Of disruptive trainings and kampua noodles...

The haze seems playing hide and seek with us. There were days when it was so bad that I gotta do my runs in the gym, which was packed with people. The treadmills were all full house and I gotta wait for my turn in order to be able to run. And, I dislike running  too long on a treadmill as I usually ends by 5 KM. It's too boring already though I can do some pace runs like 4 * 400 meters in a fast pace. However, I usually just do a 5KM run after a strength workout and leave for home. Then, on a nice day where the haze decided to take an 'off-day', I will try to take the opportunity to run outdoors.

Anyway, this episode of haze has somewhat affected my humble training for my half-marathon scheduled in early Dec for the Standard Chartered run. Hopefully, the situation will improve as days goes by... It got better today and yesterday and I managed to do some outdoor runs. I really enjoyed the fresh air , especially after the rain in the evening and had my wish come true yesterday night. A treadmill run is still not as enjoyable and good as an outdoor run.

Last Sunday, I patronized the newly open branch of Let's Eat restaurant at Taman Johor Jaya. The menu is basically the same as their Taman Molek branch but they included a few items here. There was some nyonya kuihs as well as kampua noodles. I heard a lot of this noodle and glad to see it on a menu. Thus, I ordered it. I am not sure how the good ones tasted like but I do love the texture and springiness  of the noodles. It was nice and great to have some wantons there too!

Kampua Noodles with fried wantan

Some nyonya kuihs

Ice tea
Let's hope for clearer days .... haze ..please go away!


The good but not so old days....

While I was multitasking between reading and replying several whatapps messages as well as clearing my emails, a thought of the past came to my mind. I was also short on time as I needed to rush back to JB in order to beat the jam, which usually starts from 6pm to 9pm. It was hectic! The thought that dawn on me was back in the 90s during my late teenage years where I was working for small computer company before I got into the varsity. Life was pretty simple then! There were 4-5 of us working and I am a technician. Well, I can said that it was my first job in life! I love the job as I get to learn about PCs including assembling it. No problems if I broke a part, as the lady boss can always replaced it with her distributors. We take turns to manage the simple admin tasks of the company especially phone calls. There were no emails, no mobile phones as well as pagers, though these two type of devices already available in the market but my lady boss didn't want to use it. Mobile phones are huge and probably using the PCN network then. Whenever, there was a call, she will instructed us to take down the name of the caller, number and message onto an open worn out diary. If it's urgent, put a note there. She will read it when she was back to the office. And, we leave office sharp at 5.30pm and get to reached home smoothly without any traffic congestion in my small bike to catch the 7pm HK TVB serial. 

Fast forward to now ... need I say more...hahaha... Anyway, with more stress in life, there was also improved healthcare to cater to stress-related diseases including mental health to 'balanced' the quality of life, not to mentioned there are more health related programs, resources and activities.  However, I don't think we want to get sick, right? 

How I miss the good old days .... ! Perhaps I should pay a visit to my first company when I am back to Ipoh in year-end or early next year..hahaha... Ok, I patronised Nijumaru Japanese restaurant near Sutera Mall in JB. I let the pics do the talking.

One of the most beautiful sake sushi I ever seen...!

My favourite Sake maki!

As usual, my kids would love a salmon bento.

I ordered a Sushi Udon set which came with an assortment of sushi

And the plain but delicious and healthy Udon set

as well as a chawanmushi which I pass it to my little princess.
I didn't take all the pixs but I always never fail to compliment the fresh Japanese food there. No wonder, we needed to reserve a table there else it will be a long wait!

Have a good week!


Silence is golden....

I think I have learned a lesson while on leave but I still never learnt....hahaha... Well, due to availability of data network, I always tend to reply to whatapps message sent by my boss or colleagues. And, some of these messages are not work related as we do have special interest groups like running or badminton. Thus, when I was on leave, I tend to reply to these groups and then, one of the members will PM me to ask me about something related to work since he/she knew I am 'contactable' , though he/she will apologised first for interrupting.  Well, it don't happened all the time but I guess I should have kept myself  quiet and enjoy my leaves instead of 'kay poh' here and there!

Oh..while coming back from Desaru , I patronise this famous Hakka restaurant famous for its bittergourd soup near Senai airport for a simple lunch. It was on TV before, in the food program hosted by Ah Xian on Malaysia's 8TV as well as Asian Food Channel on cable.

