Random Notes#6/2014

1. I was at Orchard Road to settle some work duties and once I reached there , I immediately felt the Xmas mood! Too bad I didn't have the time to get out of the building to walk around the street in order to check out the decor. However, the decor at Orchard Central and Orchard Gateway malls are attractive! I will check out the lights and decors at Orchard Road soon! 

 A decor at Orchard Central

Another one at Orchard Central too, which is besides Orchard Gateway
2. Somehow I felt a bit anxious about a potential vacation in a nearby country and kept asking my wifey if her sister has already booked it for us in JB, and I got an earful from my wifey... hahaha...  Too bad, she's in Singapore and I probably gotta wait for the weekend to confirm the trip. My SIL is a well-travelled lady and she's got a lot of 'lobangs' (contacts). If else, my plan B would be in Malaysia, probably go back to Ipoh and bring my parents to Cameron Highlands for a 3 day 2 nights stay or Pangkor Island. It's been a while since I have been there.

3. I have been  training for my 10km Standard Chartered Quarter-marathon lately after my weights workout. It will be held in 2 weeks time. My training is simple, I just continue to run 5KM as usual daily but may  increase slightly to 6km if possible. I will try to run in the morning from now onwards in order to get use to the morning marathon and that will be a challenge to me as I am not a morning person. Waking up at 6am or even 7am can be tough, thanks to my teleworking where I am not required to be in office all the time.

With all these trainings, I think there's no harm to reward myself with a Shokado Wazen Bento, which is my favourite and affordable bento at S$15.90. :) I think it's ok la...once in a blue moon ... :P

And, weekend is here with the school holidays! Have a good weekend!!


Getaway ....

It's almost year end already and this is the time where most of the folks will wind down by clearing leaves from work and started travelling for their vacation, whether near or far. I also planning to go somewhere but due to that I didn't plan earlier, I may have to pay more for my trip. I have also yet to decide on my vacation though I got some brochures back but at least, will go somewhere, whether it's local or nearby overseas. I don't mind going for a cruise again as I went for one last year but my family declines it, probably they find it to be boring. The kids would love to go for some theme parks and doesn't really care whether it's local like Legoland, Kidzania, Hello Kitty town and etc. As for me, if possible, I like to getaway to another country to see around.

Anyway, it's always good to take a longer break during this time to wind down from work, and going to places we never been to before can be very therapeutic and relaxing. Most of my colleagues already book their tours. Well, at least, it's some good rewards for ourselves after a year of work. Go ahead, folks, reward yourselves with a good vacation, whether its nearby or far.

Meanwhile, after a good workout tonight, I realised my favourite Japanese restaurant has a new menu. Thus, I tried something new tonight. I ordered a Shogayaki Shiro Bento, which consist of fried Dory fish, tempura, salmon sashimi, chawanmushi, miso soup and a bowl of rice. And, the servings was a lot !!

Fried Dory Fish and it's being kept warm by a mini electrical stove.


Salmon Sashimi

My favourite chawanmushi
I was really full especially the four pieces dory fish which can be a serving for two person. And, there goes my workout .... :P


lazy weekend .....

Well, I blogged about R.E.S.T in my previous post and I really did have a lot of 'R', which is rest over the rainy weekend. It was rain and rain over the past week and that makes us confined to home most of the time. And, when you are at home with nothing much to do, the slumber will usually creeps in. Not too bad as I complained about getting lack of sleep during the weekdays and moreover, I have a slight throat infections, thanks to a black pepper chicken chop I had on last thursday evening. It was a lazy weekend as we only go out for dinner after the rain stops. Anyway, thank God I managed to do a 5KM run on a beautiful Sunday evening after the rain.  It was cooling and the air was clean, unlike the previous week where it was hazy.

Well, we didn't go far for dinner and ended up with some Japanese food nearby.

