Looking for music ...

I really missed those days where there were lots of music shops around selling various media like CDs and in the older days, cassettes. I especially missed the 90s and the 2000s where you can find lots of CD shops around. In fact, most of my CDs inside my room were bought during those times. When the mp3 players came aboard, I just convert them into that format and bring my devices around to listen. Lately, I got myself a Jabra bluetooth headset and I started listening to the latest songs too, thanks to the new radio channel in SG, Kiss92. I started to look for mp3 songs to buy over the internet but to my surprise, it's not easy to find. I am not an iOS user, thus I don't have a proper iPhone or iPad to download from iTunes. My apple devices were 'confiscated' by my kids and wifey...hhaha... Google music is not available for purchasing of mp3 songs yet in Malaysia and Singapore. Luckily, I manage to get my Kitaro's music fix via his record company.

I had to resort to listening over streaming sites like Spotify and radio channels, as well as some CDs I got from JB where I converted to MP3 in my local device. And, I am not that brave to download free mp3 from some apps for fear it may contains hidden viruses. Well, maybe I should subscribe to Spotify for now which allows offline listening for premium users. Spotify has a really good collection of songs from regional and international. It cost S$9.99 month for the premium member subscription else we can listen for free in a lower quality stream.

Meanwhile, thanks to SK again, I had a bowl of Shio Ramen, in tonkotsu broth. It was really great and I may go back and have another bowl again. 

Shio Tonkotsu Ramen 


Random Notes#4/2014

1. I have had a good weekend though Saturday was my kid's replacement class. It was my wifey birthday last Saturday and we had a simple dinner at nearby Moonlight cafe, after fetching him from school. I didn't really took the pictures of the food we had as I was busy choosing a cake for her. We celebrated her birthday at home at her request as she felt embarrassed to celebrate over at the restaurant.

2. I have been busy looking for a badminton coach for my kid. As someone who loves the game but deprived of proper coaching, I really hope to see him learn the basics well. It's also good for him to involved in a sports which will makes him stronger physically and mentally. I am a firm believer of physical workout which will benefits one's health and toughen up. Initially I had a hard time coaxing him to take up the sport but finally he is very interested in it now , thanks to his school which had badminton activities weekly. 

3. I woke up early again this Sunday morning at 6.30am to respond to a call for ushers in my church. I slept at 1am and during the service, I almost fall asleep. Luckily, I managed to hold on till my duties completed before the sermon started. hahaha... Anyway, glad I helped out as when I reached there half an hour early, the assistant Pastor was alone doing the ushering duty ! Poor Pastor, he ought to do something more important than this. 

4. Ran for 4km this evening and I have clocked almost 50km+ of running in the month of September. I guess this is a first for me in my life , though I didn't run above 5.5km each time. I felt good about it and beginning to think of a mini or half marathon. However, after reaching 5KM when running, somehow I began to feel tired and I wonder if I can last a half-marathon. hahaha... Maybe I need more training and as well as rest. Lina - Any comments?

5. I finally dine at i-Canton in JB City Square after  the place has opened for so long. It was not cheap but the food was really great. We had something simple only in wanton noodles and porridge instead of those extravagant food like abalone and etc. 

Dry Wanton noodles - It's really nice and the wanton are big with lots of meat. I love these type of wanton noodles.

The soupy one ...for my kid. Delicious too!

Siew mai ... didn't ordered too many dim sum besides this was har gau. It's big and juicy.

Some cute pig buns which contains lotus paste inside for my kids. 


100 Doraemon Expo

Yo folks... I guess my last two posts have been quite 'heavy' where I wrote on psychology and religious subjects ... and since weekend is around the corner with one more day to Friday, I decided to post something easy and simple. I was at the 100 Doraemon expo last Friday at the request of my kids. OK, I shall write less and let the photos do the talking .... 

A cute naughty Doraemon with tongue let out...

Up and below. Lots of Doraemons where each one have its own story to tell, probably it's feature in the comics.

I like this one ...cute!

Family portrait!

Another cute one with th flying propeller at the top.

I like this one too.