Bittergourd soup - lotds of bittergourd and the soup is refreshing

A simple vegetable

Claypot tofu
Well, time to stay 'silent' next time.... :)


Short Getaway to Pulai Desaru Resort ....

It was a holiday last Thursday and I decided to take a day off on Friday for a short getaway to Desaru. It's been a long while since I have been to Desaru with the last trip back in 2010. Prior to that, I always drove there frequently for a day trip and always stopped by places in Pulai Desaru Resort as well as Sg.Renggit for its seafood, and not forgetting Sebana Cove. Since it's been a while I have been there, I thought of staying a night at Pulai Desaru Resort as I love this place, where I find it to be one of the best resort around that area. However, time seems have taken a toll on this resort as its no longer that 'great'. The rooms are not well-maintained as it is a little dirty especially the bathroom, though I like the spacious room.

The drive to Desaru from Senai via the Senai-Desaru highway has cut down a lot of travelling time compared to the old route from Kota Tinggi. It only took around 45 minutes to reach there on an almost empty highway. After reaching there, I was surprise to see so many shophouses at Bandar Penawar, including a KFC. These were not there back in 2010.

One good thing over at Desaru on that day is we managed to escape the thick haze in JB and SG. Over at the east of Johor, the skies was bright and blue though it became slightly hazy in the evening. I let the pixs do the talking.

Blue skies greeted us at the resort

I got the Superior twin bed room at Rm340, including two breakfast

Spacious room with tiles, but a little dirty at the balcony and bathroom. 

The sofas where I can enjoy my complimentary coffee but too bad, no wifi there. Wifi only available in the lobby area.

The bathroom.

Set of complimentary toiletries, my wife love it!

Sadly , the water tap is malfunction for the bathtub. :(

A fine view from the balcony. They should have added a new coat of paint to the blocks, though I love the greenery.

My kids having a good time at the pool, and this is what they want ! We spent most of the time at the pool.

The beautiful South China Sea and I must feedback that the beach is not as clean as in the past. It's difficult getting down to the beach as some sort of a 'sand dune' was built up there which makes it slightly steep to get down to the sandy beach. 

My precious ones...

The sea is still as beautiful like in the past

A view of the beach

The haze was clear up the next day

Heading for breakfast!

Quite a nice restaurant but the food is average only. Not much selection for I think for RM30 per person, its allright with me.

Waiting for my omelette

A view of the hotel from 'inside'

My little princess enjoyed another dip before heading back to JB soon

The 'beach' like pool
The stay is not as pleasant as before though I still love the environment there. Hope they will improve the resort by giving a new coat of paint to the blocks, make the beach and rooms cleaner as well as introduce more activities there. It's so quiet at night time, compared to the Lotus Desaru resort next door.

Have a good week!


The spirit returns ?

The 7th month is over and Halloween not here yet but that doesn't stop me from telling an eerie story in this post. :) Well, my wifey's aunt had passed away recently in Ipoh and my sis in law decided to go to Ipoh to accompany her cousin sister, who went back to Ipoh to pay her last respect to her mom. Everything goes on smoothly in the funeral and wake. Though everything settled down where the funeral is over, my sis in law decided to accompany her cousin sister till the 7th day, where Chinese believe the soul of the dead one will return for a short time to see their loved ones for the last time.

On that night itself, my sis in law recounted suddenly there's was a cold wind blew in the house and then, the deceased's grandson, who was a teen, was saying he smelt something smelly and seems like the smell of his grandma. Everyone in the house also smelt it, which seems like the body odour of their late mom. They felt the presence of her. Anyway, they felt horrified and one of them decided to offer joss-sticks to her mom and asked her mom not to 'scare' them. After that, everything went back to normal.

Well, I also remember one of my friends, who's a Catholic, show us pictures of footprints in flour, of his late dad in the morning after the 7th day. hahaha... So, what do you think ? Do you believe the dead ones will returns on the seven day after their pass over?

OK, let's relax now and calm your nerves. I patronise Uncle Jang in JB and this is the first time I tried it. It was nice though not really my favourite , but it's allright.

Bulgogi Pork ... really to be cooked

Half-way there before the ramen added in .. We were served by their staff who cooked for us.

And, here you are ... ready to eat!

Egg Pancake

Marinated chicken .... it's sweet like teriyaki chicken. I forgot the name of the dish in Korean.

Another pancake
Have a nice holiday tomorrow! :)