I didn't really upgrade my blog of late as I was real busy with work. Last week seems to pass so fast as I was trying to complete my work before I go for a four days leaves. Well, tomorrow and Tuesday will be long days too but then, before I know it, I'm on leave already. :) Well, no grand plans with my leaves as it's just another family outing where I will bring my family out for a getaway for a couple of days.
nope..we are not going there ... :(

I remember I attended a course some years back and we are taught on how to identify our personalities. If I am not wrong, I belong to the 'kinetic' type of personality where I cannot focus for long as well as I needed to experiment, touch, feel and see the 'thing' in order to understand. Some other folks are the visual type, where they can visualise the entire concept or idea so vividly in their mind.

For someone like me, definitely I cannot sit for long. So, usually, I try to remove all distractions from me and the environment and focus on a short period to complete something. Once done, I will take a short breather like a tea break or a short chat before I continued with my work. That also explains why I usually go back late after work, as I need another hour to complete my task unless I got an appointment. LOL

I find that for personalities like me, constant short breaks helps me to focus on my tasks as well as helps me to relax helps me a lot in trying to resolve issues. Short breaks helps me to unwind and regained back my composure if I am stressed. It clears my mind and most of time, I managed to find a way out or ideas for something that's I'm stuck with, when I am relax after a breather. After all our mind is a muscle and just like an heated car engine, it needed to cool down before resuming a journey. We also needed to rest our muscles after completing a set of workout before resuming the next repetitive sets.

I love short breaks ...... and it will be a short working week for me. Looking forward to my long break!! :) Have a good week, folks!


I was very tired, sleepy and also having a slight headache this evening after work. I planned to go to the gym for a workout but I'm doubt I could do so. Thanks to insufficient sleep yesterday night where I can't sleep till almost 1am plus and woke up at 7am. It's a long day at work and I was real tired.

It was an hour ride back home in the bus and I doze off. It's not a sound nap as I woke and napped again and woke up again. However, after almost an hour and when I was reaching the gym, which was nearby my place, I stop napping, 'wake up' and then, I felt refreshed! Thus, I quickly sound the bell to get down and had a great workout and run.

I was simply amazed at the wonders of a power nap! Just a short nap and it really sustained me for the evening! Thus, if you are lack of sleep, try taking a 15 mins power nap in the office. It do you wonders!!


It was a great day! When I awoke this morning, the sunshine was beautiful in the late morning  while my lovely family were getting ready for breakfast. It was not a hot day and yet not a cloudy day, just a nice bright morning which I'm sure it will lift up everyone's mood. Yes, I was the last to wake up but also the last to sleep yesterday night...LOL. Well, it was actually not really a breakfast but brunch, probably an early lunch.

Arashi Shabu-shabu
We check-in to Arashi Shabu-shabu again in Tebrau City, after enjoying their promotion set meals two weeks ago. However, too bad, no discounts this time and it's back to normal price. Anyway, we still proceed with it, probably go for those not so premium meals.

nice ambiance !
getting ready...

I ordered a Chicken Ramen Shabu-shabu this time, which comes with a ramen, of course, together with chicken slices, mushrooms and vegetables. I go for Miso soup this time.

Chicken Ramen Shabu-shabu
Chawanmushi - my favourite
My wife preferred something lighter again and opt for a vegetarian shabu-shabu. It's not bad, as there are lots of mushrooms with it, as well as some 'vegetarian prawns and crab meat'. She tried their Hokkaido Milk soup, which tasted like some mushroom cream soup to me. :P
Vegetarian set
My kid simply loves one of their junior sets which comes with sushis, a chawanmushi, fish fillets and yakult. Too bad, this picture was not sharp enough. :(
kiddy set
can eat now....
After the brunch, we went around Tebrau city to shop while I got my broken specs replaced with a new frame. Well, I love this frame, much better than my old broken piece. :D My wife was enjoying some sales around with her sisters and ended up with a nice handbag.

We went for coffee nearby few hours later before coming back for a refresher and deciding where to go for dinner later. It's indeed a relaxing and lovely day!

Have a good weekend, folks!


Just got an email that my Christian care group (CG) will stopped temporarily due to some personal reasons of the CG leader. After reading the email, I felt a tinge of sadness. The small group has been trying hard to 'exist' despite the geographical difficulties of the meeting point.

This group was form to cater to the working folks in Singapore who attended the same church in JB. Unlike, other CG where it almost existed in every geographical area or to put it simply, one at every 'taman', we only have this one CG in Singapore. Thus, travellling and time management is a challenge especially for those who stayed or work far away from the meeting point. Some of the folks are from the north, some from the west and I am the worst, I worked in the far east of Singapore. I gotta travelled one and half hour to the meeting point located at the far west of Singapore and usually will reached home by midnight unless I took a cab.

