It's almost all day Japanese food for me. I had hot pepper meal's steak for lunch which was almost Japanese style. The steak was marinated and left to cook for itself onto the hot plate, together with an egg and vegetables. It also came with a miso soup. So, it's really sounded Japanese, right?

Hot pepper steak
I tossed and  turned the steak to let it cook for a while before munching it. Loved it!

Then, when back in JB, my family felt like having Japanese food for dinner and as well as there's a 30% discount for sushi at a restaurant nearby. Thus, after waiting for my kid to return back from school for a replacement class on Saturday, we headed to the restaurant before running our errands at a shopping mall.

Oden set

Loves the radish and tofu in slightly sweet miso soup
I ordered an healthy vegetarian Oden set which consisted of tofu, radish and egg in miso soup. Haven't really tried this before but as a soup lover, I always wanted to try it.

My wifey shared a miso ramen with the kids while we ordered some sushi to go along.

Salmon temaki

salmon maki

Salmon yuzu maki
We also ordered an assorted sushis but the pix that I took was not very well taken thus I didn't put it up here. Altogether this costs us RM80+. I think it's still allright as a Japanese bento set in SG already cost $20!
While waiting for the food to be served, as usual, I snapped pixs of my family.

My little princess having fun ....

Yours truly and son... 

My precious three...!

enjoying salmon sushi...
It's a short weekend for me as I needed to rush back to SG tomorrow for a working Sunday. Glad I still managed to spend some quality time with my family.

Have a good week, folks!


I think I passed the flu virus to my missus and she was down over the weekend, just after we got back from our shopping last Saturday. So, I took a day off on Monday to take care of them, as well as teleworking from home. It's rather tough working from home but then, the good thing is it gives me the convenient of juggling between family and work. Anyway, it's also great to spend a longer weekend with my family at home, though I didn't accomplished much.

It's consider lots of work sending the kids to and from schools, as well as bathing them, and buying food for them, while replying work emails. I really salute the single moms who did quite well and endured these daily. It's really not easy juggling between work and family. Anyway, glad my wife recovered well and I can passed back the baton to her. LOL....

cam-whoring with my little princess...
My little princess passed this to me when fetching her back

Have a good mid-week!


I always love Fridays more than anybody else! Usually, I tried to work late during weekdays but I always tried to make it a point to leave early on Fridays as I needed to cross that dreaded jammed causeway on Friday evenings and I tried to avoid the peak hours. Most of the time, I will work at other locations on Friday afternoons like my companies' branches or cafes, in order to clear some emails before the day ends. I still feels that I can accomplished more in the office but then, it's real convenient to be able to work anywhere   and leave early.

Enjoying a nice cuppa of freshly brewed coffee at Starbucks while working

Looking forward to the new Iron Man 3, where miniatures were paraded in Bugis Junction
Well, at every corners of Malaysia, no doubt  everyone knew elections is around the corner. I love to read news about the event, whether on the opposition or National front. Anyway, received a SMS from a friend of mine in Ipoh asking me passionately to vote for a certain party. I am quite a supporter of a this party but then, I was sort of irritated with this SMS. Afterall, voting is a personal decision. So, I jokingly countered him that I am voting for the other party! He was so disturbed by it that he started listing down the facts and so on. I countered him back by listing facts of supporting the other party. He seems got irritated this time and said something quite personal! I was kinda startled... this is one hard core supporter and he was not even a member of any parties. LOL.. I make peace with him later.

I usually dined alone on Friday nights before leaving for home. I had a relaxing time at City Square with a simple prawn pasta and tea. Having the tea after crossing the jammed causeway was welcoming and refreshing, under the cold air-cond. in the mall.

calming cup of tea

healthy prawn pasta...hehehe..
Have a good week, folks!


Not a good week for me as I was down with a flu and only recovering now. Sometimes I am wondering whether docs who prescribed weak medicines are exercising caution as they doesn't know the condition of their patients yet or just want to play safe. I took medicines foir almost three days and have yet to recover and gotta see another doc who eventually told me the meds that I took are not strong enough. I felt so much better the next day after taking this doc's meds. sigh...

Anyway, since I am not well I gotta eat light food. So I order a soupy Shanghai noodles with pork meat and salty vegetables. And, not forgetting a cup of hot ginger coke. That's very refreshing indeed, at KimGary in Tebrau City. And that place is always crowded!

Hot ginger coke

Shanghai noodle 

Went to shop for a sports shoes as my old but comfy skecther finally calls it a day with an open sole at the bottom. Thus, I decided to go back to Skecther since I like their shoes. Manage to get this one and I hope it will motivates me to run more and longer! :P

My new Skecther shoes!

They gave me a RM50 voucher for a purchase of RM300 above and thought it's a good idea to get a pair for my wifey too. She choose this one...

OK, will be recovering soon and back to work tomorrow...sigh... Have a good week, folks!