Sigh ... I was quite disappointed today after my wifey drop me a bombshell... her family aka my in-law will scheduled their 'ching ming' on a weekend where I have signed up for my next run. I have to accompany my wife and kids as I cannot let my wife drive alone to KL and back to JB. I have signed up for the run since January and was anticipating it as well as persuaded my runners' colleagues to join me. And, today I receive the brickbats from them though they are joking only for opting out at the last minute. I was so disappointed that I even went to check for other runs in April to make up for this one!!

There was one short 8KM run in JB in May which interest me... (Lina ...want to join ? ) However, let me check out another run in April first. *shake head*... 

Ok, I was back at Anmour restaurant which I blogged about it last week. This time I wanted to try their Salmon Steak. The salmon looks small but it was delicious. I got to choose two side dish which I went for their salad and mash potato. Not bad ... though I should ask for some dressing for the salad as its too plain.

Salmon Steak
Have a great week!


This is the first time I ran that much and I break a record by clocking 104KM in March 2015. Of course, compared to the pro runners, this is 'sap sap sui' but to amateurs like me, it's kinda of an achievement to me. I guess that's probably due to a few 10KM+ runs in the month. Anyway, though it was great but then, my  RM500+ ASIC shoes going to call a day soon after only wearing it for 3 months!!

Look at the wear and tear at the soles... soon, there will be less friction !!
The shoes still looks new at the top but the soles seems a bit worn down. Well, I guess it can last for another 3 or 4 months if I keep on running with this mileage.  :(

BTW, I love this makan place in COLLIN'S Grille.Bento at Bedok Central in Singapore. The shop operated in a food court but they served affordable nice western food. I had a prawn pasta. The prawns are nicely bbq and I can taste the fragrance of the prawn meat!
My yummy Lunch
The eatery is located at Blk 217 Bedok North St 1 #01-77 (Food Loft), 460217, Singapore.


I discovered another new cafe , also in central JB at Taman Permas Jaya. It was crowded on a Saturday evening when I pass by to fetch my sis in law nearby. Well, usually when there was a crowd, the food wouldn't be that bad. Thus, we decided to try it for dinner. And, my kid somehow joke about the restaurant name, Anmour. It sounds french to me but when pronounced it, it also means 'massage' in Mandarin and 'caucasian' in hokkien. Lol.... OK, back to the food....

Green green salad for my wifey

A kiddy pasta set for my son , which comes with mushroom soup below.

Again, we had the grainy type of mushroom soup here. Simply love it!

Alamak ... another serving of salad for my wifey... She just had salad that evening.

Fish and chip for my little princess, where she shared with my wifey

And, lastly, I had a black pepper lamb chop.

And, not forgetting a kao kao kopi! It's bitter ... really nice!!
All I can say is the food was really good and I love the lamb chop a lot! The serving portion was big and I guess this is more like a American restaurant. They also served giant burgers! I will try their other food on the menu in the near future.

Have a good week!


I have been kinda adventurous with food lately. While waiting for my little princess to finish her ballerina class, I drove around to find a good place for coffee and after driving for a while, I found a new cafeteria in Taman Molek. Well, I just need a coffee and this place seems pleasant and decent enough for nice cuppa as well as a dessert. It's so quiet in the late afternoon then and I don't mind bringing my notebook to work here since there's free wi-fi too! 

Love the ambience

Looking out to the entrance

The place where they make the coffees... :)

Here's my pandan kaya cake. It's simply delicious!!!

My kid ordered a mushroom soup to share with my wifey. It really authentic and not those campbell type. 

And my cup of cappuccino
It's been a while since I enjoyed unhurried moments like this during Johor's new weekend. Thanks to the school holidays , else it was chauffeuring duty to fetch the kids to school or tuition centres.


I was on leave last Monday in order to spend a longer weekend with my family since it's school holidays. It was good, we went around town and visited malls, had good food and I even played badminton and watched football with my kid. However, thanks to the chat apps which I felt I installed too many on my phone, I received work related messages from my facebook chat messenger while out with my family from my malaysian mobile no.! I do not have any data activated on my SG phone while in Malaysia, thus its very quiet and moreover I switched it to aeroplane mode. But when  I saw the fb message, I was really baffled... my users even sent me messages via facebook ... wth.... I quickly turned off my chat in facebook. Then when I was home, I started to remove some apps from my phone and only leave two important ones intact. LOL ...

Oh... we was at Tebrau City and we patronised Kinsahi Restaurant again. I didn't take all the food pixs except mostly mine here. :) I like their food and I guess they make some of the better Japanese food in JB. Anyway, my two kids love Teriyaki salmon bento and they always shared one while my wife likes sushis.

My Udon and sushi set

Salmon sashimi and sushi to share

Cooked Nigiri Salmon Sushi for my kid
Have a good week and delete unnecessary apps!! :)


 I had a communication breakdown with someone from other countries in work some time ago. Of course, there's no racist's remark here as he/she were brought up in a different culture and surrounding in his/her own country. It all started when I received a call from that person 'telling' me something which he/she was working on then. I have already knock-off and thus, I was listening to a long story which related to my IT system. He/ she neither asking me a question or requesting me for something. The person can speak good english so there's nothing to do with language. I got irritated and ask him/her what's the intend of the call and is it a question or a request. Then he/she started the story again! I cut his/her story short by asking again what he/she wants?  Then, he/she told me it's better to discuss in office but that didn't happen and it's history.

