blissful time ....

Finally I am taking a short leave this weekend to wind down as well as accompany my wifey and kids to pay respect to my mom in law, and yeah, skip my scheduled 10 KM run. It's ok la, at least I can get to see and spend more time with them and probably go around KL or nearby places. I will be on leave on Thursday and next Monday while Friday is a holiday in Singapore in Good Friday. By the way, I am having a relaxing time now after my workout as well as finished all my routine work like ironing and laundry. I am done with all my work for the day and enjoying the cool air-cond in my room while enjoying stuffs that I like to do with the background music playing, before I sleep. In fact, this is my relaxing time of the day while I am in SG after a long day. How about you? What is your best time to relax ? (err... please don't mentioned your business in the toilet...LOL)

Oh... its been ages since I posted a Japanese ramen as well as I also didn't have much time to patronise my favourite Men-ichi Ramen in Northpoint mall in Singapore due to my late workouts lately. OK, I had a Kuro Shoyu Tonkatsu Ramen tonight, with two chashu.

 This is a soy sauce ramen with garlic added and darker compared to my favourite miso ramen. I simply love their soup and  I don't know how to explain the taste of the soup in words but it's really nice. In fact, after my workout, I rush to the restaurant and managed to get in on time for their last order... hahahha...

Have a good weekend! :)


A typical Friday at the CIQ...

I was at City Square JB last Friday after braving the massive long queues for buses at the Woodlands CIQ. I was late and hit the peak hour at the CIQ where long lines of queues were formed for several bus lines and these queues are not just a straight line but almost in a 'U' or 'W' shape. Well, if you intend to travel to JB on a Friday using the Woodlands CIQ, try to avoid 6pm-8pm else you have to be very patience with the queue and crowd, and not forgetting the stuffiness of the air since it's crowded everywhere.

Seeing that I am late for dinner with my family, my wifey asked me to eat something at City Square, which is just opposite the JB CIQ. Since I needed a quiet place to wind down and relax after all the stress, I decided to go to El Migos Mexican Pizzadillas as it was quiet.  I opted for a Cajun Chicken in tortilla wraps which contains lots of cheese. The fillings was hot! I also love the tortilla chips which are my favourites. Eat it with the small tomato cubes and it tasted so good!

My yummy Mexican dinner 
With a glass of refreshing ice-blended sour plum juice, I felt rejuvenated again and continue the trip home.

The eatery is  located at J4-20, Level 4, Johor Bahru City Square, 106-108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru.



Sigh ... I was quite disappointed today after my wifey drop me a bombshell... her family aka my in-law will scheduled their 'ching ming' on a weekend where I have signed up for my next run. I have to accompany my wife and kids as I cannot let my wife drive alone to KL and back to JB. I have signed up for the run since January and was anticipating it as well as persuaded my runners' colleagues to join me. And, today I receive the brickbats from them though they are joking only for opting out at the last minute. I was so disappointed that I even went to check for other runs in April to make up for this one!!

There was one short 8KM run in JB in May which interest me... (Lina ...want to join ? ) However, let me check out another run in April first. *shake head*... 

Ok, I was back at Anmour restaurant which I blogged about it last week. This time I wanted to try their Salmon Steak. The salmon looks small but it was delicious. I got to choose two side dish which I went for their salad and mash potato. Not bad ... though I should ask for some dressing for the salad as its too plain.

Salmon Steak
Have a great week!


My poor shoes ....

This is the first time I ran that much and I break a record by clocking 104KM in March 2015. Of course, compared to the pro runners, this is 'sap sap sui' but to amateurs like me, it's kinda of an achievement to me. I guess that's probably due to a few 10KM+ runs in the month. Anyway, though it was great but then, my  RM500+ ASIC shoes going to call a day soon after only wearing it for 3 months!!

Look at the wear and tear at the soles... soon, there will be less friction !!
The shoes still looks new at the top but the soles seems a bit worn down. Well, I guess it can last for another 3 or 4 months if I keep on running with this mileage.  :(

BTW, I love this makan place in COLLIN'S Grille.Bento at Bedok Central in Singapore. The shop operated in a food court but they served affordable nice western food. I had a prawn pasta. The prawns are nicely bbq and I can taste the fragrance of the prawn meat!
My yummy Lunch
The eatery is located at Blk 217 Bedok North St 1 #01-77 (Food Loft), 460217, Singapore.


Anmour Cafe , Permas Jaya, JB.

I discovered another new cafe , also in central JB at Taman Permas Jaya. It was crowded on a Saturday evening when I pass by to fetch my sis in law nearby. Well, usually when there was a crowd, the food wouldn't be that bad. Thus, we decided to try it for dinner. And, my kid somehow joke about the restaurant name, Anmour. It sounds french to me but when pronounced it, it also means 'massage' in Mandarin and 'caucasian' in hokkien. Lol.... OK, back to the food....

Green green salad for my wifey

A kiddy pasta set for my son , which comes with mushroom soup below.

Again, we had the grainy type of mushroom soup here. Simply love it!

Alamak ... another serving of salad for my wifey... She just had salad that evening.

Fish and chip for my little princess, where she shared with my wifey

And, lastly, I had a black pepper lamb chop.

And, not forgetting a kao kao kopi! It's bitter ... really nice!!
All I can say is the food was really good and I love the lamb chop a lot! The serving portion was big and I guess this is more like a American restaurant. They also served giant burgers! I will try their other food on the menu in the near future.

Have a good week!


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