Just a short post today as I hardly find time to blog lately. LOL ... Anyway, this chicken chop seems to be a hit and I thought it's a good idea to try it. It was available at the western franchise, Char-Grill-Bar, which were all over the food-courts in SG. When I first ordered it , around noon, it was sold out!! Wow... that's really a hit. I came back the next day and I finally got to try it.

Salted Egg Chicken Chop 
I am not sure where they got this idea from but McDonald also had salted egg burger recently. Anyway, the chicken was very crunchy and I love the fries!! The fries are just nicely made , salted and crunchy! Then the salted egg gravy, it was a little spicy but it was nice though I can't taste the salted egg or maybe I am not really a fan of salted egg. However, my colleagues are repeated customers but overall, it was delicious! I will definitely try again!

Have a good weekend, folks!


Nowadays I have cut down my long runs due to heel pains which I got it since April this year. However, I still run almost daily for short distance but once a while I do a 10KM, where I just did one last Thursday. And, running seems more fun now with Pokemon catching. I started the app and started running in order to hatch the 'egg'. Then, when something appeared on the screen, I will just slow down and take a look at it to see if its worth catching. There was this evening last Thursday where I spotted a rare pokemon while running and I went to look for it (and deviated from my running route). I finally found it and caught a 'Ninetales'. It was fun though my pace has suffered a lot! Even my colleague was jokingly scolding me for ignoring my pace. Well, I told them I just want to have a relaxing run and enjoy it while playing the game. I would end at the most popular place to catch the pokemons where there are crowds around there before heading home. Anyway, this game is very popular here in SG though it definitely affected my training. OK la, I haven't sign up for any runs till next March 2017 for Sundown Marathon, as I wanted to heal my heels. Maybe will do one more this year.

Oh, we discovered a newly opened bistro in Bandar Seri Alam in JB and though of trying it. It was quite a full house. I like the ambiance and it was very comfortable inside there. However, the food choices are not very suitable for us as well as it is quite expensive. Other than that, the food was great!

Selfie with little princess

 A cold chocolate drink. That ball is an ice where my kid will pour the chocolate drink onto it.

Enjoying the drink!

We ordered a pizza and shared

My flat white

Mushroom pasta for my kid

And, aglio olio for my wife

Thus, it's just pasta and pizza for us as we somehow, do not prefer the rest of the food on the menu. However, having said this, the food was great and that explained the crowd there! Have a great week ahead!