When you are on a cruise, one of the main attraction that everybody look forward to was the abundant of food there. Food were served almost 24 hours a day at various restaurants. The restaurants seems to take turns to serve you, whenever one closed, another one opens. Thus, you will never get hungry on a cruise and it's also a good time to put on weight and indulge. LOL I almost had 7 meals a day, 2 meals in the morning where it started at 6.30am, 2--3 meals in the afternoon and 2 meals in the evening. The supper was available from 10pm onwards till 6.30am.

Since I love to blog about food, I have taken some of the food pixs served in the ship.  Since this is an Italian cruise, they mainly served Italian dishes. Thus, I almost had pasta and pizza daily!!  *WARNING* DO NOT READ WITH AN EMPTY STOMACH!! :P

Appetiser - Tuna salad

Side meal  - Pasta with mince meat

Appetiser - Brocolli with shittake mushrooms and onions

Main meal  - Fish fillet and chips

Main meal - Chicken in herb sauce

Dessert - Chocolate cake

Dessert - Strawberry ice-creams

Appetiser - Nuggets

Side meal  - Some rice cook in herbs *blur*

Soup - *forgot*

Side meal - Pasta in Olive Oil and cheese

Main meal - Fish

Main meal -- Chicken in some sweet sauce

Main meal - Pie with Edamane beans salad

Pork with cheedar cheese

Dessert - some fruit cakes

Side meal - Macaroni

Main Meal  - Fish 

All day available - Salad

Main meal - Fried rice

Dessert - Strawberry cupcake

Dessert - Almond cake

Apppetiser - Squid salad

Appetiser - *forgot* :(

 One of our favourite restaurants

Above and below, waiter and waitress did a flash mob to entertain the crowd 

They churned some moves with songs like Gangnam style, Gentleman and Italian songs.

Side meal - Pasta

Main meal - Lamb cook with herbs

Appetiser - Fried chicken wing

Appetiser- Mini Pizza

Main meal - Beef cooked with some  ......... ???
There you are .... some of the dishes I sample during there. Well, I needed to put in more effort in the gym now. :P Have a good weekend, folks!


I was quite excited when the cruise reached Phuket in the early morning. I woke up around 7am (8am Malaysian time) and while my family and I 'rushing' for the buffet breakfast at one of the restaurants, the sight of land and mountains calms my soul. It's been almost more than 15 hours on the sea and when I saw land, I never felt so good. I felt great!!

This was my first time to Phuket and though it's just a 6 hour excursion, I am looking forward to it. Our cruise ported near Patong beach and we have to take smaller boats to reached ashore. The boats came with the cruise and they called it 'tender boats'.

They also excited taking the 'tender' motor boat 

Busy Patong Beach ... lots of 'ang moh' there. Here's a pic of massage services held at the beach.

While on the excursion bus, I was busy snapping pixs around the island.

First stop, the popular Chalang temple in Phuket

Since I am a Christian, I decided to snap pictures around

The wat or temples are so beautiful 

Another design here 

One of the stalls my kids love ..cos there were lots of tidbits to feed their hungry stomach

Our tour bus

At 'Porntip', a mall selling Thai food products. It also happened to be Loykrathong day!

Taking pics around. The inside of Phuket town is very much like  small towns in Malaysia. Even the traffic lights and roads are similar as well as the traffic.

Back to the vibrant Patong Beach streets. As evening drawn by, hawkers and eateries beginning to open.

It's a bustling place!

Great to walk around there like the crowd and say hi to the thai girls ....:P

Sounds like Jonker walk ?

It seems like they are preparing for the water splashing Loykrathong day at night. Too bad I gotta be on board in the evening!

Back to idyllic Patong beach. There were a few race boats here. I wonder some event taking place soon ? 

After the tour, my kids having a good time at the beach before boarding the boats back to the cruise.

Patong Beach

My favourite shot of the day, with the cruise in the background.

It's Sunset ....

Another pix of Patong beach

The jetty ......ready to go back

Turn behind to take one more shot of Patong beach

Since my kids were with us, my wife and I decided not to go for island hopping or water activities at the islands nearby like phi phi and James Bond island. We decided to take the Island tour which brought us around town and sight-seeing, as well as shopping. It was a plesant trip and I fall in love with Phuket girls. The Thai were so friendly to us tourists. I guess I make a longer trip in the future.