The week seems pass so fast. I remember my family and I were getting ready to get into Singapore for the reunion dinner last Sunday and the chinese new year seems over now. Well, it has been a quiet CNY for me I didn't really go anywhere except nearby malls and spent time with my entire family in Singapore. Though there are a few attractions in Singapore, like the flower exhibits in Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, Chinatown and etc, I didn't really go out and my kids will not be able to stand the crowded places. Anyway, I have had lots of  rest as well as family bonding over the past week.Back in JB, had a nice and simple lunch with my in laws :-

Lotus with celery
Cod fish with teriyaki sauce
Pork ribs
Choy sam
I have a craving for dim sum, thus I ordered a bit of it, which are all my favourites:-
'Har gau'

'siew mai'
sesame balls

, I can felt the CNY mood again in JB especially at Sutera mall. To me, it's the most happening mall in JB, and it sure lived up to its reputation by having hundreds of  lanterns all over the mall, shows, nice decors and etc.

A 'flying dragon' at the main hall
Cute dragons welcoming you to the mall
The decor at the entrance

The Fortune god at the outside of the mall

 There was also a nicely decorated mini-park nearby the mall where we can enjoy some fresh air.
The mini park was quite an attraction too
'Lion Dance'

And, my kids having a great time at the park
I be back to work tomorrow and I'm sure most of us do. Have a good week ahead.


It was raining heavily for lunar new year's eve in Singapore but with the whole family around, it translated to a warm reunion dinner. And, it helps too when mum and sis in laws are dishing out delicious food.
sis in law and mum busy cooking
This is my second time ushering the lunar new year in Singapore and instead of eating out we usually prepare our reunion dinner at home. One good thing about it is we don't have to rush and take our own time eating with the tv on too. :D Here are the dishes prepared by the chief cook, my mom and assisted by my SILs.

My fav - mushrooms, hoi sum and etc...
Mashed prawn fritters
Variety of vegetables
'siew yoke'
boiled chicken
Home-made Lotus root soup

'ku lou' meat

and not forgetting a simple yee sang...
All in all.. the food ready to be serve for the reunion dinner
And, let's toss the yee sang high for abundance and prosperity!!

Preparing the yee sang ...

Getting ready....
lou ah.....
toss higher and higher for prosperity and good health...!
That's for a nice, simple and great reunion dinner at home. :)


Wishing you a prosperous and happy lunar new year! 
May the year of the dragon brings you abundance, good health and happiness! 

Drive safely to those who balik kampung especially with  the congested traffic.Eat moderately, enjoy the goodies and have a good time with your friends, relatives and family. Take this time to foster and strengthens good relationships.

Have a wonderful time and enjoy your break! :)


I was kinda busy since the new year has started and don't really have much time to update my blog. The Chinese New Year is around the corner and I guess you folks must be busy shopping for new clothes, food, drinks, bak kwa and other delicacies. It's the best time of the year and I hope you folks enjoy the moment. I will be celebrating my CNY in Singapore this year where my parents will be travelling over to the down south.

Lately, I was quite active in posting pictures to the iPhone app, Instagram. Well, this app has been around for quite a long while and I had been using it all along. However, of late, I'm getting more and more hooked to it and also engage the communities in the app. I notice there's an increase of folks following my profile (though it's still little) as well as I followed others. It's also similar to blogging but instead of writing, I just post the pictures to the app and folks will start commenting or like it.

My instagram profile

It's very simple to upload photos to the app and what makes it exciting is whenever you see something special, just snap and upload. There are also filters for you to beautified your pictures. If you are on instagram, do follow me and I will follow you back :)

Anyway, I still love blogging and will continue to update my blog in the coming days, especially the CNY. Have a good time, folks!


Well, not such a good start to 2012 as I was down with a gastric flu on 1.1.2012, probably due to some uncleanliness food that I've taken on the last day of 2011. Took a MC yesterday and only back to work today. And, it was a really a long weekend for me, though lots of work waiting for me to clear today.

I was with my family in Sutera Mall to witness the countdown to 2012 and that place was really crowded as all of us were anxiously waiting for the fireworks.
Check out the folks
My favourite pic of the night :)
After all the celebrations, and with my gastric flu, the reality of life slowly crept back to my life as well as my wife's as we are in the blues of preparing our first kid for primary one. My wifey was especially worried whether that lad knew his way to his school bus, to his class and back home. She was calling the school bus uncle and checking all the details with his teacher during the orientation on Monday. Like any parents, she was there today on the first day, guiding him especially buying food in the canteen. I thought of taking leave but then I have been away from work for awhile, thus I ended up a little jittery at work, wondering how was he doing in school, besides enduring the long hours due to the school bus. Thank God it seems allright, as he gave me a loud 'OK' when he's back home.

Well, it's a rite of passage for his start to life long education and also for us parents, who started sending our kid to school for the first time. Welcome, 2012!!