I have mixed feelings when my CG leader announced the group will be closed, at least for now. Sad because I have not been committed to the group and only attended as when I'm free or available ,though as mentioned, travelling there weekly can be a challenge for me. Meanwhile, the core members of the groups, which only comprises around three members are trying hard to accommodate everyone to come to the meetings and even organised events especially on special occasions. Of course, I do felt some relief that I don't have to attend the CG for a while and have one less commitment. However, I do feel bad that I didn't contributed much to the group as I felt that once you're in a group, you have a responsible to participate and help out the group, just like what my core members tirelessly did.

I did learn a lot from the CG and I hope I will be better prepare to take on some commitments when the CG is reactivated, in the future.


That's how I spent my Saturdays .... usually arise early, sent my kid to school and have simple breakfast.
Kuih pulut , right ?
Breakfast set with ham, sausage and egg
Of course - Kopi 'kao'
 My family and I were at Taman Molek at a cafe called Sensation, which was one of those modern kopitiams that sprouted out years ago. It seems like these kopitiams are slowly fading away as more and more air-cond cafes and bistros are coming up.

After shopping nearby at Tesco and Giant, we headed to Niniq Bistro at Taman Pelangi for lunch.
Soto Ayam - I had this, the soup was great!

Satay Ayam set - My wife and my kid shares. The satay is good and big, but lots of fat.

And not forgetting a cup of Long Black on a lovely Saturday afternoon

We resume shopping at Jusco before I headed home for a lazy afternoon nap.... that's how weekend should be spent...rest and relax....


The doctor I visited was a gym enthusiastic. Thus, one of the questions he asked me was......

Doc :- Chris, did u exercise?
Me:- Yes, I did. I played badminton twice a week, as well as ran on the treadmill at least once a week.
Doc :- no good....
Me :- huh ?
Doc :- Chris, you should do more workout and cut down on badminton. The jumping and running not good for you, especially when you reached 40. Working out helps to build up your muscles and makes you looks younger too!
Me:- ...but I love badminton...it's my passsion...
Doc:- Most of the badminton players have pot belly... Go workout, every alternate days.
Me:- Ok, maybe I workout on Monday and Thurs and played badminton on Tues and Wed.
Doc:- No, better workout on alternate days....makes you look younger too.. played once a week enough.
Me:- errr...ok.

Well, tough talking to a gym craze doc. :p *ouch*.... got an antibiotic jab at the buttock  from that fella.... :P


Finally heavy rain came today after days of humidity and stuffiness! Seeing that it was a cool day today where I actually felt the chill in the office, I decided to go for hot food after work. I was also not well today with a throat infection after having a Malay fried rice with fried chicken wing yesterday. The effects of the fried rice and chicken really fast and I woke up with a cough this morning.

Back to my dinner, I check in to Northpoint shopping centre for Japanese food. And, as usual I had my favourite Ramen and Chawanmushi fix. Here goes.....

My favourite chawanmushi - S$3.90
Kyoto Miso Ramen - S$12.90
Men-ichi Ramen Restaurant still offers one of the best Chawanmushi and of course, Japanese Ramen around. The soup of  the Kyoto Miso Ramen was simply fabulous and that makes the ramen delicious! This is one of my favourite haunts for simple Japanese food. 

Well, after a nice, warm dinner...it's time for me to take medication - Cough syrup, antibiotics, anti-inflammation and throat lozenges. :( Doc gave me MC for tomorrow but I guess I cannot afford to take it  due to some outstanding tasks as well as I will be off next Monday for a long weekend till Wednesday. I will sleep early tonight to rest and let's see how I fare tomorrow.

Medications & Consultation - S$48 :(

Meanwhile looking forward to the long, long, long weekend and bring my lovely wifey and my two 'manja' kids out again.... Have a good weekend, folks!


It's Mother's day and we celebrated it tonight! Err....well, I was not in Ipoh with my mum anyway but I brought two special ladies for dinner tonight - my wifey and my sister-in-law. Yes, will bring my mum for a good meal when I'm back in Ipoh, likely next month. :) We headed to the newly opened branch of the Pekin restaurant, which was quite well known in JB and has a few branches here. This is probably one of the biggest restaurant in JB and it was so spacious!!

Peking Duck (half portion) - RM28
We decided to try their Peking Duck and it was just ok to me, though it's not that bad. Maybe I'm not too fond of duck meat whereas my other fellow diners felt that it's delicious.

Homemade tofu - RM7
I love their homemade tofu. It was affordable and delicious! The tofu is very soft and I don't really know what they mixed with it, probably some vegetables as it looks greenish at the side.

Pekin Brinjal - RM15
I was surprise that this is brinjal as I kept asking what dish is this initially. They fried it and the brinjal are all hidden inside. Anyway, it's very filling.... I took a piece and was quite full!!

