How nice to have steamboat again and it's a rainy evening somemore. I was at this Ho Ho steamboat restaurant in Taman Molek, which I heard that they are related to the one in Puchong. The ingredients and soup are almost identical to the one in Puchong though the soup is clearer here and the place seems cleaner too. Too bad, they do not have cockles fried mee hoon.

Boiling the soup with my little princess waiting in the background
Above and below...the fresh ingredients from Pulau Ketam

What I like most from this steamboat restaurant was the freshness of their seafood, which the owner said were from pulau ketam.

the chilli is a must and theirs was nice!    

ingredients in...now time for it to cook

getting ready...some 10 mins will do
and there you are...time to dip into the chilli and wallop it..
here's a side dish...deep fried fishes... it's crunchy and delicious
This eatery were usually crowded during weekends, around 7-9pm. It's always better to come early to avoid waiting for seats. We were around 6pm+ and manage to find a nice, ventilated and cool place.Have a good week, folks.


It was the time of the year again where my company took part in some badminton tourney. The standard was not of national standard as national players are barred from competing. However, ex-national players can turn up for their organisation. Well, definitely we are not there to win as our standard are simply don't make the mark but it's fun to join in. And, not forgetting the preparation, anxieties, deciding on the strategy as of who played who and the after matches supper with teh tarik and pratas.

It consists of one singles and two doubles. My team did well in the first group match when we won 2-1. However, we were humiliated by last year's finalist, who beaten us 3-0. In the elimination rounds, we were beaten 3-0 again, this time by a local polytechnic, but the matches were quite close.

Yours truly in action... :P
Definitely, there were disappointments in losing but that  tells us  where we stand and helps us to continue to improve, though I felt that the aim is not exactly to win a trophy or something. It's more of to make ourselves better players so that we can enjoy the game even more.  I find that I still need to work on my stamina, strokes and footwork.

Anyway, it's fun and great to participate. :)


The past week was school holidays and I decided to take a two day off for some family bonding. Expectations were not high during these holidays as my wifey would preferred the kids to work on their homework and tuition. Thus, instead of planning to travel to somewhere not too near, we are home bound. The furthest we went to are places like Desaru beach (which is about 40 mins drive from JB) and Pontian.

However, I got to experience some established, famous and long running eateries here. There was this bak kut teh which was situated nearby the CIQ and had been operating for 20 or maybe 30 years. It's just besides the CIQ where you can see the causeway. Check out Kedai kopi Malaysia.

BKT...the serving was quite big!

Can't wait to start with chilli padi & chilli and white rice.
I preferred these type of  BKT compared to those claypot type as I find that more skills are required to cook compared to those claypot ones.

After trying out some 'original' BKT, I finally got the chance to eat the original Pontian Wanton noodles, in Pontian. I was at this Heng Heng Wanton noodles in Pontian, a trip where I quite reluctant to go initially as I needed to travel back to Singapore in the evening. However, since my wife likes to go out for a ride as well as checking out if I can replace my IC quicker in a small town, I decided to follow. The queues in JB was terribly long during the school holidays and I thought it's a good idea to try my luck at a less crowded place. Anyway, too bad when I reached there, they have finished giving out the numbers and fulfilled their quota for the day.

Here's the wanton noodles from Pontian. Looks ordinary but delicious!
It came with their famous fishballs and wanton, of course
They made their own noodles and the noodles are very 'springy' too. The fishballs were soft! They also served nice otah-otah over there.

Thus instead of planning to places like Seremban or Melaka,I ended up trying out some old, established food stalls. :) Have a good week!