Re Della Pasta ....

That was one typical Sunday evening where I didn't know where to bring my family for dinner after fetching my kid from school. Sometimes, it's rather difficult to make a choice when dining out and I also need to get the 'democratic' votes from everyone , on the choice of makan places they preferred...LOL.No dictatorship here else the kids won't eat!! Of course, when I am in Singapore alone, I can just settled for a simple meal like what you saw in my previous posts....

Seeing that we seldom dined at this place as well as we passed by it on the way home, we decided to try out the Italian restaurant, Rel Della Pasta. It was quite high class inside and the food was not affordable too. I thought of trying out the steak but I thought I leave it on a special day.

Garlic buns for appetiser

Chicken Aglio Olio for my boy

I had a Chicken Cordon Bleu

Fish and Chips to share between my wifey and little princess

And, a complimentary Apple vinegar for us
Overall, the food was good and the portion was big. My kids really enjoyed the food and it reminded us back during our last holiday in the Italian Cruise liner. I also like the service which was very pleasant. I will probably come here again during some special days, like birthdays. :)


24 hours tracker ....

 I broke my old watch after accidentally slammed it to the door where a part of the surface cracked and one of the pointers fall off. With that, a new smartwatch comes to mind but after checking out several models like Samsung Galaxy Gear, Pebbles, Sony Smartwatch 2 and so on, I find that it's unnecessary to have a watch to function like a phone where you always carry your phone around. Then, I thought of a sports watch and that's a good idea. Quite a tough choice to choose between so many brands but I finally settled with an affordable Polar Flow wrist band. It tracks my activities 24 hours and I was able to sync it via bluetooth to my phone for recording my progress or to my PC. And, I think it look great. It tracked how many steps I have walked, how long I have slept, how long I have been inactive by sitting, how much calories I have burned as well as I can see my progress in a diary form on my phone via a app or PC. Check out more details on their website.

Meanwhile, on a Friday evening before I headed back to JB, I had a simple beef bibimbap instead of bento. However, somehow I don't fancy Korean food that much and I don't find the bibimbap nice. It was a little spicy, hot and I gotta eat fast as the food were still burning under the hot bowl. I can't finish it as the left over are burned rice. LOL ... Somehow, the bowl looks good.

Beef Bibimbap
 Have a great week!


Mural paintings in Marine Parade Community Centre

I was at the Marine Parade community centre for my badminton session where I noticed these mural paintings on the walls surrounding the basketball court when I am taking a breather. I guess the paintings are new as I didn't noticed it during my last trip or game last time. It's nothing fancy compared to some others murals but somehow these paintings reflect very much the life of typical Singapore life especially in the heartlands.

The semi-open air basketball court at the centre with the three badminton courts inside. 

Lots of breeze there since it's near to the sea

Like the design over there though it's been around for many years
Have a good weekend, folks and errr .... no football over the weekend already. :(


Yong Tau Foo of Siglap....

Siglap is definitely the place to go for Yong Tau Foo in Singapore, similar to Ampang in KL. Well, my colleagues and I were nearby at east coast and we thought it's a good idea to have yong tau foo for lunch. After all, this is one famous stall, next to the Siglap Centre, besides the big monsoon longkang (drainage).

Assortment of ytf 

fish cakes, lady fingers ...

And noodles in mince meat gravy.
The noodles were a bit different from those of KL as they use the translucent type or known as 'chu mi fen' translated rough vermicelli and mixed with mince meat in thick gravy. It's unlike those in Malaysia where you can ordered the type of noodles you preferred in laksa or soup or 'dry' type.  

That's a great lunch!! :)


The grand finale....

As usual, Sunday was spent lazing around. Since this is the grand finale of the World Cup, I slept early yesterday to catch the 3rd and 4th placing match this morning at 4am and of course, will definitely be watching the final tomorrow morning at 2.45am. There will be performances by Shakira too! After this morning's match which finished at 6am, I took a nap and woke up at 9+am. Sent my kid to school two hours later and went to the mall with my wife and little princess to run our errands. Had our late lunch at nearby toastbox. 

Love their coffee ...very kao ! 

My favourite kaya toasts again, without butter.

And, my lunch , fried noodles with prawns in banana leaf. Not bad... very nice!

Meanwhile, when at Aeon, there was a durian stall which I went nearby and the durian uncle quickly gave me a sample of a musang king to try. It taste good as he was packing the durians in a container. I got a pack, just fresh out from the durians.

At RM35 for a pack or rather one durian of musang king variety, I think it's worth lah... after all,  I witnessed the packing though I am not sure if it's really musang king or not...lol
Feeling sad the World Cup is ending tonight and life will be back to normal ...sigh... What a great month of exciting football and late nights. Will look forward English Premier League in August.


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