Random Notes#5/2014

1. My kid was here in Singapore as he followed his aunt over to stay for a few days. I decided to bring him out shopping yesterday since it was a holiday in Deepavali. It was a nice time spending alone with my kid as all along, we went out in a family together with my wifey and little princess. He had a great time too as there was no restriction for him to buy what he likes. Well, usually the dad is always more generous than the mom...hahaha... I like this precious moment. Brought him for a nice Japanese meal too at Ramen Play , but I didn't take the pixs of the food. Probably, too hungry already during dinner after jalan-jalan the whole day.

2. I have been training for my quarter-marathon but not much progress except a 6KM run on Tuesday and a 4KM run on Sunday. As for the rest of the days, I only ran 3KM on Monday and Thursday which is also due to the air-cond breakdown in my local gym. It was stuffy and I can hardly breathe. Thus, I did a short run after my physical workout.

3. It seems a good week for me as my company converted me position to a permanent one, where I do not need to keep signing contract every 2 or 3 years. It's not easy to get a permanent position nowadays and thank God, I managed to get it. Had a small ceremony where I received my letter from my CEO last Tuesday.

4. I will be doing a a 5KM walk later at 8am for charity, which was organised by my company. This is a yearly event where the company will donate based on the kilometres we have walked where the max is 5KM. I will be enjoying the early nice morning walk in the heart of Singapore, where everybody will be rushing for work.

5. I have finally got a new router (if you referred to my previous post) which runs on the ac standard and supports 5Ghz band.  I managed to get a blazing speed of 100mbs but somehow the signal was not very strong when I am in my room. The signal strength is a bit erratic, somehow. This is considered the cheapest ac router in market from TP-LINK where I got the TP750 model. I may have to pay S$50-S$100 more for better ones. This one costs me S$93.

6. Meanwhile, enjoy a set of my usual bento called Shokaido Wazen after my workout tonight, which consists of tempura, chawanmushi, salmon sashimi, teriyaki chicken and miso soup.

Have a good weekend, folks!



I have been training for the 10KM run lately, either on treadmills and on the roads but mainly on treadmills. I guess I will likely run for 4-5KM initially and then, repeatedly walk and run for the other 5KM while enjoying the sceneries and taking pictures... LOL. However, I noticed one of my legs always felt numb especially the feet and lower calf when I have ran for 30 mins. I was wondering could it due to the knee bands I was wearing which might be too tight. Well,need to do some research. Lina and other runners' blogger - Any advice? :)

I had lots of western food lately where I had one in Hard Rock just few days ago and another one at Swensen. I ordered a Sirloin Steak again which comes with a drink. Their steak is not bad though not the best, but it's good enough for lunch.

A medium well sirloin steak

My colleague have a chilli crab pasta , looks appetising and fragrance!

And, a chicken wing small set to share.


opps ... I signed up !

Oh ...I was back in Hard Rock cafe last Thursday for their set lunch in Resort World Sentosa. I always like their lunch set as it came with a nice soup, free-flow drinks, a Haagen Dazz ice-cream as well as the main course, which they have 2 or  3 choices for you to choose. And, my colleague and I were being served by a pretty lass. They always have gorgeous waitresses there.

I chose a vegetable soup over some green leafs salad for appetiser

Free-flow of drinks ... I had Ice lemon tea

My main course - Fish and Chips

And a delicious raspberry ice-cream from Haagen-Dazz
At the same time, I surprise everyone as well as myself for signing for the Standard Chartered Marathon in Singapore, which is to be held in Dec 7. And, great that two of my colleagues joined me but then, one of them is doing the full 42km marathon while my other colleague and I will be doing the mini marathon of 10KM...hehehe... Anyway, don't laugh yet as I usually can run only 5KM, thus, doing double of my 'limit' can considered a feat la... I will try to run 6KM in my trainings. :) It's considered a challenge for me though I always exercise but running long distance is another story.


Need more speed.....

Well, I upgraded my broadband last Monday and was real busy for the past few evenings, after my workouts. I almost slept at 1am+ every night. I seldom upgrade my broadband package and only did a re-contract each time with cheaper rates. However, at a slow speed of 25mbs and with so many packages out there where some even reaches 1Gbs, I decided to upgrade but still, to the cheapest plan that I can find. It's 100mbs only where compared to my 'speed hungry' friends, its considered quite modest. Anyway, with the new modem cum router device from Starhub, I was only able to hit 10-20mbs on wifi though I managed to get 100mbs by connecting with my notebook via a LAN cable. Thus, I got busy researching on how to improve the speed by checking on the forums and discussing with my friends. I decided to use my three year old router by bypassing the router function in the new device and it seems better, I got 40-50mbs. My old router can support up to 300mbs but still it cannot reached 100mbs. Thus, I learned some tips on fine tuning the speed of the router by downloading an app to analyse the busy channels that my router was running on and then I chose a less crowded channel. It slightly improved the speed but still not good enough. Thus, I guess the best option is to get a new speedier router but before I did that, my kind colleague decided to lend me his 1 year old spare router to try it out. I can buy from him at a half price if its works fine.

Meanwhile, after a long workout tonight, I decided to have a warm Sapporo Miso Tonkotsu Ramen.It's been a while since I had it and it's so nice to eat it again.

Have a good weekend, folks!!


Simple food for someone who lost a tooth ....

Finally I can eat with the other side of my mouth where the extraction took place last Saturday, though I tried to be careful and grind the food slowly. Thanks for all the well wishes in my previous post as well as sharing your stories on toothaches and fear of dentists. Its indeed therapeutic ! In fact, I noticed I have lost 1.5kg in three days, probably due to the light diet like porridge as well as simple diet like the below. My family and  I was at Teck Sing Restaurant in JB which is famous for their herbal chicken or known locally as 'paper wrap chicken' with the locals. The chicken meat was soft since it was steamed with herbs and it really absorbed all the fragrances of the herbs, which makes it very delicious. This is a must ordered dish whenever we are there. I was also interested in their curry fish head which a lot of folks ordered but I guess I have to leave that for the next trip.

This restaurant has been in JB for a very long time and also very popular with Singaporeans, as it was just a short drive from the Woodlands CIQ, at Taman Sentosa. It's very difficult to find a parking there too!

The herbal or paper wrap chicken

Other than the chicken, we ordered mostly simple and soft food like the below. It's also good for the children to have something easily digestible.

Long beans cooked with meat

I love their bean sprout...yummy

And this is especially for me - Japanese tofu with mushrooms.
My appetite is back but hope I can maintained the weight that I have lost! LOL...


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