Walk For Rice ....

My company organised an annual walking charity event last Friday where I almost participated every year. It was a 5KM walk around town in the early morning at 8am where most of the folks are still scrambling to work. The walk was nice and peaceful, with breezy fresh air around especially when we pass through parks like Fort Canning Parks. However, we didn't pass through Marina Bay Sands and the stretch of Singapore riverside that much this year compared to previous years. Watching the early sun from MBS and the rivermouth was quite a nice experience. Ok, I let the photos do the talking.

Up and below - The Singapore Museum

An old but beautiful  Church at Canning Rise Road.

Singapore Red Cross HQ

Wesley Methodist Church, Singapore

A building near Canning Rise ...can't remember the name ... hahaha

The building for NAS

The heart of the city's Bomba ... 

The place where new couples are created (ROM) and a beautiful park - Fort Canning Park

A glimpse of  the morning city 

More pics ..the traffic is so free

 The junction near Boar Quay

A scene at Clark Quay

Bumble boats lining up at boat quay...not opened yet for business

Another quiet view of the city 

The Ministry of Communications and Information

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce HQ

The once popular Chijmes , which is being renovated now

And a glimpse of the Singapore Management University at the heart of the city
Basically it was a good 5KM walk last Friday and it did give me some good workout for the day. Have a good weekend.


Rest in peace, my favourite aunt....

While I was having my late dinner tonight after my usual workout, I received a sad news via whatsapp from my sister that my favourite aunt has passed away due to illness. She was in her 70s and have been taking care of me since I was a kid. I later message my bro who called my mom to check out on her as she and my aunt are good sisters, and glad my mom is ok and fine.

My aunt, who's Christian faith is like little children, has gone to a better place with the Lord now and she's no longer suffering. I pray that the Lord gave my cousins strength to overcome this difficult period as well as healing for them.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-4 For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance.....

Rest in peace and we shall meet again, 'Tai Yee'.


Education policy ...

I always wanted to get education policies for my two kids but due to procrastination, I always seems to delay it until recently where I managed to know one good insurance agent from Kluang. He was introduced by my sis in law where he provided good services to her and friends during their bad times. I did survey some policies in Singapore but didn't really buy it due to the cost and trust of the agent. Anyway, I finally secured two policies for them over the weekend which also includes life insurance, medical card and a savings plan. The policy will due in 15 years where they will start their tertiary education. Well, I thought at least it helps out with their education needs in the future when my income will likely be affected then, as well as stayed protected. There are some other alternatives suggestions from my friends and relatives like investing the sum in some safer trust funds which may yields higher returns but I decided to play safe. 

I found a new kopitiam in Taman Molek on Sunday, which was not that new as I was not aware of its existence but I like their clean and spacious surroundings.

A fried rice for my little princess shared with my wifey

Nasi lemak for my kid

I had a Hailam chicken chop ... their speciality.

And, I must said now, their coffee is the best in JB. Very kao and fragrant.
Have a good week and May the Lord God protect and bless you always!


Random Notes#5/2014

1. My kid was here in Singapore as he followed his aunt over to stay for a few days. I decided to bring him out shopping yesterday since it was a holiday in Deepavali. It was a nice time spending alone with my kid as all along, we went out in a family together with my wifey and little princess. He had a great time too as there was no restriction for him to buy what he likes. Well, usually the dad is always more generous than the mom...hahaha... I like this precious moment. Brought him for a nice Japanese meal too at Ramen Play , but I didn't take the pixs of the food. Probably, too hungry already during dinner after jalan-jalan the whole day.

2. I have been training for my quarter-marathon but not much progress except a 6KM run on Tuesday and a 4KM run on Sunday. As for the rest of the days, I only ran 3KM on Monday and Thursday which is also due to the air-cond breakdown in my local gym. It was stuffy and I can hardly breathe. Thus, I did a short run after my physical workout.

3. It seems a good week for me as my company converted me position to a permanent one, where I do not need to keep signing contract every 2 or 3 years. It's not easy to get a permanent position nowadays and thank God, I managed to get it. Had a small ceremony where I received my letter from my CEO last Tuesday.

4. I will be doing a a 5KM walk later at 8am for charity, which was organised by my company. This is a yearly event where the company will donate based on the kilometres we have walked where the max is 5KM. I will be enjoying the early nice morning walk in the heart of Singapore, where everybody will be rushing for work.

5. I have finally got a new router (if you referred to my previous post) which runs on the ac standard and supports 5Ghz band.  I managed to get a blazing speed of 100mbs but somehow the signal was not very strong when I am in my room. The signal strength is a bit erratic, somehow. This is considered the cheapest ac router in market from TP-LINK where I got the TP750 model. I may have to pay S$50-S$100 more for better ones. This one costs me S$93.

6. Meanwhile, enjoy a set of my usual bento called Shokaido Wazen after my workout tonight, which consists of tempura, chawanmushi, salmon sashimi, teriyaki chicken and miso soup.

Have a good weekend, folks!



I have been training for the 10KM run lately, either on treadmills and on the roads but mainly on treadmills. I guess I will likely run for 4-5KM initially and then, repeatedly walk and run for the other 5KM while enjoying the sceneries and taking pictures... LOL. However, I noticed one of my legs always felt numb especially the feet and lower calf when I have ran for 30 mins. I was wondering could it due to the knee bands I was wearing which might be too tight. Well,need to do some research. Lina and other runners' blogger - Any advice? :)

I had lots of western food lately where I had one in Hard Rock just few days ago and another one at Swensen. I ordered a Sirloin Steak again which comes with a drink. Their steak is not bad though not the best, but it's good enough for lunch.

A medium well sirloin steak

My colleague have a chilli crab pasta , looks appetising and fragrance!

And, a chicken wing small set to share.


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