It has been a great Friday last week. I got my results and voila...I passed my exam! It was like a dream come true and I'm a certified Project Manager now. I thought I didn't do too well in the exam but it turns out ok. phew.... it's finally over!! Praise the Lord!

And, in instagram which is a photo sharing app on mobiles, one of my photos got tagged by instagram Singapore and I felt so good! It garnered almost 1800 likes which really makes my day !

Well, not forgetting my favourite crunchy papa-roti and kopi-c to wind down on a Saturday afternoon. :)

Paparich's kopi-C
Have a great mid-week, folks!


Though I understand that time is precious, however I seems to forgotten it especially when I started working. Well, this seems to be a confusing statement. Before I started working, every day counts in the varsity as we have datelines for our assignments and projects as well as studying for our exams. We can't afford to waste too much time then. Once I started working, as long as I completed my work, its time to wind down and relax. That's how working life should be, spend money, indulge yourself and relax.

During that one and half month where I was rushing to finish my revision for my exam, I find myself lacking time since I did it part-time after work. Suddenly, time is important to me again!! The two to three hours I had daily after work seems so precious!!!

Now,with the exam over, instead of 'lepaking' (wasting time) after working hours, I  planned to try on some other tasks... maybe take another certification exam, earn more $$$ or etc. Of course, I still need time for rest and recreation else my body and mind will break!! However, an awareness of time has motivated me back to appreciate it again for better things in the future. Anyway, weekends are still strictly for family and that's quality time!!!

Just some sharing, have a good mid-week folks! :)


OK, it's time to reactivate back this blog. My exam is over and keeping my fingers crossed over the results next weekend. Well, I don't think I did that well as I was left chasing time for the last 24 questions. Hopefully, the rest of the questions, which totalled up to 108 can pull me through. If not, then gotta redo again.

The first I wanted, after one and a half month of part time revision as well as attended a complimentary refresher course (and another two day of good hotel food) was a full-body massage. So, off I went to Odyssey Spa at City Square, JB. It costed me RM90+ for a 60 min massage, not that cheap though.

Next, I had a simple dinner at Old Town and the usual stuffs again -

Hor Fun
Garlic toasts
Add in a Kopi-C, that makes a relieving and relaxing evening. I have been tempted to go for the Avengers movie and seeing that all my friends have watched it while my kid was not too keen with these grandfathers' time superheroes, I decided to watch it myself. The cinema was quite empty, probably it's a weekday and the movie have also been shown for a while. I had a good time with my coke and popcorn.

Back home in Jb, didn't really go anywhere though my kid's exams also over. We went for a nice nyonya food dinner nearby.

Finger food for appetizer...
Otah-otah in mayonaise... taste good, not too spicy but a bit different as it's in a bigger chunk than those typical ones,

Nyonya assam fish - my all time favourite!
Ayam buah keluak - My favourite after watching 'The little nyonya'. I had  two buah keluak and add rice to go with the 'isi'.. 
Another claypot chicken but can't remember the name... but taste good.
This sums up the weekend after my exam.. a time to wind down. :)


Yo folks...if you are wondering why the sudden quiet from me lately, it's because I am preparing for my exam due next week and thus, will be taking a break from the blogosphere. It's kinda a hectic schedule for me daily but I'm into the the final lapse of my preparation and will look forward to catch up with the movies and you wonderful folks the next weekend onwards.

Till then, have a great weekend! :)