Well, my wife and I are clueless as to what to eat for lunch this Sunday and she asked me to decide. However, all my recommendations were turned down by her ... for instant, I thought of going to the HK restaurant nearby where the lady boss is very pretty but she don't want. :( Then, I thought of vegetarian food but she said we just had it yesterday. So, since my kid been pestering me for another toy, we decided to go to Tebrau City Jusco and check out the eateries there.

Well, we ended up in Tang Shifu restaurant, where half of the shop is an eatery while the other half sells chinese medicated products. The food on the menu are mostly nutritious stuffs like herbal soup, bird nest, tang kwei, ginseng, cordyceps and etc. However, I like the quiet environment there as compared to other eateries in Jusco which were mostly crowded. It's more relaxing here.

My little girl striking a pose before makan..
Here's what I have, Ning Shen Nourishing Soup Set at RM13.90. It comes with some black beans and meat, brown rice and of course the soup. My wife and my kid shared the Tian Qi Nourishing Soup Set at RM18.90, which also had the same rice and side dishes.

I like this dish - Brocolli with slice Abalone and Scallop (RM13.90). And, my kid really love the slice abalone, he wallops all.
Then, we thought of trying out some small dishes, just at RM2 each. Below is a fresh cucumber tossed with sesame and walnut mix.

Fresh Seaweed with Fungus

My kid enjoying the food...

I took all these pixs with my iPhone 3GS which doesn't have a flash and the pixs are not sharp enough. Luckily managed to edit the pixs a bit. And, last but not least, a coffee but with Ginseng added, for the day. Cost - RM6.90.

Tang ShiFu is located at - Lot S50, Aeon Tebrau City, 1 Jalan DFesa Tebrau, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahru.

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I must say I can consult my this young nephew-in-law if I want to change my faithful Waja. This is not a paid post but somehow I was impressed with his knowledge and interests in cars. I remember he went to the recently concluded motor show in KL back in Dec for a few times and took a pix with some well-known car celebrities which we, including his dad a.k.a my bro-in-law, know nothing about this car celebrity. And, I assume he wanted me to go to the car show too when I visited them in KL back in last X'mas but I didn't make it! Maybe, the next time and I hope I got my DLSR camera ready then. Well, check out his blog here.

Everytime when I visited my bro-in-law in KL, I usually stumbled on a lot of car mags and I knew it belongs to Ben. Who knows...I may get a discount Ferrari or Lamborghini from him in a decade..haha...Well, if you love cars, do checkout his blog at - http://benautobahn.com


It has been a while since I had good and affordable food and blogged about it. Well, looks like over the past weekend, the CNY fever haven't really faded and most of the shopping malls here in JB were still playing CNY songs as well as CNY sales. And, some restaurants still offered Yee Sang. Thus, we decided to toss it for the last time in 2011 at Chau Yuan Restaurant in Taman Nusa Bestari.

Yee Sang

Believe me...this is one of the best Yee Sang I tasted so far in my life, though all of them tasted almost the same. However, I think their syrup for the dish is nice!Cost - RM35

Now, for the dishes...not so adventurous but health conscious a bit...here goes...
Special Beancurd
Their House Special beancurd cost RM8.

'Malak' fried chicken
I like the mix ingredients to dip the chicken, which changes the flavour of the dish. Cost :RM16

Celery & Lotus Root
Another delicious and healthy dish. Cost - RM10.

Overall, I have no complains dining at this eatery and they always dished out delicious food. They also have dim sum during the daytime which is also my favourite. I especially loved the Celery & Lotus Root as they are crunch, fresh and healthy. The tofu is very filling and delicious when dipped in soya sauce and I can only took into 3 pieces..haha...

Restaurant Chaw Yuan is located at - 1 Jalan Jati 2, Tanan Nusa Bestari Jaya, 81300 Skudai, Johor.

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It's really fast...Chinese New year 2011 ends tomorrow with the popularly known chinese valentine's day or 'New 15th day' or  Yuan Xiao Jie  or in hokkien, Chap Goh Meh. What are your plans?

As for me, it can be considered the first time I celebrate this day, with a lou sang in office then followed by a potluck dinner at my church's cell group. I started off this CNY with a bang by having a buffet dinner with my colleagues and will close it with a bang too, by praising the Lord God with my cell group members and of course, makan.....!!!

Here's wishing you a happy Chap Goh Meh!


Since I have been a bit 'bo liao' lately and still mountain hiking crazy (though haven't found kakis yet), I decided to check out various mountains that are 'hike-able' and came across this terrain google map of Malaysia.