Temaki for my wifey 

We shared a sake and kani maki 

My little princess' chawanmushi

And, my salmon shioyaki bento, with teriyaki chicken, edamane and agedashi tofu. 
My kid shared another salmon teriyaki bento with his sister while my wifey was contented with ordering sushis and temakis. I didn't take the rest of the pixs as they are finding me annoying already, taking pictures of their food...hahah...

Have a good restful week!


R.E.S.T ...

I was chatting with my Amway friend on the subject of well-being. He mentioned four factors to well-being and good health , which I later thought it can be summarised into this acronym - R.E.S.T.

R stands for rest. A good night and enough hours of sleep will definitely give our health a boost and prepared us ready for the following day. Lack of sleep will definitely affects our performance in work as well as recreation or sports. We will not have the energy to enjoy the activities as well as we also will be moody and easily irritated. A good rest and sleep will also boost our immune system.

E definitely is exercise. Consistent and regular exercise will strengthens our mind and body, besides improving our stamina, reduce our blood pressure and bad cholesterol. It also regulates our mood and help us to sleep well. Try to exercise 4-5 times a week!

S stands for supplementing yourself with a good nutritious supplements or vitamins, besides eating and  never missed meals. I am not doing any distributor tasks for Amway but I find that taking good nutritions really helps to boost our health and mood. There are all kinds of nutritions for different needs. For example, a B complex is good to alleviate stress. Protein powder is good for body building, Q10 is good for the heart and etc.

T is for attitude. A joyful and stress free attitude is very important to our general well-being. And, the above three factors helps. A good night sleep will give us a good mood for the day, exercise helps to create the feel-good feeling in us and good supplements coupled with a nice hearty meal will boost up our good mood. Being kind, nice, taking up challenges , stay positive, worried free and so on will lit up our day!!

That was a good sharing from my friend and I thought it's great to share it here. Meanwhile, I had my Sapporo Miso Ramen on a cold rainy night. It was so so ... nice!! Warm and delicious!! :)

Have a good mid-week!


Weekend updates ...

It was indeed a good weekend after a long week. Went to my kid's school fun fair on a Saturday morning and had a good time there where I had my breakfast and shopped for stuffs. I got myself a dri-fit sleeveless shirt which will be good for my running or badminton and some shirts for my kids. My wifey and my SIL also did some shopping over there. In fact, I was surprised by his school's effort in organising the fun fair as they seems to invite some good food hawkers to cook as well as car dealers, sports dealers, academic centres, lots of souvenirs stalls and even a feet analysis centre where I got my feet analysed. The  fun-fair also have groceries and some wet markets produce sold there, even bigger than a market or a pasar malam. I was really impressed! Some of the classes were used as temporary shops and it's almost occupied three storeys!

After that, I rested a while after lunch and had an hour of badminton with my kid before I went for my evening church. And, after dinner I spent my Saturday night glued to the tv as I have finally subscribed to the sports package and busy watching the English premier league in HD. :)

Sunday was a long day as it was my little princess kindy's concert. She was asked to perform the song  from Frozen, 'Let it go' with another girl who is one year her senior. I think she did quite well as she was very calm throughout the song though I can sense some nervousness in her but then, that's normal and furthermore, she's only 5. She performed another two group performance with her kindy mates later. Check out my facebook or the vids. :)

Meanwhile, I found a new steamboat outlet in Taman Molek and thought it's a good idea to give it a try. It's HK styled and there were some dim sum. I find that they are quite generous in giving out lots of seafood and ingredients and it cost only RM68 for 4 persons.

The set for 4 persons ... I almost sapu all the sotongs since my SIL and wifey are more health conscious than me!

Getting the pork bone soup ready!

Condiments to choose from ...

Here's the name of the steamboat outlet in Taman Molek ... I didn't note down the name but luckily I took this pix.

ready to eat ...

 It was very full as my two kids didn't eat a lot which left my SIL, wifey and myself to finish all the food. Quite worthwhile at RM68 and will certainly come back again.


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