Sundown Marathon Race pack collection....

The race pack collection for the Sundown Marathon was last weekend at Suntec City Convention Hall , level 4 and I was one of the early birds. I was there 30 minutes later after the opening. Very kiasu hor ? Well, not really la, I just finished an early presentation at 10.30am and since I needed to attend my colleague's farewell lunch at 12pm, as well as needed to go back to JB in the evening, I decided to chop chop collect the stuffs.

It was nice to be there early, there was little crowd and I need not to queue, compared to the late evening and Sat and Sun. I can also enjoy the exhibits where I purchase a headband at a discount rate. You know, whenever I ran, I needed to wipe my face and forehead every 15 mins after 30 mins of run. So, I thought no harm trying out the headband which works to help divert my sweat to the left and right.

Empty and no queue at all :D

Booths at Sundown ... the promoters also seems free

woah... check out the gorgeous ladies around ... hahah...  Not really la.. I enjoyed checking the running apparels which is difficult to find at malls.

Lots of stuffs sold here ... from Shoes to apparels and power gels/bars. 

New Balance booth

And,the banner that greets you ... I am all ready this Sat. , amid a little nervous with my frst half marathon

Oh... I had a miso sapporo ramen the night before ....

 Have a good week!


Mixing with the younger ones...

Sometimes, it's not a bad idea to hang out with younger folks than you are , provided they don't mind..hahaha...  When I talked to younger working adults in their 20s, I can always sense the drive in them. They tend to be hungry for success and ready to learn and try out new things whether in work or play. This can be good for older working folks especially when they lost the drive and directions at some point, after been working for so long. You will feel the oopmh and reminded yourself when you are younger then and how you get started on your career. 

Well, even talking and playing with kids makes you feel joyful ! Have a game of chess or boardgames with them to de-stress yourself and discover the child in you. :) 

Oh.. I was around Saladbox and thought it's a good idea to have salad for dinner. I ordered a salad filled with chicken slices , tortilla chips and all the greens with some thousand island sauce. It's delicious but can only keep me full for two hours. hahaha... I needed a supper later.

Have a good mid-week!


blogging style ?

I got a strange question from one of my friends who followed my blog. Well, he asked me why my blog posts always started with a story and ends with food, especially Japanese food? hahaha... I told him every blogger has their own style of blogging, for example, some gorgeous ladies will posts their selfies and slim bods pixs on their blogs, the makan gurus will posts lots of foodie pixs and reviews, the sports fans will talk about and review their games and activities and so on and on. I actually started on food reviews since I always travelled around when my kids are younger but I don't have that luxury now since the kids have to go to schools.

Ok, btw, I had a simple Father's Day dinner where we had a simple Japanese meal, since the kids wanted to have it. Anyway, nothing grand yet for a young daddy like me .... hahahaha... no need a 10-course banquet yet.

Raw and cooked salmon sushi 

Sake maki sushi - My fav

Tobiko Sushi for my kids .. they love it

My wifey order a california maki sushi ... 

A Teriyaki Salmon for my kids to share

I had a healthy Salmon Shioyaki set

And a simple Kake Udon for my wifey
Have a good week, folks!



Most of the time, in order to wind down and relax, you don't really need to drive far away to some nice places  (though that can pleasant too) or spent a fortune for an overseas trip (of course, I don't mind one.. :P). To me, it's good enough to go to a nice, air-conditioned and quiet cafe and indulged in some nice coffee and cakes or toasts. That was what I had last Saturday and I might do it again this weekend.

My favourite Espresso Americano

And of course, I love kaya toasts
It's weekend and time to wind down. Have a good one! :)


Job hopping = more $$$ ??

I just read an article from some posts on Finance and they encourage one to job hop in order to maximise their wages. Well, their analysis is if someone stayed in  the same company for a long time, the increment they get may not be as much as someone who joined another company, as they will get an instant 'big' increment. Thus, the article was suggesting by job hopping every 2 or 3 years, the worker can actually maximise his/her wages compared to the person who stayed in the company for years. And, they also mentioned in today's working climate, there are no longer such thing as loyalty but more on your skillsets.

Do you agree with the article? To me, there's job security concerns as if you are comfortable with your current job, and if the new job gave you a lot of problems (colleagues, environment, working condition...etc), you may end up looking for another job very soon. But then, even if someone worked in a company for 20 years, this risk may still exists. As the article pointed out, your future employees may not like to employ a job hopper but if you have a certain demanding skillsets, that is a different case.

Well, I am not looking for new jobs now but this article which I just read seems quite thought provoking. (PM me if you want the article as I don't want to link it here) Oh yeah, I was very hungry tonight after my gym workout and decided to order a sake maki and a Shokado Wazen bento set.

Sake maki - My favourite!

Shokado Wazen Bento Set

And, a hot green tea to wind down...
Have a great week, folks!