This one tells the story of how it sheds its yellow colour with a pair of ears to one without ears and the modern blue.

A small garden ....

The marriage .... 

Dunno what this cannon is featured in the comics since I am not really a fan but it looks cool.

I love this pix...looks very 3D.

This one also looks 3D to me... the street in the comics.

In the 'class'

Got chopped on the hand as a day pass.
The tickets are not cheap though for a small exhibition like this. They charged Adults for RM25 and kids for RM12. :)


Learning points and my favourite dinner ....

I thoroughly enjoyed a sermon by my Pastor on an early Sunday morning last week. In fact, the Pastor just came back from his trip and last Sunday's sermon was his first after the trip. He was not around in the main service, which was on last Saturday.

In a nutshell, the Pastor was preaching about internal and external factors that hinders us from Christianity. Though this is a religious subject, I believe we can applied in our daily life on other aspects. The external factors are -

1.Spending too much time on electronic devices on apps like facebook and games. 

2. Watching too many movies and dramas till we don't sleep and get enough rest.

3. Focusing too much attention on hobbies and recreations till we pay lesser attention on God's word. 

Anyway, it doesn't mean we shouldn't have a hobby or entertainment to de-stress but do it moderately , else it  may become even more stressful. My Pastor's point is these hindrances will affect our Christian life and spending less time on God's word. It also applies to daily life where we ignored other more priority tasks.

Internal factors -
1. Sins of unforgiveness. 
2. Sins of the flesh and lust like watching pornography, involved in extra-marital relationships and etc.
3. Sins of anxieties, instead we should cast our anxieties on God and knows He cares.

These internal factors definitely weakens us as well as giving us and our close ones more stress and problems.I thought I learnt something from the sermon though it's common sense and  hope these sharings benefits you too!

Meanwhile,  I always love having a nice good dinner in JB before I go back to SG, especially dining at the Pekin restaurant near Taman Sentosa.

Herbal chicken - famous dish in Pekin restaurant. The chicken really absorbed the fragrance of  the herbs !

Assortment of vegetables in teriyaki sauce

Asparagus - my favourite !

Pork ribs in sweet sauce ....yummy!


Fear attracts fear ....

I actually thought about this subject while I was running in a gym last week. In fact, it was something I read 20 years ago in a book called 'Being Happy' by Andrew Matthews. Well, that's one bad thing about running alone, you will think a lot of stuffs compare to yoga , games and meditation. Coming back to my topic, do you realised when you are fearful of something, the more you exaggerated that fear and when that happens, the more fear you built up in your mind? For example, you have a fear of flying. When someone try to talk you out of that fear, another related fear will comes to your mind. Our mind is very efficient and when you believe in something, that something really makes it 'real' to you.  For example, you friend tried to assures you that planes are the safest vehicle in the world with all the thorough checks. Then, you may start to think what happened if the technicians lapsed in their duties and forgot to check this and that ? The list of fears will go on and on. I called this 'fortune telling' , where the fearful one will anticipated all sorts of fearful events that may unlikely to happen.

I guess the remedy to this is try to challenge this negative thought. For example , just keep telling yourself the plane is very safe and the organisation is very effective and organised since it is such a big corporation where lapses are almost zero, with so many experts maintaining a plane. Keep repeating this alternative thoughts or better still, write it down. (Btw, I am not flying to anywhere for vacation yet if you thought of asking me... Lol) This applies to all fearful situations like public speaking, driving and so on. Just tell yourself to speak slowly and everybody makes mistakes, so it's ok to make.

I have been watching an idol singing shows lately in 'The voice of China'. I thought some singers sang very well until the mentor pointed out their flaws. Thus, for the majority of us, we do not realised or spotted any flaws the singer had made, but only the professionals. So, most of the time, even if we are giving a speech, only the folks who know the subject very well will spot your mistakes and thats a small percentage. :) It's ok to make mistakes , after we are just humans.

Meanwhile, I did some shopping at IKEA SG at their Tampines branch and finally got to eat the salmon set again. I love this set, it's very healthy, delicious and filling.

It's a long post and I wished you a good week. :)


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