A trip to Sentosa ....

Well, after almost more than half a day spent at the zoo, we brought the kids to Sentosa which is one of Singapore's 'expensive' getaway from the daily routine and bustling city life. My kids never been to Sentosa and since their cousin bro drove and not working, its a good opportunity for them to finally visit this place. Although I frequent the Genting Resort World for lunch (only lunch ah...nothing else....no casino...no gambling!) , it's really been a while since I stepped into the other parts of the island. And, I was astonished to see how much changes there!! Anyway, the only thing that was not changed was the bikini girls which are still there, either at the beach or private pools. :P
The Merlion Tower still standing proudly there. Well, I guess this attraction cannot be removed. Somehow, I find it not as tall as before or is it I grew taller ?
 My kids and I took the Skytower ride , which cost me S$30 for 1 adult and two kids. The ride was just another one of those typical sight-seeing cylinder shape which slowly ascended to the top. Anyway, we have a good view of Sentosa as well as nearby areas of Singapore.

The busting Singapore sea-liners .... Notice there was a water show display on top.

A view of Universal Studio  and the Sentosa Island , as well as nearby places in SG.

My kids having some fun time ...
 After the Skytower ride, my kid wanted to try the Skyride and luge, where you slowly slide down in a small vehicle like a go-cart but of course, its children friendly and no motor. LOL.... After the trip down the slope, they will take a trip back by just seated on an open-air chair, about 20m high, to lift them back to their starting point. I backed out of the skyride and decided to let my wifey and sis in law to accompany them. :P Since it's an hour wait, I decided to have a short walk along the jungle trails.

Nice walk and so peaceful!
And, after I finished my walk ,I went to nearby Starbucks to order a Cinnamon dessert and an ice-blended dark mocha and enjoyed looking at the pretty ladies scenery around.

It was a tiring day but it was a fun day for my kids!


A day at the zoo...

To be exact, it's half a day at River Safari in Singapore's Zoo. Well, I got a corporate pass for four person for which entitled us to free entry to the River Safari, one of the three parks at Singapore Zoo. Mostly, of course, it feature river animals from almost the whole world such as Mekong river, Yangtze River, Amazon river and etc. It's quite a pleasant day as it rains earlier and that cools down the afternoon. However, we are in the shades all the time due to the aquarium type of viewing. The park was not as big as the main zoo thus it's not as tiring to finish the entire exhibit. And, most importantly,we are there to check out the pandas, kai kai and jia jia.

The place was serene with the mandai lake nearby 

Of Piranhas and Stingray ....  as one of the exhibits

Different types of alligators from different rivers

I love this pix ... 

The big fishes from the Amazon river ....  and that was a huge cat fish

And, here you are .... the main attractions of the safari, Kai Kai and Jia Jia in a comfortable air-conditioned enclosure. There were really a crowd there checking them out!  There were even zoo personnels guarding over them. Look how precious they are!

Squirrel monkeys ... these fellas are so tiny, no wonder they are called squirrel monkeys

A bridge to cross over to the other half of the park ... what a calm and relaxing view

And, not forgetting the best KFC in town. I alway find the zoo offered the best KFC compared to other outlets. Quite strange or is it because we are starving after a long walk ?

Golden crispy chickens for our hungry stomachs
Have a good week!


Skyscrapers along beach road ....

I was walking along Beach Road in Singapore and these skyscrapers caught my eyes, The Gateway and Suntec City in Singapore. Of course, these buildings have been around for ages and I have seen them almost week-in and week-out but somehow, it gave me a striking strong impression on that day. I was marveling at the architecture of these buildings especially so, I was standing at the middle of Beach Road waiting to cross the juncture. The sky was also clear and that really gave me a good nice view. 
The Gateway

Suntec City
By the way, I have been exercising and working out non-stop since last Sunday. It was great as I covered 14km from Sunday till Thursday as well as work with weights for two evenings. I also had badminton yesterday. Now, my body really ached and tired....hahaha ... I especially welcome the short break during this long weekend. And yeah, since most of the eateries are closed after 9.30pm, I gotta settled for my favourite Aglio Olio tonight.

Have a good weekend and enjoy your holidays. To my Muslims readers, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!! :)


Re Della Pasta ....

That was one typical Sunday evening where I didn't know where to bring my family for dinner after fetching my kid from school. Sometimes, it's rather difficult to make a choice when dining out and I also need to get the 'democratic' votes from everyone , on the choice of makan places they preferred...LOL.No dictatorship here else the kids won't eat!! Of course, when I am in Singapore alone, I can just settled for a simple meal like what you saw in my previous posts....

Seeing that we seldom dined at this place as well as we passed by it on the way home, we decided to try out the Italian restaurant, Rel Della Pasta. It was quite high class inside and the food was not affordable too. I thought of trying out the steak but I thought I leave it on a special day.

Garlic buns for appetiser

Chicken Aglio Olio for my boy

I had a Chicken Cordon Bleu

Fish and Chips to share between my wifey and little princess

And, a complimentary Apple vinegar for us
Overall, the food was good and the portion was big. My kids really enjoyed the food and it reminded us back during our last holiday in the Italian Cruise liner. I also like the service which was very pleasant. I will probably come here again during some special days, like birthdays. :)


24 hours tracker ....

 I broke my old watch after accidentally slammed it to the door where a part of the surface cracked and one of the pointers fall off. With that, a new smartwatch comes to mind but after checking out several models like Samsung Galaxy Gear, Pebbles, Sony Smartwatch 2 and so on, I find that it's unnecessary to have a watch to function like a phone where you always carry your phone around. Then, I thought of a sports watch and that's a good idea. Quite a tough choice to choose between so many brands but I finally settled with an affordable Polar Flow wrist band. It tracks my activities 24 hours and I was able to sync it via bluetooth to my phone for recording my progress or to my PC. And, I think it look great. It tracked how many steps I have walked, how long I have slept, how long I have been inactive by sitting, how much calories I have burned as well as I can see my progress in a diary form on my phone via a app or PC. Check out more details on their website.

Meanwhile, on a Friday evening before I headed back to JB, I had a simple beef bibimbap instead of bento. However, somehow I don't fancy Korean food that much and I don't find the bibimbap nice. It was a little spicy, hot and I gotta eat fast as the food were still burning under the hot bowl. I can't finish it as the left over are burned rice. LOL ... Somehow, the bowl looks good.

Beef Bibimbap
 Have a great week!


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