It was quite a tough week leading up to Easter today. Last Saturday, while eating, one of my molar tooth chipped. Though there was no pain, that really gave me a hard time and lots of frustration and anxieties as well. Morever, I gotta be on training for the following week and if I go for an extraction, I was not sure if I can recovered on time. And, it was Sunday the next day too and there won't be many dentists around. Thus, I decided to 'tahan' the tooth for the entire week leading to my appointment on last Friday. It was a tough week, as I needed to be on course and sat for an exam on the third day. With that, I needed to study at night. Then, my company been calling me on and off while I was on course and the little fear in me of going to the dentist doesn't help. I was wondering would it be an extraction, filling or the big thing, root canal. Filling will be unlikely though this is the best option for me and I guess it will likely be an extraction as the tooth has chipped. A portion of the tooth actually came out. If it's an extraction, I was wondering would the dentist needed an operation, as this is a huge molar tooth!! Aiyo... all these thoughts kept on lingering in my mind, while I preparing for exam.

I was actually 'trained' not to fear the dentist since young as yearly, the clinic at my school will always summon us for extraction, filling or scaling. With all these years of  'training', I was not really that fearful of dentist and even bravely went for my wisdom tooth extraction in my younger teens. However, five years ago, I had a cavity where it bled profusely after the extraction and also, I went in and out the dentist's clinic for almost 5 times for a bridging and crowing works, in order to 'implant' back the missing tooth. After all these are done, I began avoiding the dentist ...... till last Friday.

 I was quite anxious leading up to the appointment but once I am in the clinic, which are those modern type, I began to feel better. There was no sound of drilling, no smell and the dentist was very friendly. The environment was clean and wifi was available too! Then, it was the procedure. The dentist seems to be quite humourous and also take time to explain my tooth's problems on a LCD screen and he recommended filling. Voila..... I felt so relief. The procedure lasted 30 minutes and I never felt so better after that. I was asked to come back for scaling and polishing three weeks later. It seems like I am back to my old self. The procedure cost me RM250.

I guess choosing a good dentist with modern equipments helps a lot compared to those old school clinics. And, over the weekend, I had some good food. :)

Chocolate Sundae for my kid

Strawberry Sundae for my little princess

Lovely ham and cheese toast
My favourite coffee with milk



Cheese baked rice ....

Curry Laksa

Fried chicken

 I guess we have face all fears sometimes and some of the best way to cope was to tell ourselves we can cope with it and try to relax. Another thing is, better to solve a problem faster so that we don't have to endure the problem for too long and get over it. :D

Btw, I went to Raffles Dental at Taman Molek, JB. Have a good week!


My kid already pestered me to bring him to Legoland again for weeks. He had been there for 5 times while I was there for 3 times. So, plus one more and it's 6 and 4. LOL... Since it's the start of school holidays in Malaysia while its the end for Singapore, I thought it's a great idea too as there will less crowded on a Saturday. Well, how true am I. The queue for the rides were shorter compared to our last visit in December. And, the rain also just stopped, making it a cooling day. Both my kid and I had a great time, while the mom and sis went shopping elsewhere.

Panoramic view from miniland

Getting ready for his rides

Horse ride ... his favourite!

Lego Dino!

He don't mind posing for me this time round which he usually shy away nowadays

Dino Island.... this one I don't dare to play, the boat just fell all the way down at high speed :P

Calling mom .....

Your truly with kid... lookalike hor?

His other favourite game, Lego City driving school

Aquazone wave racers...This one is good. I like it!

It was coming to 8pm and nearby Medini Mall was celebrating Earth Hour. How nice!!
Well, since it's so near to my home, maybe we go again next weekend :)


With a fast internet connection, smart phones and tablet at home, I realised the interaction between myself and my kids have became lesser. Though my kids are very young, they were so addicted to these devices and most of time, they spent their time the watching Youtube, playing educational software and of course, games. The educational apps were good and it did help my little princess a lot in English. Anyway, not just them, even myself was glued to the internet most of the time  and I guess it's time to 'fast' a little bit from the cyberworld. I thought it's time to break away and have more bonding with my kids.

One of the idea that I thought of was to introduce board games to them. That should be exciting enough as it's something new to them and appealing.  Besides the popular games like monopoly, risk, snake and ladder, chess and etc, their daddy, yours truly, been playing certain board games for years. I realized board games actually helps developed our thinking, like planning a strategy to score victory points. I have been playing many board games over the years with my colleagues during happy hours, though I am a lousy player.:P

London - A game about rebuilding London after the Great Fire destroy the city in 1666

I just bought a new game called London recently and it's really a good strategy game. Anyway, I have only played it once and still not too familiar with it. Usually, board games came with cards, dices and of course the big board with a booklet of instruction. The learning  curve is usually steep but it depends on the game. It can be usually played with 2-4 players. 

