I have not been eating healthily recently but some food are really too hard to resist. Luckily, I workout 3-4 times a week...LOL. I was back at Stonegrill and ordered my favourite sirloin steak. It comes 'raw' but marinated with spices, some corns and fried rice. 

The steak cooked very fast and you really have to twist and turn it till it was cooked, to your requirements. I prefer medium-well, but most of the time it became well-done. 

When the steak was first served, it was raw....

After grilling it on the hot stone for a very short while... 
Dipped in the black pepper sauce and you had a sinfully but delicious meal. Ok, time to go for a jog....!!


It's been a while I had lunch at Niniq Bistro at Taman Pelangi and glad I was back there after sending my kid off to school for his Saturday replacement classes. Left only his sister, it was much more quiet and my wife and I can have some peace. LOL Well, when both of them were together, they tend to make much noises and active.

Since my wife decided to have something light, she go for their chicken and ham sandwiches. The presentation looks really good and I quickly snapped a picture of it. Not to mentioned it taste good too! The bread was crunchy and the entire serving was quite heavy too!

Chicken and Ham sandwiches
I had their signature Nasi kuning with fried chicken, which I usually had it when I am here. The rice was fragrant while the chicken were crispy! There was also an egg which covered with gravy, and which was also used to mixed with the yellow rice.
Nasi kuning with fried chicken
Once our meals were done, it's a real pleasure to order some great coffee. They do served nice coffee over there. I had a flat white while my wife had a cappuccino.  I simply love the way they design the coffee, especially the cappuccino.
Flat white coffee


Have a great mid-week!


I think I found a better place for coffee. Located at the new stretch of shops in Taman Molek, the cafe seems hidden from the main street. The cafe was large, clean and pleasant as well as the aroma of coffee fills the entire cafe once you stepped in. There were also three pretty waitresses cum coffee makers there, which is a good reason for me to go back there. :P

Nice, beautiful cafe
Since it was lunch and my kids were still in tuition, my wife and I decided to have some bites here. We ordered something light which are ciabattas as well as each one of us got a cup of coffee. I preferred cappuccino as usual while my wife got a cup of latte.

My cup of cappuccino
 The cappuccino was really good as it was smooth and it was very balance between creamer and coffee. The scent was strong too. There were some cappuccino which are too 'milky' while some tasted like freshly brewed coffee. This one is really great.

My ciabatta - Ham and cheese

Latte - looks the same but it's a bigger cup.
 Overall, I think their coffee are better than those famous coffee outlets in the malls. Anyway, will return and try more. By the way, here's the address -  Just Want Coffee, Jalan Molek 1/5c,Taman Molek, JB.


After we left Zenxin and fetch my sis-in-law, we decided to visit the park at the foot of Gunung Lambak. This mountain was very popular in Kluang and even Singaporeans where lots of folks came over here to hike.
The guide leading to the peak as well as a nearby peak and alternative routes
I heard from most of the folks who have been here and it's not really that tough to hike but then, let's not overestimate it. I never really hike much today as it was late but manage to go around at the foot of the mountain. Anyway, I plan to hike up to the peak soon.

A hanging bridge

At the beginning of the trail, there was a cement path as a 'warm up'. However, the path will be replaced by natural  terrain after a short while.

A tiny waterfall here... 

Strange looking branch ...

Shelter for folks to rest... 

Here's the short hanging bridge again 
I guess I will be hiking up this mountain soon. I heard that it took around 1 hour to reach the peak.


Since my kids wanted to cycle at Zenxin Organic Park, where I had some vouchers, I decided to go Kluang again last Saturday. I have been to Kluang very frequently lately as I needed to fetch my sis-in-law, who's staying temporarily there. It was a good 50 mins drive though it rained heavily in some parts of the road.

Once I reached there, I saw the below and immediately my curiosity reached sky high. I really wonder how the organic version tasted, as well as the durians doesn't seems expensive.

When I tried the durian, it's good. I love the sweet and bitter taste in its pungent flesh! At Rm5 per kilo, I think it's not expensive as the one I bought was quite big. My wife and I can't even finished it! Anyway, I still wondering what's so 'organic' in it.... no pesticides ? LOL

 Meanwhile, my kids were cycling in the scorching sun in the afternoon and I was sweating profusely! They too, definitely were sweating and I decided to cut short the activity after they cycled for a while.

having fun.... 

Maybe it's time to introduce him two wheels .... 

My little princess can't really cycle the full swing but manage to move around

Having problems with the slope and needed my wifey's help...
We were off to Kluang town after that.


It's glad to be back at Legoland after three months since we have been here! There were a few new additions like the Death Star at miniland, a  Ribena berry lego, the Chima lego (and the walking Chima where you can catch it for a pix) and the almost finished Legoland Hotel! It's great to be back with my kid here to wind down for a few hours with some rides and de-stress! And, the good thing was while we were here, there was hardly a crowd due to the non-peak season. We didn't even have to queue for rides and some of the rides were not even filled up!

The Legoland hotel almost completed!

The cute Ribena berry

I'm totally impressed with the Death Star.... my favourite art piece here!

The Death Star at miniland - new addition! 

My kid enjoying his up-down ride while I hate this one.... it's so scary being push up and down in quick speed ! hahaha..

Posing with the Lego Chima.... my kid's favourite!


Sometimes my colleagues and I will end up at the Sentosa''s resort world for lunch at the Malaysian food centre. The food centre, which was air-conditioned and with decors that looks like old town streets, was a food haven. It sold almost all sorts of Malaysian food ike asam laksa, char kuay teow, ice kacang, Klang Bak Kut Teh, Penang prawn noodles, Petaling Street dim sum and etc. After finishing our lunch here, we will usually go to nearby coffee outlets to check on our work emails before going back to office or nearby for meetings. That's really the joy of teleworking! You can work anywhere!

Penang char kway teow at RWS


This is the first time I tried this nyonya delicacy and I happened to found this nyonya eatery selling mostly desserts! It's a real delight to discover something different from the usual typical food in Singapore. Located at Katong, nearby the Katong 112 mall, this place was called Sinpopo and it gave a very nostalgic feel. It's as though as you travel back to the 60s. Anyway, according to history, Katong is the home of the Peranakans in Singapore. Thus, it was not surprising if you see shops selling Peranakan stuffs there!

Durian Pengat
 They claimed the durian pengat was made from D24 durians, which I believe them! The dessert was so tasty and the fragrant of durians were everywhere in the dessert. With some coconut milk, this really spiced up my day! Thumbs up!!

The main entrance, which was greeted by an old tv

.... boasting of their signature dessert! :)


Finally I tried Kim Gary's snowflakes dessert!! I have been to this branch at Tebrau City many times but I ended up ordering tea or coffee after the meals and seldom go for their desserts. To the delight of my kids, I ordered this chocolate and milo snowflakes. It was not very sweet and it was quite a big portion too. We have problems finishing it! Thumbs up for their snowflakes!

Chocolate and Milo desserts
Before that, I had their omelette rice and it was great too! Lots of shrimps, onions and meat! It does looks good right ?

Have a great mid-week!