Happy New Year from Hello Kitty town!

As the year is drawing to an end, here I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2013! May your dreams come true and may you attained all your goals that you have set! Let it be a great new start again to your life!

2012 has been quite a good year for me though it's been quiet. I managed to achieve some of my goals that I can dream of before this. It also tells me that some goals are not really that difficult to achieve if I really put in my efforts. Will set more goals for myself in 2013. :)

Again, wishing you a great new beginning to your life and throw away all the garbage of the past years!


Merry X'mas to everyone!! Wishing you a great, warm and wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and friends, as well as Happy New Year 2013! Though I was not as active in blogging for the entire year, I really appreciated your visits to my blog. I will continue to visit your blog as well!

A decor from Legoland :)
This is also a perfect Christmas for me as I got the biggest Gift in my entire life. I was baptized into the Christian faith two days prior to Christmas in the church which I have been attending since 2007. The immersion into the small pool of water makes me felt I was in the womb again and when I arose from  the water, I felt so refreshed! It was a great day for me and my family!

Christmas is again, all about the Gift from our Lord Jesus Christ and the gifts we bought for our loved ones are all about the love we had for them, which also reminded us about the Lord's love for us. Let's celebrate the birth of our Lord joyfully and merrily!

Again, Merry Xmas folks! Have a jolly good time! :)


Finally we off to Legoland after purchasing the annual passes months ago. And luckily for us, it was a good day. It drizzled for a short while and then the weather was bright (and hot too) but that was what we wanted. It was a tiring day as we stayed till 8pm from noon. Anyway, the theme park is really meant for kids, though adults can joined in the fun for some activities as well as some are meant for the young at hearts like roller coaster, but it's really, really a kid haven!

The Lego City was the first attraction we stopped by since it was my son's favourite. Both my kids were having a good time 'learning' to drive. lol...However, we disliked the long queues, it was really a long wait before they got their turns.

Learning to drive....

The miniland was great and I was really impressed with the models built from lego bricks. There were moving locomotions around the miniland which makes the models sort of 'alive'. I wonder how it withstand the rains and storms! Really awesome!

That's Singapore!

looks quite real right?

up and below...more models

The twin towers and KL towers looks real in photo!
I must say that it's a great opportunity for family bonding especially with parents and kids, as both can enjoyed the activities together, especially those which requires supervision. For example, at the Lego Academy, it really provides quality time to spend with the children by building structures together.

My princess enjoy playing with the bricks most at the Lego Academy

My kid and his cousin bro boating....

A more adventurous activity .....

The park was huge and my legs were really tired walking around, especially looking for my son and his cousin bro who went from an activity to another one, while my wifey and princess also checks out the kiddy friendly activities like train riding. I was the one searching for them around...LOL...

One of the restaurant around but the food not cheap..

The fire engine game

Airport ......

and the roller coaster..
To really enjoy the facilities, it's best to get the 2-day pass, as completing the park in a day can be tiring, not mentioning the rain in the afternoon. The annual pass is good for those who stayed nearby but I find that going too regularly also can be bored too but that's my opinion only. Anyway, it will be great if they can build more shelters at the park to shield patrons away from the rain and the hot sun, and lower the price of the food and drinks inside the park.

Overall, it's a great place to hang out during  the school holiday season and providing opportunities for family bonding, as well as it's kiddy friendly. Try it out , folks!


Travelling to a small town always have its benefits especially if you are a city dweller. I just love the environment, quietness, the old houses, less jammed roads, simple malls, friendly folks, better air quality as well as the cheaper and nice food.

Well, I am not exactly at a very quiet town but Kulai is still a getaway for most Jb or Singapore folks. The town was no doubt developing with the Johor Premium Outlets around as well as a new township of Inderapura but it's still remains a humble place. I was on the way to JPO and took the old trunk road on a rainy afternoon and pass by Kulai. We stopped by a corner shoplot kopitiam which was famous for its char kway teow.

It definitely whet up our appetite on a rainy day in an old kopitiam, which crowded with the local folks. There were lots of food being sold there. The Char Kway teow really lived up to its expectations and the kway teow was smooth. There's really enough 'fire' in the plate of noodle as you can tasted the burning smell in the noodles.....if you get what I meant. And, you gotta queue for a while before they served you!

Yummy!!! I will come back for it whenever got chance!

As a coffee lover, I order a cup of kopi-O and the coffee was really 'kao' (thick). That's really to my delight. It really refreshes me for the afternoon visit at JPO.

Nice 'kao' kopi

Add extra dish....bbq pork and roasted pork
The bbq pork and roasted pork were good too. We on our way to JPO later.

Again, pay a visit to some small towns can be therapeutic as it can help one to wind down and relax with the slower pace of life, as well as the surroundings. Just give it a try, drive to somewhere near for a day trip and have a good time. :)