Well, it's been a short while since I last blogged, as I was running out of ideas to post on my blog. Thus, as fellow blogger manglish said, it's better not to blog than posting 'garbages' which I totally agreed..LOL. Ok, I was in Kluang over the weekend and thought it's a good idea to share this attraction park to you guys... and take a break from those usual delicious food which makes your stomach growling. :)

Here's the entrance to the organic park. The place is very near to the Ayer Hitam toll but takes around  20 minutes drive to Kluang town. It's usually crowded during weekends where lots of buses especially from Singapore stopped by. It's basically an agriculture park where vegetables and its famous' red flesh' dragon fruit were grown here. I didn't really go through the entire park like what usually fellow blogger , Borneo Falcon, did when he visited places.

We first stopped at their florist centre. Lots of plants can be found here and it's a great place for those hunting for pots of flowers. There's really an assortment of floral available here, it seems.

I've taken some macro shots here of the orkids.....



..and cactus. :) I really love the cactus and do thought of buying some!

Guess below are grasses...to be grown in landed properties, well, just guessing.

Below is what greeted you when you come to their main hall. And, behind are their dragon fruit plants. They do looks like some sci-fi Aliens especially if this is the first time you glanced at it.LOL

Another snap of the main hall which was crowded at that time. There was a restaurant here which sold a variety of organic foods at affordable price. I bought a 'looi cha' (rice with assortment of vegetables) at RM5 only, which is considered ok for organic. It will be probably around RM3.50 per bowl elsewhere but ....non-organic leh! Too bad I didn't snap a pic of the meal, probably  next time.
There's a pond behind, it looks natural and there's lots of fishes inside it. I do really feel relax here looking at the lush and greenery natural portrait.

Here's the organic farm which I didn't go in and explored. The park does have a lot of schedule programs where they organise short trips around the park, sorta like an 'edu-tainment'.Good for kids, I guess.

OK, below and above are the dragon fruit plants which I mentioned earlier it looks like Aliens... do you think so? :)

I love these two shots which I zoom in to the raw fruit, which is still growing.

Well, another shot of the dragon fruits plantation here below, there's really  lots and lots of the fruit being grown here. It's actually not just here at this park but elsewhere around rural Kluang. I guess Kluang produces a lot of dragon fruits in the country.
They also have a mart here, mostly selling organic stuffs and those which are grown here.
Here are some other pics of the plantation.This area is really large!

This will certainly tells how the park looks like.


Well, I always loves to have tea breaks daily during work and usually go to somewhere nearby the office. And, I treat  these breaks to refresh the mind , especially with a cup of java and a small meal to energised the body and mind. I actually felt tea breaks are good as it makes you more productive for the last quarter of the working day, especially if you have a long evening ahead. And, usually I spent around S$2 on it, except this day!

I was at Spinelli and thought of having some nice great coffee on a friday afternoon before knocking off for the weekend. Feeling a bit hungry, I decided to check out their Bacon sandwich. It looks like focacia.
It was hot , just fresh from the oven, thus I badly needed the fork and knife. The sandwich doesn't look healthy where lots of melted cheese covered the fried and crispy bacon. Ok, it tasted good, thanks to the salty cheese taste and the crunchy bacon. However, I'm sure I put on a lot of calories with this so called ' light meal'. :)
And, again, I needed to mentioned their Americano coffee here. It was 'gau' (thick) and aromatic. The coffee really looks good when served!! However, it seems too strong for me though I love drinking coffee as I felt palpitations later ...hahaha... I drank lots of water after that to wear off the effect!
And, the meal with the coffee cost me around S$9.50, far cry from my usual less than S$2 tea break. :P


In my previous blog site ,I've blogged about the Kluang Railway kopitiam but this time round, I've been to the actual Kluang Railway Coffee. :) Yes, this is where they have started from, a humble coffee corner for passengers waiting for trains which offered great coffee, nasi lemak and toasts.