My ever favourite game - Acquire. A game about acquiring the most stocks in the property market.
So far, I have a collection of four games and that includes the board game version of Warcraft. Probably, I can try introduce simpler games to my kids, which will also take their minds off the mobile devices for a while as well as create more bonding with them. 

There are also board games cafes which offers a massive collection of games for you to choose. Have a good weekend folks and lets spend more time with our kids during this school holiday period. :)


While I was talking to an old friend which I met again after 23 years (my previous posts), she was telling me that her hubby dislikes or rather lazy to help out in housework. That strikes me as I was too, kinda lazy helping out with housework. :P Anyway, I shared my experiences with her that after a long week of stressful work, we guys really wanted to rest at home and relax, with good food and nice coffee. However, after that, I thought to myself that I should at least try to help out with some housework over the weekends. Afterall, it's not easy for my wifey as an housewife who worried about the kids day to day well-being as well as handling these little monsters' tantrums. I admit, being an housewife is not easy, moreover with no maid to help out. Well, time to do more, though I did some too in the past. :)

On the other hand, just when the weekend started on last friday night, I had Vietnamese food with my colleague near Comcentre at Somerset. The food was not too bad though I had tried better ones before. Anyway, the portion was huge!

Beef noodles 

taugeh and chilli to go with the noodles

Beef salad
 The beef salad was quite special and nice and it was the first time I tried it as usually I will go for the mango salad. Well, it's been a while I had Vietnamese food and this was refreshing! Have a good week folks!


Sometimes it's kinda awkward or even funny when your facebook friends treated you as strangers when met physically, even though you guys were 'friends' on facebook. I guess this is not uncommon as most of the folks usually just add someone on facebook or anyhow sent invites to those folks that they met before, but not really 'friends' yet. I remember this particular incident when some of my little princess classmates' parents added me as their friend on FB. Then, during their graduation ceremony, there was this pretty mom who added me on Fb but when I smiled at her, she just shy away. I glanced at her for a few more times (since she's gorgeous...:P) but she somehow just ignored. OK, not just ladies, even some dads also pretend they don't know me...hahaha...

However, on the other hand, some of my Form Five schoolmates started a fb page and though some of the folks I don't know really well, these fellas talked as if we known each other very well. Well, maybe it's the fact that we came from the same school and been schoolmates for 5 years and finally, we guys met again. LOL

I had pastamania last night as I didn't really know what to eat but really found it nice with lots of cheese. I ordered an aglio olio bacon, with linguine and mushroom soup.

My yummy aglio olio

Well, perhaps it's good to only add folks I really know and start the 'spring cleaning' now. Well, let me try one more time smiling at the pretty mom as well as the dads in the next ceremony. :P


I have known her since 1986 through some radio's song requesting program and I was kinda smitten by her then.  Then, in 1991 I visited her on the third day of CNY. She was then fair, had long straight black hair, slim and pretty. I remember I felt quite nervous in her home then with her entire family around but it was a great feeling. After the visit, where her home was quite far from mine in Perak, I called her and asked her wonder when can we meet again ? She was studying in KL then and I was in Ipoh doing my polytechnic course.

We lost contact one or two years where I went for my further studies in the university and she started working. Mobile phones, which were as big as water bottles then, were expensive and not popular.

And, after 23 long years, both of us didn't thought we can meet again. It was of recent that I managed to get her contact via facebook from her school's page . She was in Singapore currently with her family but will be leaving very soon to a place far away for good. It was great seeing her again and we had a good time chatting for 2 hours long during lunch. When biding farewell to each other after the lunch, I felt deja-wu when she asked me when can we meet again ? This was what I asked her 23 years ago before this meeting!

I wish her and family all the best, and hopefully we can meet again. :)


The past three weeks starting from before CNY and after CNY have been quite stressful for me. There were lots of works, some of them were quite pressurized, which came one after another. I needed to gave a presentation to my CEO for a tender, then as a part of the organizing committee for my company's staff forum, where I controlled the slides with my colleague for almost 1000 plus audiences, getting ready for ISO audit and another presentation to a group of people for my tender. Anyway, all these will end by next Tuesday and I am looking forward to the next weekend. I prayed to the Lord and thank God He sustained me during these periods.

Meanwhile, its been a while since I had steamboats and glad there's a Ho Ho steamboat in JB. I like Ho Ho steamboat, be it in KL or JB. Their ingredients were very fresh, the chilly sauce was appetizing, the 'lala' (cockerels) vermicelli was delicious and their soup was simply great.( though I need to drink lots of water after that :P)

The fresh seafood and ingredients

Noodles and vermicelli as fillers
eating the noodles like 'mamee'.... @_@

He loves to cook (or play...)

Ingredients in..... time to steam

ready to eat...yummy...

We ordered two broths, one clear soup and the other tom yum and I preferred the latter. Not sure if other branches had tom yum as I usually had the clear soup in Puchong's BB Ho steamboat. The first serving was always the best, once cooked, dipped in the special chilly and it's heaven! :)