Well, it's been two weeks since I last updated my blog, thanks to my hectic schedules at work and the flu bug which struck me first, then my son and over the last weekend, it struck my wife and my baby daughter. :( Well, glad all of us are feeling better now. Life is kinda dull for me lately as it's just work and work , did some exercise at night and rest during the weekends.

I came across this beautiful pix which was shared by my ex-colleague in facebook of a nearby lake. It was really a refreshing image of nature and beautifully taken. I passed by this lake almost daily  but never seen such a beautiful portrait of it.

Have a great mid-week and slow down to smell the flowers and be aware of the beautiful nature around you. :)


After our usual badminton sessions around the East Coast, my colleague decided to suggest this eatery in Tg. Katong for dinner or supper (depending on the individuals).  I seldom explore Singapore for makan but this place really make good nasi lemak as well as its crispy fried chicken.... oopps... this is an unhealthy meal!
what a crowd at 9pm +
We gotta queue up to order a plate of the nasi lemak at a pack corner kopitiam type of place. This is the part of Singapore where the old colonial pre world war buildings are still standing. Felt very much at home here..hahaha.
just like buying economic rice style..we queue up and order our dishes

snap a pix here...the other side of Spore with all the shophouses   
Since it was late, I decided not to eat that much and order a fried chicken and some vegetables to go along with. The nasi lemak really tasted good while I love the chicken wing! Not sure if it's because I was hungry after a badminton game, I finished the plate quite fast, and gotta wait for my colleagues!

*burp*.... time to take a long ride home after that .... :)


This is one nice little cute place to have a meal here! I was here the second time round  since I last came with my family back in Dec 2009. And, well, they have renovated the place and it look so new now! My son, who was having fever wanted to come here and well, so as his command, hopefully it improves his appetite.

Lots of Doraemons on a mini greets as you enters
continuing from above pixs...
more doraemons...no wonder my kid loves this place
they even hanged lots of doraemon's pixs on the wall!
here's how the simple cafe looks like, from inside
My princess ready to order
Since my kid not well... my wife shared a kway teow soup with him ... taste good!
I had a sirloin steak fixed!:)
There are a combination of eastern, local to western food here and I guess this place is pleasant enough to have a meal here. There's also wifi while the place was so clean! I found another nice place to hang around for makan :)

Doraemon De Cafe is located at - 101, Jalan Dedap 6, Taman Johor Jaya, 81100 JB.


I always patronised Sedap Corner regularly few years back at its various branches, be it at City Square, Pelangi Mall, their HQ, Permas Jusco and so on. One of the best thing I love are their nyonya kuihs and teh tarik, which makes a great tea break. In addition, they have a lots of local varieties for lunch or dinner like nasi lemak, nasi goreng kampung, fried hor fun and so on. Anyway, of late, there are a lot of eateries mushroomed in JB which I almost forgot about this nice restaurant.

This is not a pay-post as well as I have yet to do any yet. I was finally back in Sedap Corner again after a long while. Well, they have a new menu now and I thought it's a great idea to try out their Johor Style Mee Bandung, instead of the usual fried kuay teow.
Johor style Mee Bandung
It looks red spicy here but it's actually just a little spicy and I like the gravy which is a a little bit sweet. Well, I really love it and it's also the first time I tried it.

fried kuay teow
My wife ordered my favourite fried kuay teow and of course, I can't resist it but help myself with a little bit of it. It still taste good!

We also order some kuihs and I only took a pix of the ondeh-ondeh. My kid loves it!

I order a kiddy meal fried rice which comes with an orange juice for my kid, where the  portion is just  good enough for him.
My kid enjoying his kiddy meal or perhaps he's hungry ?
I still like going there for tea and enjoyed their kuihs. By the way, here's their website.