Simple Sunday dinner....

I always likes to have a nice and simple dinner before going back to Singapore for the new work week.And, most of time, I patronised Pekin Restaurant in Taman Sentosa, JB. How great is to end a Sunday evening with some simple, good food and freshly brewed Chinese tea. It really calms me for the evening before facing another stressful week. :(

Fried pork meat in sweet and sour sauce or "gu lou yok"

Their famous spinach tofu

Fried 'mantou'

Century eggs and vegetables soup

"Four heavenly Kings" - consist of a mixed of four vegetables
Have a beautiful week!!!


  1. I like the food you have ordered. The fried Mantao eat just like that? Usually with Crabs or oink oink right?

  2. Nice! Simple is usually the best...no need for anything fancy to camouflage the lack of taste!

  3. Small kucing - Up to you! Many ways to eat it.

  4. Spinach Tofu sounds interesting to me

  5. alamaks...more lou lo yok posts bugging me...must go get my fix today!!!