Of goals and resolutions ...

So, the end of the year is around the corner, did you set any goals or resolutions for 2014 which you have achieve or did not meet it? I think I set quite a lot of goals but I did achieve a few. Though the new year resolutions sounds childish to some especially us, working adults, I think it's not a bad thing as we needed to plan some objectives within a certain time frame and achieve it. Of course, on the way, we can adjust our goals and re-visit them.

For me, some goals which I met that I think it's not too personal to mention here are consistently make it a habit to work out during weeknights , take on duties for my church, lost some weights, registered for a run, did some regular savings, reduce my visits to doc (haha...) and etc.

Well, I did have some goals which I didn't meet and it's back to the drawing board. I guess I will reduce the goals that I set for 2015 and ensure that I can achieve most of them. :)

Btw, had a nice platter at Breeks in JB City Square. At RM39.90, I think that's affordable as it's really a lot!

Have a good weekend!! :)


Random Notes#8/2014 ....

1.  I thought running a 10KM marathon last Sunday and working out regularly makes me an Iron Man. I was wrong as nature dealt me a gentle blow where I was down with a mild flu over the weekend. Anyway, feeling better now and managed to ran a short 3KM on a beautiful and breezy Sunday evening.

2.  I was asked to act in a skit by my Christian boss in my company's Christmas gathering... alamak... I am a shy guy and can't even act. but now I am asked to be a shepherd in a Christmas story where I need to utter a few lines. Oh no ... :P

3. On running, like those avid runners, I thought of planning my runs for 2015. I was not certain if I can do a half-marathon in the short period of time like March or April but my colleague seems all set to go for half or full marathon. Aiyo... why so ambitious ? It's ok...I guess I go for some 10KM runs before I go for the half-marathon. hahha.... Probably, I plan for the first 6 months and decide on the other 6 months. hahaha... I am talking like a runner now. :D

4. Vacation has started and I will blogged about the places I went when I am back. Except KL where my kids wanted to visit Kidzania, we will adopt a wait and see attitude on where to go after that. Anyway, definitely will be driving to somewhere after KL. Somehow, I was always in the city every Xmas except last year.

5. Woke up early on last Sunday morning to attend church services at 8am after I skipped last week's services. I am glad to be back as well as seeing my Pastor, who was away too for his leaves. The Sunday service served as a backup service for me if I was unable to attend the main Saturday service. Anyway, there will be no more Sunday morning services in 2015 and I have to attend another church if I missed the Saturday's service. On the other hand, I think it's good they scrap the Sunday service since attendance is very low.

Meanwhile, had a ginger onion fried beef with rice on a cold Saturday night, with hot soup. What a relieve for my mild flu.:)

Have a good week!


Movie buff....

Oh...it's Friday and also my last day of work before my week-long vacation!! wooohoo...  I will be around Malaysia and won't be going overseas, thus will try to comments on your posts. Btw, 2015 excites me on the silver screen where there are a few blockbuster which I am looking forward to watch. Well, though I didn't blog about movies, I am very much a movie buff and most of the time, I will go alone for a late night show at a cinema very near to my home on week nights. I also usually go for movies where it has been shown for a while to avoid the crowds and relaxed on an almost empty cinema hall.

Here are the movies which I can't wait to watch ....

Avengers 2 - Age of Ultron

Star Wars : The Force Awakens

Terminator Genisys 

And, not forgetting the new James Bond movie, Spectre, Prometheus 2, Superman v Batman and ...did I mentioned 50 Shades of grey ? hehehe...  Meanwhile, I had a chicken ciabatta last Saturday in Lavender, JB and will be going for it again. I simply love that piece of chicken meat in the ciabatta which was treated with italians herbs and fresh fries. Also, not forgetting my cuppa of Americano too!

Chicken Ciabatta with fries 

Strong and 'kao' Americano
Have a good weekend and enjoy your movies!


After the run ...

I was having a mental block yesterday as to what to post for my blog and thus, delay my next post till tonight, while I chilled out surfing the net yesterday. After my run last Sunday, I am back to my routines where I workout as usual from Monday onwards as well as managed to ran 5KM on Monday and Tuesday, though my thighs and calf muscles still sore. Lots of folks congratulated me as though as I finished a full marathon. hahah... I also played badminton tonight and it was kinda tiring as there are only 4 players, for 2 hours. Anyway, have had a good workout and will be resting next week where I will be on leave.

Meanwhile, during lunch today, I had the Singapore Hokkien Mee which I didn't eat it for quite some time. Mixed the sambal and the lime drops with the noodles together and it was so good and delicious, especially when it is hot. With the dried out banana leaf at the bottom, it makes the dish even more appetising. It will be great if the prawns are bigger where somehow, the prawns and sotongs are hidden here. 

OK, a short post for today!:)


My maiden marathon ...

And so, that's it. Everything has a beginning and I attempted my first international marathon, though not a full or half marathon, but it's still great and an achievement on a beautiful Sunday morning. The 10km marathon is just nice for me at this moment and it was simply awesome! The experience was great when I thought back on the run especially the moment when I felt tired but kept going on!
Singapore city in the wee hours
 I gotta wake up at 5.15am and it was difficult for me to sleep at 9+ on last Saturday night as I used to watch football matches and slept past midnights on Saturdays. Luckily I managed to catch some sleep and reached the starting point at Esplanade 30 minutes early. The run started at 7.15am, while the full and half marathons already started much earlier.

Massive lot of folks doing the 10K, which has the most runners at 20,000 compared to other categories.
 The first 5KM run was routine for me as I used to run at this distance almost daily but once I reached around 6KM+ , I felt numbness again in my left feet  and I took a short breather near a water point and walk for around 500 meters. Thanks to the compression socks which I wore for this run where the numbness goes away quite fast and after I regained back my strength shortly, it was non-stop till the finish line. The last 2KM was tough as I really felt tired as well as I never run such distance before but I told myself to challenge my limit as I already 'make' it. I am already nearing the end of the run, so, why not I tried to complete a 10 KM. And, I am glad I managed to struggle the last 2KM till the finishing line.  I felt really good!!

Yours truly posing after hydrating with 100 plus and mineral water

 Folks completed their run and resting at the carnival held at the Padang. Behind was the high court building.

The Stamford hotel at the back at around 8am+. It was a beautiful morning.
 Since I am not driving, I took the 30 mins train back home and together with other runners, we really 'wet' the trains. hahha ...
Recuperate myself with double-boiled eggs, steamed kaya toasts and kopi

My precious medal!
I will go for more runs in the near future and probably train for half marathon. It's really fun and great! Lots of positive vibes. :)


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