China Nai Bai - RM15
Of course, every meal must have some vegetables to balance the meat intake. Well, I like this...it's crunchy!

Tong Po Pork - RM22
Their tong po pork is a good one but too bad I don't take the 'shaking' fats! I'm sure I will be scolded by some folks for leaving the fats out. :P Overall, this is a very nice dish! Their gravy is simply fabulous!
Red Snapper - RM48
I love the steamed fish...not bad and no complaints with it. The meat is smooth and the gravy is just nice!

Taken some pictures around the restaurant. Behind the two dividers are the dining hall. The place is really spacious!

The long corridor which leads to a few dining halls
Outside the restaurant
Restaurant Pekin Johor Jaya is located at 1, Jalan Masai Baru, Taman Johor Jaya, 81100 JB.


Well, most of time when we declined some appointments, sales talks, outings, dinners, lunches and etc; the 'no time' phrase was often used. I guess it's a convenient and polite way to turn down some sincere or business invitations. I guess it's allright to decline others but sometimes, we also often use the 'no time' excuse on ourselves.

I realised when you are interested in something, no matter what, you will have time for it. Say for myself, I never failed to turn up for my badminton sessions twice or sometimes thrice a week. However when it comes to other stuffs which I needed to go for my own good sake, a slightest headache will definitely a convenience for me to call it off. Simply enough, I don't really make time for stuffs that I'm not interested but I 'have' to do it.

I feel that motivations helps in this area. Think about the rewards if you persisted and go for the trainings or meetings though you have to endure hardship or difficulties. For example, if you learning to drive and hates driving lessons, imagined the rewards when you become an accomplished driver. You can go anywhere and be a more confident person.

Usually, when we involved in something, I am sure there's always a goal in mind. I don't think one would take up something with no reasons. Thus, focus on the rewards and you will have time for it. On the other hand, you will definitely have no time if you are over-committed. Choose a few activities and focus on it till you achieved what you wanted.

Just some sharing ...to motivate my own self and hope it benefits you too! :)


The popular stone that greets you at the entrance
I love nature, of late! I'm not sure why but I feel it's really good to escape the concrete jungle and get close to nature. Check out the southern most tip of Asia, not just Peninsula Malaysia, which is the Tg Piai National Park in Johor. Over here, you can see Indonesia and Singapore where your handphone kept on changing signals, if you left it auto-roamed.

a relaxing greenish trail along the mangrove jungle...
For typical folks like us, there are nothing really much to shout about at this place as it's really 'nothing' but just as a natural park. However, to the nature-loving folks, bird lovers, researchers and etc, it may means more than that. For me, it's just a park to me but also a place to escape. To be away from the massive jam-packed crowd in the trains, the traffic jams, work and retreated deep into nature.
check out the roots... strong enough to withstand the waves...

I love this pic...taken afar from the jetty. Check out the shadows of the jetty bridge.
I especially love observing the slow calm sea here, which was a juncture between the straits of Johor and straits of Melaka at the jetty, which was built far out to the sea. It was low peak then and you can see those walking mangrove fishes called mudskipper that crept at the wets sands. You can actually 'lost' yourself in time by looking around the views here.
the popular directions signage at the jetty

waiting for sunset
An army of mudskippers!!
view of the mangrove forest from the jetty
Overall, it was worth paying RM5 (for adults) and driving for almost one and a half hour from JB to come to this little and not so well-known place. In fact, coming to this place has to pass through some hidden malay kampungs and you can easily get lost. The park was also not commercialized, unlike some places with lots of shops there but just nature. However, the place is becoming a littering ground for irresponsible folks who just littered like nobody's business.
my kid at the southern most tip of Asia...!!

wifey and daughter

That's me with my daughter at the jetty...
Earlier, we were at Pontian for some nyonya food and after Tg Piai, I got some durians along the coastal road. It wad indeed a refreshing and relaxing one day trip!  Next...maybe joining a group to climb Gunung Ledang or family getaway to Cameron Higlands in June.:)

Have a great week, folks!


Coffee break at Toastbox with kopi 'kau' and kaya toast....
Well, initially I was planning to bring my family to go somewhere near JB like Desaru to spend the long weekend but somehow we have been there too often and there's really nothing special there besides the nice beaches. Thus, we decided to stay at home and go around town. It was kinda a tiring day as we almost shopped the whole day. 

And, I do welcome the little pleasure of having a cuppa of kopi 'kao' with kaya toast, while sitting down to relax our tired legs. Having a nice cup of coffee is really refreshing and nice!

Planning to go to Tg. Piai for some photo taking(southern tip of Peninsula Malaysia) tomorrow if weather is good! Have a good break folks!