Finally I got it to help myself ...... it's a stylish, thin, metallic blue and chosen by my kid. Oh well.....before you start being @_@ or >_<,  let me make myself clear again. I got myself a stylus for my iPad so that I can handwritten my notes on my Ipad during meetings instead of writing it on the paper notebook. And yes, it's call IStroke!

Got it at epicentre in Pavillion for RM99 and it works pretty well when 'stroking' my Ipad. I downloaded one of the best notes app in the market called Notes Plus and both combined well. By uploading my docs to either dropbox or Google docs, I'm ensured that my notes are stored on the Cloud. Well, I'm looking forward to dump my notepads when back to office and start being environment friendly and more organised.



Well, I am currently in the Klang Valley (again) to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday as well as checking out IKEA to get some small furniture for my place in JB. It was a great drive from JB where I was expecting a congested highway but to my surprise, it was a smooth drive though there were lots of cars till Kluang. After that, it was smooth.....!!

Had a sumptuous Japanese buffet at Umi-ya in IOI boulevard for the celebrations and as well as cutting the cake back at my bro in law's place. Well, there were really lots of september babies at my in laws side which includes my son, wifey and myself. Thus, all of us celebrated!!

My kid and I ....both Sept babies...
It was shopping on the next day where we almost spent half a day at Ikano Power Centre and Ikea. Well, got some DIY furnitures and ready to paint the house this weekend. Also brought my kid to Toy r Us and of course, he got himself something whenever we are outstation. I planned to go to epicentre to get a stylus to 'massage' my 'mistress' but not enough time. (err...refer to my previous post before you make a conclusion). Will be heading to Pavillion tomorrow to get the stylus as well as getting a pair of shoes for wifey, before heading back to Singapore.

Before I signed off, here wishing all my Muslim friends Selamat hari Raya Aidilfitri and Happy Holidays to others. If you are driving, do drive safely!


She accompanied me to work daily and keeping me company almost 24 hours a day. She was a great companion for me during my long 1 hour bus ride to work where she entertains me and updates me on the latest happenings around the neighbourhood (and these are not gossips like the aunties), around the country and around the world. She also provided me spiritual solace to me with Bible verses daily and sometimes when I'm lazy to read, she will read it to me.

She accompanied me to meetings and like a personal assistance, helped me to note down all  the facts and minutes where it can be typewritten or written like a pencil. She can also duplicate the exact copy of the discussion notes on the whiteboard in image format.

At night, she was a great companion when I was about to retire by linking me up with my old and new friends in messengers . She also encouraged me to blog hop and I can comment on others' blog easily just by gently touching her. And, she was always besides me by switching on the relaxing music while I'm about to sleep.

She's slim and sleek and I always carried her around. Here's how she looks like ....


I was back in JB again last Friday and while waiting for wifey to fetch me, I was amazed by the decors in City Square for both festivities. First, while at third floor, I have a good look at the massive numbers of lanterns above the temporary kiosks of mooncake sellers.

Then, I moved over to the other section of the megamall and had a good time checking out the Malay stores as well as the Aidilfitri decors. It's really a double-celebration!!

Have a good week, folks!


Well, most of the times when I had pasta, I will ditched coffee for Earl Grey Tea. Not sure why, but I find that Earl Grey Tea can blend in better with pasta, especially those mixed with canola or olive oil. I have been having pasta lately in plain Aglio Olio  (no bacon...hmmm..miss it with bacon) or vegetable spaghetti. I just had one yesterday with wifey, who also ordered the same stuffs as me.

A delicious and healthy vegetable spaghetti
Anyway, I always find that I get hungry very fast whenever I had pasta as the portion was usually not big but that's good to call for a light coffee break or supper.

A cup of earl grey tea each for wifey and myself :)
Anyway, coffee still remains my favourite drink especially when I am having buns or sandwiches. I can't do away coffee with bread, especially in the morning.

How about you ? You like tea with pasta too?


I just receive a brochure from the National University of Singapore inviting folks to enrol in their Master program. Of course, my first impression is, the course will be too tough for me to do part-time for two and a half years. Some of my friends and ex-colleagues I met at times did mention the advantages and goodness in advancing our studies and upgrading ourselves. Said ..let's do this la... take that exam la...and etc.

It's always good to pursue something that's beneficial to us but however, I felt that it should also come with passion too. Without interest and passion, whatever we set to work on will become a burden to us, instead of some journey to knowledge and wisdom. I used to be kinda ambitious, wanted to learn this and that but end up nowhere..LOL. Actually, what I am lacking is passion. I remember I was studying for an exam and finished the book half-way but I kinda procrastinate and after a while, stop there.

 Of course, on the other hand, there are times that we sometimes 'force' to take up some courses and exams, like certification exams required by an organisation and etc. However, it's always good to instill passion into the project that we are committing ourselves onto and enjoy it. I'm sure regular bloggers here are passionate about blogging and end up learning lots of stuffs related to blogs, like self-hosting, earning wages from the blogs, attending events and so on.

I guess before we start on anything, let's make sure we have the interest and passion to keep it up! Have a good weekend!


Received my medical report of my cholesterol checkup last Saturday and thanks to almost every Friday's Bak Kut Teh, kaya toast every morning, McD once or twice a week, char siew & BBQ pork rice at times and etc. My cholesterol level only improved slightly after taking a more powerful statin and I gotta continue the medication while doc asked me to be really discipline...go for an healthy diet. Yeah, I always strived to eat healthily but then, due to temptations and convenience, end up eating fatty and fried stuffs.. Im sure STP is laughing now.  hahaha.... :D

OK, with that, again I will try to eat light and healthy food for three months till the next checkup. hehehe.. So, wifey and I ended up having salad with less one thousand island dressing, after receiving our report.
I have been quite 'rebellious' and didn't really take lots of fruits but now, I guess I gotta incorporate my diet with lots of greens, fruits and cereals... LOL. Though I have been quite active in sports, diet is still something that I need to control. However, luckily I don't have to shun kopi.
Must have a kopi 'kao' anytime of the day...

And, here's yours truly with a 'V' sign on the 'first' day of diet .... No problemo! :P

Pix taken by my kid... :D
Have a great week folks and eat healthily!!