The last itinerary for my 5-day trip to Southern China was a cruise along the famous Pearl River or affectionately known as 'Chu Kong' to the older generations.  It was the third longest river in China and I visited the huge river earlier at Zhuhai where I took a few pictures along the banks. Well, this time, we were taken to night cruise along the Pearl River to enjoy the night scenery of Guangzhou. I was very amazed by how developed the city was as there were beautifully designed high-rise buildings along both sides of the river. 

A view of one of the modern cruise ship 

Inside the cruise, it was fully carpet with free drinks served as well as free shows and an auction event of calligraphy arts.
Picturesque view of high rise office buildings while cruising

They seems purposely changing the colors of the lights 

Another view of the river 

Passing along the beautifully lit up Haiyin Bridge

The Canton Tower, where the cruise move nearer and nearer to it until we got a good view of it. The colors of the tower kept changing to give us a nice show while the cruise stand still for a while nearest to the tower. I even saw the lift speeding up to the higher levels.

The amazing Liede bridge, with the oval shape supporter that make it unique. We were actually cruising under both bridges and we seems so near to the 'ceiling' below the bridge while passing by.

It was really great to be able to enjoy the cruise and night scenery. 
After the cruise, it's time to say good-bye to Guangzhou as our tour bus headed for the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Our flight was at 3am and we waited a while at the airport.

Getting ready to go home, directly back to JB.

Snapping pics around the airport

It's kinda quiet at those hours
Overall, it was a great trip especially my ancestors hailed from this part of the world and I thought 5 days were quite short and how nice if the trip can be 7 or 8 days like my previous year-end trips.  The tour group was also a small one which makes it less complicated as most of the folks there were a friendly lot!

Pix for a souvenir!
We reached Senai International Airport around 6am+ . Will be looking forward to my next vacation!


It really has been a while I never enjoyed Japanese ramen regularly as I used to have a bowl almost weekly before Men-ichi Ramen moved their operations away from nearby Northpoint Shopping Centre. Now. with the new Northpoint City wing recently opens, there are really a lot of ramen for me to choose from and well, I am really spoil for choice. 

I tried Volcano Ramen there and though the choices are not as many, the ramen there are still the authentic type. Well, glad I can have my ramen fix back but too bad, they don't serve chawanmushi although they have complimentary hard-boiled eggs. 

Initially, I thought they served spicy ramen there!

Just a small shop located in Northpoint city, I chance upon this stall while shopping for a new iPad.

Complimentary hard boiled eggs, you can have as many as you can ... hahaha.. I usually had two eggs.

I ordered a Shio Ramen ... love their broth and  their thick half-fat chashu.

I shall explore more ramen after my workout ... *burp*


We visited Yuexiu Park on an cool morning in Guangzhou and it was really a nice place to calm the mind and relax the soul. Surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers as well as cool air, how nice I can come over here whenever  I feel stressful. While climbing up the slightly hilly park, there was a sculpture of the Five Rams which probably is the icon for this tourist attractions.

Family Portrait at Yuexiu Park

The 5 Rams Sculpture 
Then, we traveled over to the Chen Ancestral Hall, which is a almost century old and housed the Guangdong Folk Art museum. There are lot of beautiful carvings around the buildings and hall as well as carvings of plants.

Carvings of plants in animal and birds form

The century old Chen Ancestral Hall

Look at the carvings on top of the rooftop

Yours Truly selfie with workers' statues

I guess this must be an ancient well 

More captivating and beautiful carvings!

It really took a lot of effort and skills for such beautiful carvings and they are everywhere

Next, when it is almost evening, we walked around the streets of Guangzhou and came to the Lychee Park. Well, it was really a day of park-hopping but I am fine with it as the air was cool and fresh. Moreover, we don't have to spend a single cent in parks.

An opera house at the Lychee Park and there were performances going on.

A scenic view of the canal there 

Another relaxing view in China, a pond in Lychee Park.

Very old trunk trees in the park. 

A panoramic view of the canal in Lychee park
After this, we head for our last attraction in Guangzhou before we headed home via a wee morning flight.