Since it was the last day of the school holidays, I decided to attend a Sunday early church service at 8am instead of  the usual Saturday service at 5pm, so that I can bring my kids out for another fun Saturday. Due to lack of sleep where I barely slept for around 6 hours, I tried to keep myself focused during the sermon. It was so difficult to concentrate though I manage to understand the message but I was like drifting in and out of dreamland. That was especially so when the Pastor started to pray and with my eyes closed,  I almost fell asleep. LOL ... I guess I needed to sleep more for the early service next time and hope the Pastor didn't notice me as I was seated quite in front alone.

When I got back, I had a quick breakfast and after sending my kid off to his schoolbus, I decided to take a nap. After I woke up from my nap, I felt like a dream this early morning when in the church service... hahaha. By the way, I went back to my favourite restaurant for dinner and had a simple one as follows.

Vegetables - 'tau miu' ... been awhile I didn't eat this beansprout lookalike vege. Love it especially it's so thick'.

Mix platter of vegetables in marmite sauce. I am eating healthier!

Ostrich meat cooked with ginger. Very appetising.

And, my favourite - Fried chicken. Dipped it in some soft salt and it's heavenly!
Have a good week, folks and have sufficient sleep! :)


I only heard about Ayam Penyet last few years ago in Singapore. Usually, its sold by Malay eateries and besides the chicken, they also have fried fish. At first glance, the presentation looks very salivating! There was this deep fried chicken, some vegetables, tomato, cucumber and an Indonesian delicacy which looks like a piece full of nuts, which I forgot the name. And, not forgetting about the chilli, which is a must to dip the meat into it.

It's Friday again ! Happy Weekend!

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Well, I have been taking supplements all along for a very long time. Few months back, there was this close friend of mine who called and suggested I joined him as a distributor in Amway. I know and heard about Amway and it's really an old brand where I already knew the brand since I was a kid... I was reluctant to join initially but then, seeing that I was taking supplements and the price was not too much differ from those I was taking, well, I thought no harm to try some of their products. I have yet to do any business yet and I am really not sure if I can do it ... ahaha...

Since I workout , I thought their soy protein powder is good for me. I was currently consuming it and I thought it's good for my kids and wife, so I got two big bottles. I also got myself a Coenzyme Q10 as I just finished my blackmores type. My kid, being a 'custom tax official' whenever we go shopping, got himself a multi-vitamins.

It's my first time shopping at a MLM shop, though my wife did shop at cosway using her sister's account. There were really lots folks buying so many products which I guess can go up to thousand of dollars. Well, these are those who's doing business, I guess and earning money !


I took a day leave off on Monday as well as take leave from blogging over the weekend to spent time with my kids, since it's school holidays. The weekend started off with a Japanese dinner as I reached home early and decided to work at home after that. Seeing that, my wifey having a tough time coping with the new weekend where she hardly rest, I thought it's a good idea to spend more time with them.

We went around Jusco Tebrau City on Saturday as my kid needed to adjust his specs as it's always loose but ended up getting a new but robust pair instead. Afterall , there was a promotion and took the package for RM188. Then, we had lunch at Kim Gary. It was crowded as usual!

Toast with sausages ... I was surprise my wifey ordered this together with her main meal, as she can't eat a lot! LOL

Fried Nissin with chicken wing and chicken chop...that's what my prince ordered. He always love nissin noodles.

I got myelf a platter of ham, chicken wing,sunny side up, chicken chop, fries and sweetcorn, marinated in Italian red sauce. It was really full but nice, especially the chicken wing!

My wifey had a simple noodles with ham and egg.
My minestrone soup ... quite sweet, not my liking.

Last but not least, I needed a coffee. The coffee is good , very HK style!
After a good lunch, we headed for Lego Movie, which my little prince wanted to watch. I was surprised he wanted to watch a movie as he always have a phobia with the dark where I failed to coax him to go for movies with me. Well, probably peer pressures from school... LOL.

Have a good week!


I was not feeling too good especially on the first and second day of the work week. Not sure why , probably could be due to working blues, forgettable weekends (thanks to the fri and sat weekends in Johor), some personal decisions to made and etc. Anyway, thanks to exercise again, it manage to lift me up after a workout routine which comprises of weights and cardio exercises. Well, I was at the gym on Mon and Tues evenings and I certainly felt better gradually , especially after a good night sleep!

Don't get me wrong as I don't look like a bodybuilder but then, I have been working out regularly and I really felt that exercise can makes us feel good and lift up our mood. It also makes me sleep better and feel more relax. I guess I look more healthy too. There were times when I felt lazy to workout especially on a late evening, like 8pm, but I do try to force myself to go and once I am there, all the laziness has gone and I felt so much better after the routine.I also recently consumed a light protein supplement to help me in my workouts.

Thus, if you have been exercising, do continued to keep it up and if you thought of doing so but haven't started yet, I do encourage you to take the first step but slowly and gradually.

After a badminton session tonight, I decided to have something healthy where I order a salmon steak at Hot Pepper meals. :)

it's still sizzling ....!!!

Sweat it out , folks!


Usually before I left for Singapore, I will always try to have a good but simple dinner with my family. It was a good day as heavy rain finally comes to the south as it's been raining non-stop in JB and Singapore in the afternoon. That really clears away the haze as well as the heat wave. Hopefully, we can see green grass tomorrow.

I visited Peking restaurant again as it was on the way to the JB CIQ. It was just five of us including my SIL and we only ordered three dishes, with an additional four fried 'mantou' for my kids. And, well, it was enough since there were only three adults and we were quite full too.