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And, now I ...err...realised why Ipoh got so many mountains and hills...it is surrounded by the Kledang mountain range on the left and majestic Titiwangsa range on the right. haha... I never realise that Ipoh is in between two mountain ranges though I was born here and used to the many exotic caves and hills here, till I left the place (and wonder why some places especially JB and Singapore don't have that many hills...:P). I have been too, developed an awareness in certain famous mountains as I have been googling hike-able hills and mountains... hahaha....

To outsiders, if you are at Kinta City(Jusco), you will see the main mountain range of Titiwangsa to the east and the Kledang hill range on the west.

Ok, now I am beginning to sounds like a kid... :P Good, young at heart!!


Over CNY, I met up with an old classmate, which I never seen him for almost 20 years. Well, he's someone who likes to boast or always told how good he is, since young. Thus, I wonder if his character changed to a more humble one after 20 years. LOL...I was wrong.

Well, when I met him, I am quite delighted to feel that I look younger ...hahha... he's losing hair and gaining a big tummy, very typical man in 40s. LOL. However, he still as boasting as ever as after some small talk of the past, you got contact who's who, family, and etc...he started unveiling his million dollar projects in his company and challenging job, as well as how he manages his subordinates strictly. He also told me he needed to find 5 subordinates to work for him. He also boasted how fast he drove at 180km/h at the highway and how late he worked daily. Well, I told him humbly that I lived an opposite life from him as I drive below 110Km/h, work less and play more after office hours. I also told him at 40s, it's better to slow down a bit due to health reasons. He just smile...

I'm still not too sure if he's boasting but definitely, living on a fast lane is not healthy. No matter what, our body and mind needed rest as well as quality time with family. After you have reached 40, it's also telling us to take time a bit slowly off to smell the roses, though not living a life as a retiree yet but ...well, just slow down a bit compared to the 20s or 30s. And, I hope my this friend is still boasting...

What do you think? Should folks in their late 30s or early 40s start to slow down a bit for the sake of health and family?

Have a good weekend! :)


I thought I am feeling the post holidays blues today. I was still  at Seremban this morning and with a bad night sleep, I only woke up at 12pm, with my kid next to me who was still sleeping. Well, I guess the cough and flu medication he took makes him drowsy. I was staring at the ceiling after I opened my eyes and I thought to myself...well...I will be staring at the ceiling in my Singapore room tonight. Since my little Nicole was also down with fever where my wife took her to the doc, I made some milk for my kid, who was awake shortly, and let him drank on the bed.

It was quite a tired and depressed ..err..mid noon as I was sipping nescafe and having charcoal bread while watching Astro at my in law's place. The thoughts of the outstanding work waiting for me back in the office doesn't sounds comforting.  I was preparing to break for the CNY holidays two fridays nights ago and it seems so fast.:(

Thank God I had a great journey with a wonderful weather. The traffic was smooth all the way to JB and I only took my break at Machap after a 2 hour drive. We reached at around 6pm plus and we ended up at our favourite HK restaurant in Taman Molek for dinner.

OK, I be back to work tomorrow and the wonderful holiday seasons starting from the school holidays in Dec till CNY is over. The easy and relaxing season is over and time to get to back to cold, hard work. hahha... Anyway, on a positive note, without work there will be no holidays. How true.... if  there's no work, everyday is like a holiday, but minus the wages and income.

Life needs to be work and play. Sabbatical rest only comes after long hard work. If you're feeling the blues, remember holidays will only be sweeter after a satisfying job well done. Now, work well and plan your next holiday break.

Have a good mid-week. :)


Today is just the fourth or rather fifth day of CNY (since it's 2am) but the festivity is already considered over for most of the folks. Unlike me, most of the folks starts work on Monday and it's back to business as usual. As for me, I will be travelling back after a week spent in Ipoh and Seremban , before resume work again on Wednesday.

Well, this CNY is not as pleasant as my kid and I fall sick on the eve. And, it was also a torrid journey driving under the heavy rain during our balik kampung journey. And due to my sickness as well as the super hot weather in Ipoh, I cancelled some of my plans.

On the other hand, CNY is still very much about reunion dinner and meeting up with long time friends and relatives. I guess this is most 'basic' about the festival and I am glad I did that, unlike some folks who rather flew away for vacations. Gone are the days where I litted up firecrackers, visiting some sweet babes' home or receiving angpows. Those are what CNY meant to me during my younger days. Nowadays, what's important is to continue to rekindle friendship and kinship.

As we' re-start' our work in the new rabbit year, think about all the good and prosperous words you heard during this festive season and make sure these words comes true. Work hard and smart to realise your prosperous dreams!