I like their humble, ragged and old kopitiam as seen above and below, it looks so original than  those 'modern' kopitiams which tries to be nostalgic.  Well, when you're here, you already have that kind of nostalgic feeling!
A view from the front, afar from the kopitiam. To its right are the railways, with some passengers waiting to alight the trains.
Here's another closer look, it was really crowded on a saturday afternoon!
A view to the far right showing the railways and the KTM logo.

As for the food, well, I thought of ordering the nasi lemak but it was already sold out by 4pm plus. Thus, we only have their toasts left for the afternoon.
As above is their kaya bun. The kaya was good and it flows out from the bun, just when you take a bite at it! Below is their tuna bun. It's hot and crispy!

Here's their popular kaya toast in white bread. Again, it's their aromatic kaya which makes the toast so delicious. I really had a lot of bread that afternoon! :P
Well, as usual, not forgetting a cup of their trademark kopi. Having it hot with an aromatic coffee smell really refreshes me before the trip back to JB.
Here's an outside view of the railway station where extra tables and chairs were placed here to cater to the crowd.


This is one big restaurant in an open area with lots and lots of dining tables, and all the tables were most occupied during weekends. Located at Teluk Gong in Port Klang, it's not easy to locate it where   there is a small road leading to the place.However, I believe the eatery is well-known to folks from the Klang Valley since it's so crowded! There are actually a few seafood restaurants to the side of the road but this seems to be the most crowded!

And, I think the dishes are affordable, though we didn't ordered anything luxury. Check out the prices-

Vegetables - RM10. Crunchy and fresh enough for consumption. 

House Specialty Tofu - RM12. This is a good one. The tofu are nicely golden fried with other ingredients mixed with the tofu inside. 
Fried fish - RM8.
Fried Vermicilli with crams ('Lala') - RM10. I have never tried vermicilli fried with 'lala' before and it really looks special to me. It really tasted good. Recommended!
Salted Crab - Rm30 (1 kg) - The best of all! Besides being affordable for only RM30 (for the above!), the salted crab has a lot of meat and the seasoning really absorbed into the meat. This is really a good place for seafood.

They also sell 'toddy' or coconut wine, for those who love to drink.Coconut Flower restaurant is located at -
702 Jalan Udang Galah,42000 Port Klang, Selangor.

Getting here (courtesy of http://www.journeymalaysia.com) -  - Take the road from Klang to Banting, and turn right at the flyover to Pulau Indah. At the second set of traffic lights, turn left. After two kilometres, turn left after the bridge at the crossroad sign. Exactly one kilometre from this crossroad junction is the coconut flower seafood restaurant. Watch out for a small coconut plantation. There's a stretch of seafood restaurants here.


Well, as always when you're in Klang, go for the famous and original Bak Kut Teh, near the Klang Railway Station.  I have tried it in my last visit almost a decade ago and it's time to savour Malaysia's favourite pork rib soup again. These are what we ordered,  not too much since most of us are still full then (around 4 adults and 4 kids). Not much hor?

As below is the front of the kopitiam, notice they are looking at me when I snapped this pic. LOL... It was around 5pm then and the crowd haven't really steps in.
Here's a side view of the kopitiam. That's where Bak Kut Teh was born, according to most folks. The railways are just 30-40 metres away from this shop and while eating, you can see trains passing by. It's as though as you're dining besides  the railways, and the kids love it!
OK, this is the main meal, pork ribs in the thick herbal soup. The soup is the first thing I tried and that's tell whether if the Bak Kut Teh is good. Well, there are different opinions from my group, but I still think their soup and Bak Kut Teh is still good.
Here are the supplement dishes - the 'tau pok' (fried tofu).....

and internal organs like pork intestine and etc, else better known as 'spare parts'. :)  We also ordered a side vegetable dish to go along.

And not forgetting the aromatic chinese tea, which is a must for the pork ribs soup. It served in tiny cups, thus, you need several helpings before you can quenched your thirst. Anyway, this is more for enjoying the aromatic chinese tea, with the dishes.

I snapped this at the main door of the shop. Besides located near the railway, it's also beneath a fly-over, which makes a good parking bay for the visitors.