Hard Rock Cafe , Resort World Sentosa ...

It was last Friday and all my colleagues seems wanted to wind down after a tough week! Me too, was swarmed with a lot of work including Friday itself. Thus, we decided to have lunch at Resort World Sentosa, at Hard Rock cafe. After all, there was a set lunch promotion at S$15 nett.

Hard Rock Cafe in RWS, Singapore

Decors at HRC

Not too crowded, except a few tables occupied

Another  glimpse of HRC. It was quiet on a Friday.

The pretty and friendly waitress taking our orders 

Appetiser - A thick mushroom cream soup. It was nice, unlike those campbell type!

This time round, I go for Ice Lemon Tea instead of coffee. By the way, I only realised I had a cup of coffee only for the day!

The main dish - A grilled fish with vegetables and mash potato

Dessert - Haagen-Dazz ice-cream. I am very surprised they served us expensive ice-cream for an affordable set lunch. Really worth the money!
I guess that's a good idea to end a stressful week, by having a good lunch and look forward to another half a day before weekend starts! :)


Umatei ...

I found a new Japanese restaurant which was opened around the Permas Jaya area while on the way to Jusco Permas. Permas Jaya always had many Japanese restaurant here due to a small group of Japanese expats working around the Pasir Gudang area and staying here. Thus, as Japanese food lovers, we decided to patronise Umatai restaurant. It was very close to the famous Italian restaurant, Toro's Espanol, and I am not sure if it belongs to the same management too.

Sake Maki and Kani Maki - The rice was tight and the ingredients are fresh. Not bad!!

Sake Maki 

Moyashi Ramen

Chirashi Sushi - An assortment of sashimi with rice underneath

My kids' favourite Salmon Teriyaki Set

I had a Salmon Shioyaki Bento. I always like Salmon Shioyaki ... it's also healthy.
I think the food here was not bad and i don't mind coming again.Altogether, with four cups of green tea, the bill came to RM132. The ambience there was not bad and it was really quiet but each individual room was spacious. I like to dine in such environment, compare to those crowded and noisy ones. It was a relaxing dinner!

Umatei is located at 3, Jalan Permas 10/10, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, 81750 Masai, Johor.


Yes...I got gifts from bloggers....:)

Wow..... this is the first time I received gifts from fellow bloggers and it came in a pair! Not sure if its a coincident where both lovely bloggers went for their tours almost at the same time though different destination but I was elated to see some little surprises from the Postman.

Firstly, Rose's gift came first where I picked it up from my postbox. It was a lovely traditional Siamese keychain with a Thai mask. And, it came with some sweets....which makes the gift so much sweeter!! Thanks Rose!! :) I always love Thai stuffs!

Golden keychain from Rose with some Thai delicacies
Next, came Wenn who sent it thru Poslaju which was received by my wifey. She just got back from Europe and she got me a beautiful keychain in the form of a boat. And, how thoughtful she is, she knew I love coffee and she put in two packs of ah Huat's specialty coffee. It was the 'kao' type and the 'hazelnut' type. Well, I usually drank the less sugar and kopi-O type from Ah Huat and good to try out new flavour.

A beautiful keychain from Wenn
I have yet to open the keychains and I guess I will not but just keep it. Thanks again to Rose and Wenn, really appreciate your tokens of appreciation! :)


Run and eat ....

Though to most of the runners or marathon runners, the below reading should be considered slow, I never felt so good in achieving my 'personal best' so far since I started running longer than 20 minutes. I started the 5KM run quite slow initially, finished around 50 mins. Then, it got better and better as I finished the run in 48 mins, 46 mins and now 44 mins. Woah ... I felt so accomplished and good after the run. I hope I can get better than this but then, I also don't want to over-stress myself. Just enjoy it!

After the run, I decided to reward myself with a high calories McD meal. :P Good to replenish ...hehehe...

Have a good weekend  :)


A peaceful afternoon ....

It was a yearly affair where I will drove and accompanied my wife to pay respect to her late mom or my mother in law at the Nilai Memorial Park. Like any families, it was also a family gathering where almost the entire clan will turned out and it makes the gathering very warm and fun. It's almost three generations altogether there with my little princess the youngest one. I didn't really know my mom-in-law well as the first time I met her was in the hospital and sadly, she pass on then due to cancer. I just started dating my wife-to-be at that moment. I heard lots of beautiful stories of how nice her mom was as she almost never had a temper, even from my close friend who was my wife's cousin.

This is the first time it rained on our visits yearly and luckily the rain stopped when we reached there and what we had was a beautiful cooling weather. It was not as crowded as past years too.

A panoramic view of one part of the memorial park

One of the lotus pond there

Another view of the beautiful park, after the rain

Clean, peaceful and serene

I find this tree very captivating it was without much leaves 

Lighting up firecrackers

Yours truly with little princess with my kid 'photobomb'
  We also had our lunch there under the shades of the big umbrellas, where my sis-in-laws dished out some nice food like petai fried rice, dumplings and etc.

It's a nice gathering! ;)


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