I guess to avoid communication breakdowns, most importantly is to check what's the intend of calling a person, whether it's a question, making a statement or asking for a request with a short background. Anyway, I guess the person was stressed.

Oh, btw, I heard a lot about Thai boat noodles and was at one outlet in Bedok Point last week.
Thai Boat Noodles reataurant
But somehow, I ended up having a Basil Chicken Rice as I wanted to have rice since I am starving. Maybe I visit that outlet again and try it out! hahaha....

Basil Chicken Rice
 Have a good weekend!


While working yesterday in office, my kid whatapps me to ask me to help him on some homework while my wifey busy cooking and doing housework. Suddenly, this thought dawns on me. The entire family was so busy. I was working for a living while the wife tends the home and the kids have their own stress of attending school. How nice if we can go for a getaway where all of us can wind down and relax. My wifey can go for a facial and spa in a resort, while the kids can play around in a play house or amusement park while I can also go for a massage or run at the beach ? This can be quite realistic and not really a wishlist. Once a while, let's give all of us a pamper, don't you agreed? The only problem is I am not sure which resorts offer these and good? Any idea? I can booked a 3 days 2 nights getaway.

Oh... I gained some 2KG after the CNY and it's better now, I reduce 1KG after all the running. Anyway, it's nice to have something simple , healthy and delicious for a simple dinner. I was at Saladbox near Bugis MRT and ordered a garden Salad.

Garden Salad with Thousand Island dressing.

It's the school holiday...let's wind down and let me know if you have any recommendations for a nice family friendly resort. :)


I seems to be a busy man during weekdays where besides work, I had a lot of activities to do. Of course, these are healthy activities like training for half marathon, badminton coaching, learning about investments, attending classes on nutritions where my Amway upline keep asking me to go (sigh.....too lazy...) and of late, some of my colleagues asked me to join them for Krav Maga classes, which is some form of martial arts from Israel. hahah...I turned that down as I really had no time for it. As one of my friends pointed out, he said without myself knowing, I seems wanted to excel in everything but in the end, it's more of straining myself. Well, maybe that's true. OK, I shall not made any decisions on this yet here but follow my heart in whatever I do. After-all, we need to have interest!

It's been a while since I had ramen and felt of having one since I am not that hungry. I guess I ordered a smaller bowl will do ,which comes with two slices of pork. And, I also top up a chawanmushi since it's my favourite. It's great to have miso sapporo tonkotsu ramen again since that CNY week. Nice! :)

Miso Sapporo Ramen

Have a good week! :)


I just completed an 11KM run 2 hours ago and this was my first night run outside the gym since I participated in a Merdeka Run donkey years ago in 1994 in KL. hahaha... I started tonight's run sluggishly where the lazy me keep sending lazy thoughts into my mind as well as telling me how terrible and dry my sore throat is. It was really a struggle for the first 3KM and I was tired after that. Well, I am not sure is it due to the long day where I was fresher when running in the morning. I struggle for another 2 KM till 5KM with a really slow pace and took a short break sipping isotonic drink. After I reached the 5.5KM mark, I turned back to follow back the same path home. The strange thing is I felt more energetic when running back for home....hahahha..... I can even run faster then 'first half' though I had to slow down towards the last 2KM as I am getting tired. Anyway, I guess it's all mind over matters and I understand mental strength plays a very important part in long distance running. On the other hand, I am glad I managed to complete a 11.2KM run, which is scheduled in my training plan for half-marathon. And....err... I am not really sure if I can do 21KM as I already feeling the strains of running beyond 10KM. hahah...

Meanwhile, I had a braised beef set which comes with a rice two days ago. The beef is not that fat and I love the carrots. It's slightly spicy which I guess it has to be cooked in this way.

Braised beef set.

'Bonsai' ice-cream
One nice thing about Taiwanese food is that they are very creative and came out with cute and nice presentations of food. The above is a mixed of oreo and vanilla ice-cream and of course, it looks like a plant. I can't really tell how nice is it as I don't really had a chance to eat it with my two kids around. hahaha... They were too quick and finished it before I knew it. :(


Somehow I dislikes wearing wired earphones while working out or even travelling on public transports, though the one I had is a good one with good quality sound. I got a Jabra bluetooth Wireless Sports earpiece almost 6 months ago and been using it while running. It comes with a built in radio but I find the sound quality is kinda too flat and I don't really fancy using it while travelling.  Thus, I gotta used two earpieces, one when travelling which is the wired with good sound quality and another one for running and gym workouts, which is the wireless one. I am glad that last Friday , my colleague introduced me the new JBL wireless bluetooth earphones and I like it very much. At least, the sound quality is great and I can use it for all my entertainment needs without carrying two earpieces.

Here's my new toy! 

Still charging it...
Yes, that's my new toy and companion while on the move! :)  I will try to write a review on it soon.

Oh yeah, it's been a week since I had Japanese food though I didn't blog it here. My kid was suggesting me to bring them for Japanese food on a Sunday night before I travel back to Singapore for work. We had something simple.

Sake maki...the family favourites

Salmon Teriyaki Set - My two kids shared this while my wifey also had another set. They all loved salmon!

I go for a Sushi and Udon set which comes with an assortment of sushis.

as well a agedashi tofu

and a plain Udon bowl.
Have a good week folks...while my half marathon training getting intense. Not sure if I can sustained it this week...LOL. I gotta do a 11km run.:(