'Gu lou' meat ... sweet and sour and helps whet up my appetite.

'Four Heavenly Kings' - an assortment of brinjals, petai and other vegetables in teriyaki sauce.

Deep fried fish in canto style. There were really lots of meat in the fish.
It was refreshing enough after a nice dinner with good chinese tea, to start the new week. Have a good week, folks!!


Somehow, nasi lemak has become my favourite breakfast on Saturdays. I always ordered the Chicken Rendang Nasi Lemak whenever I was at kopitiams,  which I guess this will only add up more calories and weight on me. 

Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken
Well, I guess once a week not too bad la. The rendang is too good to resist. :P


I passed by the Bugis area and I thought the place was beautiful at night. Thus, I decided to help myself with some snapping of the night sceneries. There was not much changes except opening of a new MRT line and new shopping centre to that place for the last decade but then, it was always crowded and bustling!

Bugis Junction and Continental Hotel

The Rochor building at the background ... which is going to make way soon for an highway

Landmark Village Hotel .. famous for Indian cuisines 
I am sure this place will change a bit once developments started , especially the highway at the Rochor centre.


Well, it was really a tragic weekend due to the missing jetliner, MH370. After I woke up on last Saturday morning and heard about the missing jet online, I almost keep updating myself on the news throughout the weekend until now. The weekend was also quiet as my kid needed to go to school for his replacement classes on Saturday.

Anyway, we did some shopping at Tebrau City as well as run some errands. I got myself a new bagpack as I needed a bigger to carry my stuffs to work , like notebook, power cord, running shoes, gym attire and etc. The older smaller bag almost burst with all these sutffs! LOL We stopped by Secret Recipe for lunch.

Secret recipe in Tebrau City

Chicken Bolognaise spaghetti for my wifey 

Fish fillet and fries for my little princess 

...and it's a kid's meal... 

Above and below ... i had an Hawaiian Chicken Pizza.

The pizza was good but I find that they put too much ingredients. I still prefered the plain Hawaiian Chicken pizza.

At Secret Recipe, its a must to try their cake and my princess ordered a chocolate cake. It was nice as the cake was not too sweet and I love the dark chocolate oozing out  ...

indulgence ....
Have a good week, folks!!


It seems I patronised the Ho Ho steamboat in Puchong, Selangor more than this branch in JB. It's really so near yet so far! I guess it's been really a long time since I last came here, probably at least more than 6 months. Coming from the same sources as their Puchong counterparts, there's really little difference in their ingredients.

Ho Ho Steamboat in Taman Molek
Fresh prawns and fish meat

Fresh ingredients - above and below

A platter for three persons!

Just dump in the clear broth and all ready to eat minutes later
Another thing I like here is there was WiFi and it's air-cond, thus, you don't have to sweat while eating. And, I can surf the net while waiting for the food to be cooked. Well, at least a healthy dinner over the weekend! :)


It's always a refreshing sight to see restored pre-war houses in Singapore. These shoplots looks so beautiful after the refurbishment and repaint and its usefulness still stands, either for commercial purpose or just stayed in  for residency.

The pre-war shophouses at Tessensohn Road, above and below

Away from the bustling shopping districts or tourist attractions, I checked out the quieter side of the city which definitely have a history to tell.

Shop houses near the Raffles hotel - The beautiful exterior has been preserved while I believe they renovated the interior for business needs

The other side of Singapore near beach road.
It's seems down memory lane walking along these corridors. :) Meanwhile, along the shoplots near beach road , there's a lot of nice eateries especially chicken rice, western food and pubs. I was at YY Kafei Dian for their chicken rice, which were crowded during lunch.

Smooth and tender chicken meat


Besides the chicken rice, I also love their kaya bun, which has a thick crust at the top. 

Yummy............ :)


There were many Toastbox franchises in Singapore which I have visited but somehow, this branch in Taman Johor Jaya really looks special, and I really like their nostalgic design and historical decorative items. Painted in its corporate white color, the place really looks special and pleasant. I never felt so comfortable here.

Painted in pure white with nice and nostalgic decorative items

It's so relaxing here! Quiet and clean.

They really put some effort in decorating the place

I had their nasi lemak chicken rendang and I must said the chicken rendang was very good. It's marinated deliciously and I almost mixed the rice with the rendang instead of the gravy given for the nasi lemak.

Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang for me

Fish ball noodles for wifey

Most importantly, must have their coffee. :)
I find that their coffee is not as 'milky' compared to those that I tried in Singapore. It's thicker and aromatic and I always love this type of Hainanese roasted coffee. That gave me a good Saturday lunch.


After my badminton tournament which were held nearby Singapore's Little India, the entire team decided to have our dinner there. After having beaten soundly by a younger and stronger team, there was really lots of discussions, criticisms, laughter and etc, within the team. Well, that always happened yearly after the tournament and the team will ended up having lots of  naans and Indians cuisines.

Bustling Little India ...seems like a new building is ready to add to the commercial centre

Mustafa shopping centre ... the 24 hour shopping hub there. 

It was still crowded around 9+ while we are searching for our food
 Meanwhile, we decided to get some naan, chicken tandoori, chicken tikka, mutton curry  and vegetables for dinner, at a humble restaurant.

Tandoori Chicken -My favourite!


Gravy with beans and ...hmm...potatos?

Mutton curry ... I love this too! It's so good having this with the naans.

More beans as gravy
After all the talks with these calories rich food, we are ready for the next match tomorrow. :)