I spent my last weekend in Singapore alone as my passport was submitted for VISA application and it doesn't seems a good idea ! Oh... don't get me wrong, I don't flirt around but I shopped like crazy and spent so much money! I got myself a GPS running cum smart watch in Garmin Vivoactive which cost me $S349 and clothes from Uniqlo as well as buying my nephew and niece a movie and a Japanese dinner treat. When I calculated on how much I spent, there's really a lot, at least to my standard. And, I will be in Singapore again this weekend for the Standard Chartered half-marathon...hahaha... It's really difficult to control my spending when alone, unlike the working weekdays where I don't have so much time to shop.

Oh.. I had a Miso tonkotsu ramen again after going for Spectre with my nephew and niece The movie is almost ending and it's great that the cinema was not crowded as well as it's a small hall.

Have a good week! ;)


I always wanted to know more of my gym regulars and this thought has linger in my mind almost years ago. Well, of course there are folks I do not know whom I seen once or twice and then they disappeared.  However, there are those who came regularly at almost the same schedule as me and it will be great to befriend some of them.

Well, I tried though not that successful as everybody is busy working out. It's easier to talk to males (definitely) and uncles, who has been working out for decades. They are a chatty type where they love to share their experiences with us as well as gossiped too on some instructors training methods. The younger males also ok, but not as friendly. They probably just said hi or nodded their head when they see you. And, haha... I have my embarrassing moments with ladies. Of course, I didn't said hi to all ladies else I will be labelled as a buaya there. I remember I tried saying hi to one regular gym lady and I got ignored. hashasha .. Luckily, there are few friendly ones who just smiled back. 

Well, what I am experiencing are very normal behaviour for humans but it's rewarding to break the ice and make some new friends which I did, though I don't overdo it and that explained I am still very much to myself while working out. Ok, time to bring out my high quality bluetooth earphone...hahaha..

Oh.. I had a nice lunch in Swenson and order an healthy grilled salmon which comes in a set where I can chose either coffee or ice-cream. I chose the latter.

My healthy salmon set

And a 'Happy Birthday' Sundae...though not my birthday. It's just on the menu.,hahaha
Have a great weekend!


Somehow when I am nearing a running event and after been training for it for months, I kinda got lazy during the last few weeks. Well, maybe I was running alone as well as feeling mentally tired to train for it. Well, it's just 2 weeks to go for the Standard Chartered Half-Marathon and I have been dragging myself to train lately...hahaha. It happened to the Sundown HM in last July where I slacked in the last three weeks, just ran 5km to 10KM only and I didn't do too well in that run.

Due to that, last Wednesday, I decided to try on a different route and it seems works. I managed 15KM on almost running on the border of the little town that I stayed in. Well, Singapore is small and the town's border is not big either, unlike Malaysia. However, it was great as I scaled the border of the town in a round as well as trying a new route. It was exciting and refreshing!

Oh.. and I rewarded myself with a ramen set at Ippudo in Orchard.

Salad for starter

Miso Tonkotsu Ramen

And a refreshing cold green tea!
Have a good week!


I always heard about this franchise mobile cafe who moved from a housing estate to another or they may have a few units around and stationed at certain locations in town. Well, finally, I got the chance to try their coffee after passing by one of the mobile cafe. Well, I just had two cups of coffee before this but that doesn't stops me from a third cup. After all, I am sharing it with my wifey. I also heard that during office hours, you can see long queues around.

The Mossy mobile cafe ... heard their coffee beans are from ChaingMai. 

Two guys here taking orders and making the coffee

My kid was so curious where he kept his eyes on how they make the coffee and his Ice blended chocolate.

And here we are ... a Ice Thai coffee for me and a Ice Blended chocolate!
Both coffee and chocolate drinks were great and it's not surprising folks queuing up to order their coffee fixes. It cost me RM11.20 each. A refreshing drink for a hot day! :)

Have a great week!


Oh ...if you noticed a silence from me lately from my blog, well,  I am actually taking a break from blogging as well as wanted to spend my free time on other stuffs. I have been very busy with work lately as well as my other personal tasks and thus, I thought its a good idea to switch off a while. I had a busy weekend too, starting from taking a half day leave last Friday to renew my passport in UTC JB, attended my little princess kindy graduation concert (how time flies.... phew...), attended church as usual, ran some errands, shop for my coming trip in December and etc.

Anyway, I did had quite a good time last Friday alone while at UTC, JB to renew my passport. Oh, I must compliment the UTC initiative as it provided folks like me to renew my passport on a Friday afternoon. Though it took me almost 4 hours to settle my travel document, I find that it's bearable as it's a Friday where it's a non-working day in JB. At least, I got my passport renewed! While waiting to collect my passport, I spent around 2 hours shopping around at City Square as well as walked around the Deepavali carnival in JB.

It was so happening at JB's Little India

Lots of stalls temporary setup for the festival!

Its was kinda jam too!
 While waiting for my little princess concert last Sunday, we had a pleasant lunch at Lavender's HQ, called the L' Table. The menu is very different from those of Lavender Bistro and it's also costlier. However, I love the ambiance over there, it was quiet and relax as well as they provided good service!

The L' Table
My kid had a Miso type of Pasta ... can't remember the name ... 

A Salmon Pasta for my wifey

A Cheedar Ham and Cheese Sandwich for me

And an Earl Grey Tea pot for all of us

The Bakery ... located at the ground floor where pastry and breads are sold here 

A place for folks to have coffee and pastry only 
It was a nice weekend and looking forward to a great week! :)