My favourite 'ex-dinner' ...

It's been a busy week and I am glad it's weekend, finally. This will be a short post where I re-visited this delicious chicken soup ramen at Crystal Jade La Mian in Bugis Junction.  It seems many years since I last had my favourite dinner (before I started on my bento and Japanese ramens) where there was a branch near my place then. It closed down and I seldom frequent the restaurant at other places , till I was at Bugis Junction with my family, who were here for a day trip.

It came with a chicken soup which I love it very much. Tasted like those chicken essence but its lighter and it came with a plain ramen. This used to be my favourite dinner many years ago!! It's nice to have it again after a long time!

Chicken soup

Plain Ramen
Oh yeah, I also ordered a Xiao Long Bao to share with my wifey and kid. I didn't took their food pixs but it was nice enough to have dinner with them in SG before going back to JB together. Had a great time shopping around !!

Xiao Long Bao
Have a good weekend!! :)


My new weekend pastimes....

Time seems pass so fast especially weekends. I remember last Friday I had a conference and reached home quite early but then, suddenly I found myself leaving for Singapore on Sunday for another working week. Anyway, my weekends nowadays are usually busy with my kids' activities. Before the new weekend started,  I used to drove around to nearby towns or farther away to shopping malls like JPO and etc. However, with the new weekend, we seems to adjust it by enrolling my kids for activities like sports. Thus, it's more of fetching them around as well as going to church together. 

I also have my own personal time on Saturday night for footballs where the kids and my wife have to sleep early for Sunday school. I also managed to catch some time for a short run on Sunday evening before fetching my kid back from his sports' classes. 

And yet, we still have time to enjoy our favourite dinner. It seems a long one week that we never had Japanese food and glad we managed to get some last weekend.

I ordered an Udon Sushi set. It's just nice to keep me full.

My wife had a sushi set which she shared with us.

An Ebiko sushi for my kids

A cooked salmon sushi ordered by my son where he also had a teriyaki salmon set which he shared with his sister and doesn't allowed me to take pix. LOL
I may consider taking leave one of these weeks, likely on Monday to spend more time with my family. Anyway, glad the school holidays is one month away. :)


It's the passion ....

After reading SK's blog, I feel tempted to write a post on how I started long distance running which eventually leads me to training for a half-marathon. Well, there's still two months left for the Singapore Sundown and I can say I am not ready yet as the longest I ran so far is 11KM. I needed to run at least 15KM to feel confidence.  And, I didn't train last week except for some short distance runs in 5-6KM on the treadmill as I was down with a diarrhoea which makes me tired. I have recovered now and might do two 10-11KM runs this week. I wanted to gradually increase the mileage, maybe 12KM the following week.

Back to original intent of writing this post. I used to run 2KM every time I went to the gym for workouts for years. However, after getting my Polar Loop steps tracker mid last year, I started to run more,where I went for 5KM. The reason behind it was I wanted to achieve the daily physical goal set by the tracker app. And, only by running at least 5KM can help me to achieve it.

Then, I saw some of my colleagues also started running and with the standard chartered marathon around then, we decided to sign up for the 10KM run. And, its history after that. Anyway, recently, most of my colleagues' interest has fizzles out and they do not intend to spend money to run, citing that we are paying in order to get the goodie bag and medal. That can be true in terms of economical sense but in my opinion, if you like a certain sports, definitely you have to invest some money into it. Even in badminton, I bought rackets, shuttlecocks and book courts and don't mentioned how much folks spent in golf or bowling. Thus, I guess I have to run alone which can be de-motivating too. Well, I will see how it goes, hopefully can find more running kakis. Lets focus on my HM first now. hahaha..

Oh... over the weekend, I can't resist a char kway teow though it contains high calories..hahaa. Ok la..once a while is all right.

Have a blissful week and try to achieve 10,000 steps a day. :)


Online music ....

This is the first time I bought songs from iTunes store to keep me company while running. Well, with most of the CD shops closing down over the last few years, except Popular, I think I needed to get my favourite music online. I did buy some before but not via iTunes. Another reason I buy online is I don't have to keep the CD and just keep the softcopy. While searching for songs, I was glad I found some 12" 80s remix numbers and these are original singers. Well, during the mid-80s when I was still a young teen, I was amazed with how they remix the popular songs into lengthy ones with lots of techno effects. Even HK cantonese pop songs also did that. I still remembers George Lam 10 mins 12" remix.

Anyway, too bad the music I bought was not of high quality which I thought it is, since it's from iTunes. Though it AAC format, it's kinda like a mid-quality MP3 format. Ok la... still bearable but it will be great if I can get those lossless formats.

Oh.. I just had a workout tonight and glad that I ordered my favourite Salmon bento. It came with a few chunks of fried chicken, teriyaki salmon, agedashi tofu and a salad. Quite filling. :)

My favourite salmon bento
Have a good weekend !!


Todak Seafood Restaurant, Teluk Jawa, Masai.....

This will be a purely food post. My sis-in-law brought me to this seafood restaurant which was located at the beach of the Straits of Johor, where a clear view of Senoko and Sembawang in Singapore can be seen. It was a refreshing place to be after all those shoplots restaurants; it's nice to dine by the beach.

I love the natural and beautiful views over there and though this place has been around for ages, it seems this is the first time I been there, if I didn't remember wrongly. Ooohh... I need gingko biloba to improve my memory ... LOL

Walking along the wooden bridge to the restaurant

A view of the sea

Love the serene and calm evening

I thought I was at a fishing village... the sight was refreshing there

That's Singapore with the Sembawang Shipyard 

Crowded at 7pm
The food was halal here and since it's seafood, the menu is basically quite straight to the point. It's fish, crabs, prawns, clams...etc. Anyway, since there are only 3 adults and 2 kids, we didn't order the good food but some simple dishes to go along. After all, the my sis in law and my wifey are health conscious, so no cholesterol laden food. :(

The pixs were not well taken as the place was lit with pink neon lights and I tried my best to edit it.

The best of all - lala or crams. 

"Fan Shu Yip" ... vegetables to go along

Their crispy signature tofu

Tilapia ... the meat was very fresh and smooth. I love this one!

Their signature mee goreng.... somehow it's too spicy for me and we take away this one.

Took the kids for a stroll around and saw lots of clams here
Basically, with GST, this comes around RM120+, which I think it's quite affordable. It's a nice evening there. :)


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