Gift from US....

wow... I got a nice gift from my mom who came back from US last week after a 2-month vacation there! And, she got me and my kids and wifey some shirts which I have yet to check it out since I just back from JB but my bro, who just got back from Ipoh, passed me a bottle of perfume from my mom. Well, I never use perfume since I got married as I have started using deodorant as I am active most of the time. Thus, a deodorant seems more suitable to me. Of course, during my younger times, I did try on a few perfumes which if I didn't remember wrongly, there are CK one, CK Be, Boss and etc. Since I am more inclined to CK, I choose the bottle of CK Legend. Quite a nice design like a R2D2 shape from Star Wars. hahaha.. I will try it out tomorrow and perhaps the sweet young things will try to be friendly with this uncle. :P

Oh.. I had salad again last Friday as I prefer a quiet place to dine instead of the crowded eateries in SG, even on fast food chains. It's much more quiet at the Saladbox and this time I try to make myself 'fuller' by adding some teriyaki chicken slices onto it, together with some pasta fusilli. That will definitely make me fuller but I still ended up with a plate of fried rice when reached home in JB.

Have a good week!


Sleep paralysis or 'press by ghost' ?

Once I consulted a doctor on the above subject as I had the above problem since my late teens, though it's once in a blue moon. Seeing that the doc also specialised  in psychiatric , I take the opportunity to check with him though I am there for those normal flu and cough. Sometimes after I just fall asleep, I noticed I was actually awake but cannot move. The mind is awake and aware but I had difficulty breathing as well as I cannot move my body. I gotta struggled very hard in order to be able to 'break free'. 

Of course, I don't believe in those stories like being pressure by evil spirits or ghosts which forms urban legends among the community. I believe it is something medical , probably I awake too fast while the body is still resting. Well, after I consulted the doc, he actually told me this is a case of hypokalemia or lack of potassium. It occurred to folks who were stressed or too much exercise. Thus, he asked me to take more potassium intake from fruits like kiwis or bananas. Isotonic drinks do also provide potassium but it depends on how much your body needed it. It may not be rich in potassium.

That's a great insight into the issue and I begin to increase my potassium intake since I did a lot of sports by taking lots of fruits rich in potassium. Oh, btw, I had a meal rich in fibre and potassium , I believe. A nice salad for dinner.

Have a good weekend!


Running faster .....

I noticed I am running faster below the 7 min pace for 5KM lately and been feeling good about it though the point is to cover more mileage for long distance run. All my friends prefer to run fast, even at a pace of 5 mins+ for a max of 5-7KM though they are not keen in participating in running events. I guess they have to train and paced themselves if they were to run long distance as of course, its not easy to sustain a fast pace for too long. However, I guess running faster for short distance helps to build up endurance and strength. Mental endurance is one of my weak points and I guess I needed to improve it. Thus, to me, all matters is still to cover more mileage and hopefully soon, I can do a full marathon. I need to prepare for my next HM soon, probably next week and still struggling to find running partners to go with me.

It's been a while since I dined in restaurants that served Shanghainese food and after checking around some eateries around at Bedok Mall, my colleagues and I ended up at Din Tai Fung. I think that's the first time I have eaten here if I am not wrong. All long I always get my fixed in Crystal Jade restaurants. Anyway, since I am yearning for Wanton noodles, I don't mind at all.

Here's my bowl of Prawn dumplings Wanton Noodles .. I love the dumpling

My colleague ordered a fried rice ..can't remember whats inside

Another fried rice from my other colleague which comes with a pork chop

The favourite - Xiao Long Bao

Here's Seafood or prawn fried rice from my other colleague ... they seems to love fried rice it seems or its just convenient and fill the stomach.
Just a short post today , have a good day!! :)


Something to learn from kids...

While watching my kids performed during the rehearsal as well as the actual event and service during my church's 50th anniversary celebrations over the long weekend, I must said we have a thing or more to learn from them. Without any stage fright, they just come onto the stage and did what the church teachers had taught them to a beautiful singing and dancing performances. Unlike us adults, we tend to at least if not more, some stage fright before a social event. Definitely, they never think so much and just go out and do what they have learned, even though they may make a mistake or two.  

It was a busy weekend as after the rehearsal and the actual event, we drove off to the malls and reached home late. Though it was fun attending events as well as going around, we finally had a rest day on Sunday and we only went out for an afternoon coffee break. I truly enjoyed my church's service and celebration very much but it's also nice to wind down on a lazy afternoon.

Mushroom soup for my kid ... strange he wanted to have soup in the late afternoon.... hahaha
It's been a while my little princess never ordered her strawberry short cake and there she is again...

I also had some as she can't finished all
My wifey and I shared these kaya toasts while we trying to finish up the kids' meal.

And, Americano for both of us
Have a good week!


The legs workout are back....

Oh.. I have started working on my lower core while at the gym this evening. Well, after running the half-marathon as well as those long distance trainings, I realised my leg muscles especially the thighs and calf easily tired and ached after 10km-13km. Thus, I guess it's time I add in back the workout of my legs' muscles which I did three sets with 4 reps each for the thighs, calf and upper back leg muscles which includes the butt. hahaha... Well, the leg press is good for the butt and my upper back leg muscles. 

I didn't really workout my legs all along as I hurt my knee many years ago. And, in addition, I disliked working on my legs as years ago, when I workout with my personal instructor back then on my lower core, I usually ended up walking like a crab or Sadako from the Ring... hahaha.. The legs muscles are so tight and painful that I can't even walk properly.

I had a lamb chop to reward myself after the workout which also included 2 sets of shoulder and a 5KM run on the treadmill. It was good. I also did chest, biceps, triceps, abs and back workout last Monday with a 5KM run too on the treadmill as well as another 5KM run on Tuesday at the east coast park. It was a full body workout and it's really good while the Lamb chop was awesome and delicious! 

Looking forward to the Raya long weekend and spend time with my family, but before that, I have to brave the crowded causeway this evening after work. Wishing all my Muslim readers here a happy EID Mubarak! Stay safe on the roads! :)