Malaysia's Legoland  in Nusajaya
Once I got updates that the Brick Shop was opened in Legoland, I was quite excited and to my kids' delight, I decided to go there for the very first time, but definitely not the last time. In fact, I will be  getting the annual passes which was at a discounted price right now at their roadshows. The theme park was not too far away as I initially thought, where it is just a few km from the Bukit Indah township, which was also near to where my in laws staying. Thus, I can shower and go there, come back again to shower and go again...hahaha...

The place was still under construction when we were there last weekend but then, there was a large crowd too. The folks are there mainly to redeem their annual passes as well as to check out the Brick shop, which sold all kinds of Lego merchandises especially the toys! My kid, who was a Lego fan, was the most happiest that day as there was almost a complete set of Lego products there. Me too, was impressed by the large X-wing which cost around RM360+.

A lego figurine trying to climb onto over gates

The ticketing counters

Lego figurines on top the ticketing booths

Lego figurines busy at work in the Brick Shop

Samples of toys on parade

The Lego Brick Shop
Though most of the theme parks were closed since it was not open yet till Malaysia Day next month, it was a  nice place to be at that moment. It was evening around 6pm and with the breezes around at the beautiful park, the surrounding was simply relaxing. It was fun taking photos around. The view over there was magnificent since it is surrounded by low lying hills.

The mini-land

Tracks for the Lego-made train

The Lego  'CITY' theme park
A magnificent view of the park from afar

Family portrait

It's really a dream come true for the kids.... nearly all the kids went 'havoc' at the shop, including mine.

My kid 'untung' already.... look at his smiling face!
 Well, it's great that finally there are some great attractions near home, besides the Johor Premium Outlets. Anyway, I will likely go later after the opening in order to avoid the crowd, maybe end of the year. By the way, go get the discounted annual pass now!!!


As the proverbs said, ' there is always a season for everything....' And this is a season of poor health and work for me. Urgent or challenging tasks just comes and go, one after another while I was sick on and off for the past two months. I can't help feeling anxious whenever there are issues in work. And, whenever I ate something wrong, my throat will get startled up where I needed to reach for the antibiotics and cough mixture. Anyway, things getting better now as I guess most of my difficult tasks started to stabilise and I am feeling better. It's time to go back to my routines.

After away from working out for a while and gaining weight, it's really tough to get myself back to the gym. The word is 'lazy', as I would prefer to go home, had a nice dinner and relax in my bed either by listening to music, surf or read a book. I am also having problems waking up early on Sunday morning for church, where I prefer to snooze a little bit longer, till the brink of noon. I remember an elderly folk who actively exercises told me once you stopped exercise, it will take some efforts to go back. How true!! I also been skipping some of my other activities after work like doing my toastmaster club projects and badminton. It's high time to push this cold engine to start up and get going...hahhaa...

By the way, check this out ....

My favourite Miso Ramen with garlic oil at Men-ichi Ramen in Northpoint, Singapore

Craving for a salmon (sake) sushi and decided to order a plate..yummy... love the feeling of dipping some wasabi onto it and chew!

Chawanmushi - something I can't do without when having Japanese food. It was great on a cold night.
Burp..... and TGIF.....and long weekend!!!!! Enjoy yourselves, folks! It's the season to wind down already......


It was a stressful week for me as I have to fire-fight some production issues in work, and been staying up late. The issues happened too sudden on a wednesday morning and I found myself shift from a clumsy low gear to high gear up till Friday in work. And, I guess the issues are settled but still keeping my fingers crossed!

Thus, a relaxing Saturday was welcoming for me. In fact, Saturday nights are always special for everyone who works from Mon-Fri. This is really a time to wind down, catch a movie with your loved ones, do some exercises in the evening, shop and dine. As for me, I slept the afternoon away after fetching my kids from tuition and headed to Tebrau City to shop and dine. Well, unsure of what to eat, I suddenly had a craving for pizza (and so was my wife), we ended up in Vivo Italian restaurant.

Ordered a large pizza to share between my wife, my little girl and myself
This is the first time I tried their pizza and I must say it's better than Pizza Hut.

My son's favourite , Fish and Chips. However, he shared this with his little sis. :)
Up next, a treat for my kids and wifey.... brownie with chocolate ice-cream.

As for me, an freshly brewed Americano will do.... :)
We went around to shop in the crowded mall but only got some groceries from the supermarket. Well, as usual we did our weekend shopping for groceries and food whether in Jusco, Tesco or Giant.

Have a good week, folks while I'm still following up on my issues in work. :)