New toy ....

Somehow I dislikes wearing wired earphones while working out or even travelling on public transports, though the one I had is a good one with good quality sound. I got a Jabra bluetooth Wireless Sports earpiece almost 6 months ago and been using it while running. It comes with a built in radio but I find the sound quality is kinda too flat and I don't really fancy using it while travelling.  Thus, I gotta used two earpieces, one when travelling which is the wired with good sound quality and another one for running and gym workouts, which is the wireless one. I am glad that last Friday , my colleague introduced me the new JBL wireless bluetooth earphones and I like it very much. At least, the sound quality is great and I can use it for all my entertainment needs without carrying two earpieces.

Here's my new toy! 

Still charging it...
Yes, that's my new toy and companion while on the move! :)  I will try to write a review on it soon.

Oh yeah, it's been a week since I had Japanese food though I didn't blog it here. My kid was suggesting me to bring them for Japanese food on a Sunday night before I travel back to Singapore for work. We had something simple.

Sake maki...the family favourites

Salmon Teriyaki Set - My two kids shared this while my wifey also had another set. They all loved salmon!

I go for a Sushi and Udon set which comes with an assortment of sushis.

as well a agedashi tofu

and a plain Udon bowl.
Have a good week folks...while my half marathon training getting intense. Not sure if I can sustained it this week...LOL. I gotta do a 11km run.:(


Eat ... eat ... eat ...

One good thing about being at home during festive seasons was I get to enjoy home-cooked food by my mom. I seems to be eating non-stop since CNY eve till the day I leave Ipoh. Even though this year's CNY was a bit quiet, the best thing I look forward to is the simple but delicious dishes prepared by my mom. Eating out was quite stressful as I gotta 'compete' with others for seats and the food were not as nice as before. The eateries just quickly prepared the food and served while the counters were happily collecting money from the mark up prices. There was this morning where I had dim sum with my family and parents and we gotta stand to wait for the seats for almost 30 mins, while the dim sum standards deteriorated.

I only spent three days in Ipoh and though it can be boring at times, it's not too bad where at least I can drive around up north to take a break as well as spent some time with my parents. Btw, here's some simple dishes prepared by my mom during dinners.

Big prawns ... after salivating by STP's post on tiger prawns, I finally can have some.. :P

Assorted of mushrooms and baby abalones

Mushrooms with vegetables

Yee Sang - take away from a nearby restaurant

Oh yeah .... I need to run again after a week break to shed off the extra calories and diet a bit. After all, its the Lent season. :)


What a week!

To most of us, the CNY seems over although the festival has just reaches its mid-point of the 15 day celebration. Yes, I am back for work after a short holiday in Ipoh. This year's CNY was kinda quiet as my brothers were not back, thus, we had a simple reunion dinner at home. It was nice to have a steamboat on an unusual rainy CNY eve's evening.

Nothing fancy ... just some abalone, sotong, prawns, tofu, fish ball, squids, liver...etc. 
I was out most of the time and I was also surprised that Ipoh was not that jam compared to previous years. I guess it's most likely due to the short school holidays and most folks rather don't want to travel. Coming home was a breeze but going back to JB was terrible. I was stuck in a 6 hours plus jam starting from Seremban.

Well, I took some pixs around Ipoh. Let the pictures do the 'blogging'.

Below and above, shopping at Yee Hup Confectionary in Gunung Rapat for delicacies. 

Having lunch at the famous Old Town Kopitiam

The char kway teow ... sadly, the standard diminished , probably due to the bulk orders from the crowded patrons.

The Kopi ice still good.

Freshly baked egg tarts. The filling was thick and hot!Nice !!

Fried Carrot cake ...the food that I love since I was a kid but sadly this one really cannot make it. I didn't finish it.

Shopping next door for exotic produce and notice these ... snakes gall bladders.

Dried star fishes... 

 I drove around looking for wall mural paintings but only found some ... 
Above and below, the busy stretch of streets which was turned into a pasar malam.  A street of taugeh chicken eateries starting from Lou Wong.

Got some cute delicacies

oh... I love this one... the 'tok tok' malt candies. It's been awhile since I had it.
Have a good week and drive safely if you are planning a journey.


Happy Lunar New Year 2015!

It's the time of the year again and I like to wish you abundance in the Year of the Ram!! May your wishes and financial dreams come true and just prosper and prosper!! HUAT AH!!:)

I also wish you good health, good luck and happiness throughout the year! May only the good things showered on you!! Enjoy your holidays!! :)


Have a safe journey!!

I guess most of the folks have started their CNY holidays and started travelling on the roads. Me too, I was already on leave and will set to travel this week. CNY this year will be slightly quiet as two of my brothers can't make it for home due to work commitments. Thus, it's only my family and my sister's family with my parents but then, I am sure I will enjoyed the trip as I still have friends back home. It's also almost one year since I went back home, thus I will have a lot of places to go as well as makan. hahaha...

Btw, to those who travel, do note the following for a safe journey -

- Ensure your car has been serviced and in tip top condition
- Have good etiquette on the roads and follow the law. Yes, follow the law which means drive within the speed limit, signal, courtesy to others users, no tailgating, no take over from the left, no driving on the emergency lane, don't speak on the mobile while driving ...etc. For the family sake, reach home safely.
- Rest well
- Feel good and have a good meal before driving
- Play some CNY songs to lift up the mood
- Rest if you must at R&R
- Pray before you start your journey for a safe and smooth driving
- Defensive driving
- Stay alert
- Have a kopi :)

hahaha..that's all I can think of... just drive safely. Since my kids still need to go to school on Monday, my weekend is as per normal except that I don't have to wake up early for work on Monday. And, same makan habit too! I was at Tea Garden on a Sunday after fetching my kid from school and decided to have something appetising.

My favourite char kway teow

And Kopi ice ... this was great for a hot day! Hope the pix don't looks weird.
Happy Holidays folk and drive safely !


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