also never exercised for almost 1 week and that's really bad. I didn't really feel great, and that's normal for someone who workout 5 days a week. The feel good hormones are missing and I got headaches, by waking up late too. Thus, it was so refreshing when I managed a short run this evening and I feel great again. And, that's the wonder of exercise, it really regulate our mood! :)

Oh..during the holidays, we were at Johor Premium Outlets and it was pretty crowded due to the Raya sales.

The highway from below looks awesome .. and my little princess wanted to snap a pic here.

While we were waiting for  mommy to finish her shopping ...
 We also went to Kluang for a day trip, after never been there for almost 2 years. The place looks so clean now and I noticed there are lot of graffiti paintings around the old town. I only managed to snap two pics since it's difficult to stop the car by the roadside.

Not to mentioned we also shopped at KSL city, Sutera Mall, Aeon Malls and etc , but end up my kids who are the happiest. They bought the most stuffs. LOL We also checked out some tours for year-end but too bad, I gotta wait for the Matta Fair in end-July for some good bargains as well as tours. There are not many tours now and most of them are expensive.

Oh.. we also patronised Anmour Restaurant again and enjoyed some western food!

Fish and chips for my little princesss

Beef fillet for me, with Aglio Olio and mashed potato

A twin but small double burger for wifey

And seafood pasta for my kid

Not fotgetting my cuppa of long black...