I have cut down on my running since early this year after suffering from plantar facittis, or simply heels pain, for almost two years. In fact, my doctor asked me to do a short run once a week only and don't participate in anymore running events till my heels fully recovered. Well, rest did help as the pain went away especially when I never run for 4-5 days but it came back when I started running. However, I still do short runs of 2KM at the treadmill for two times per week and an outdoor run of 5KM weekly. I am actually getting lazy to run after never run for more than 5KM except the half-marathon which I did in last April. Thus, the 5KM run did at least push me to run and catch some fresh air though sometimes I walk a bit and usually, took a breather after the halfway mark of 2.5KM. This is a far cry from those days when I did 10KM-15KM weekly back then! Sigh!

The good thing is after the 5KM weekly run with my friends, we usually rewarded ourselves with some good food nearby. Yes, the calories we burned were quickly compensated back ! LOL.

One of our favourite eateries is Restaurant Ayam Penyet President, located in Sports Hub, Singapore. Besides ayam penyet, they also offered a lot of Indonesian cuisines.

Catfish (Lele Pesmol)

Ayam Penyet



Tahu Telur
The food is the reward for the 5KM run...LOL. Anyway, I intend to re-train myself again. I miss those running days! :)


The rainy season has started and I do look forward to it as the days are cooler and I sweat lesser in the morning while going to work. Of course, I dreaded floods in many parts of the country and I pray that the affected areas stay dry soon and folks will go back to their normal lives. Back to my post, since it's been raining lately, I decided to go for something warm this evening and Korean Ginseng Chicken soup comes to my mind. I was at Seoul Garden Hotpot in Northpoint Shopping mall, Singapore.

free flow kim chi, spicy radish and onions 

Hot Ginseng chicken soup 
I didn't workout this evening after doing weights and ran consecutively for three evenings. Thus, it's time to wind down a bit for the weekend and warm myself up too with a bowl of nutritious chicken soup. And, time to plan for next year for my goals as well as my year end holidays!! I think I also need to plan how to improve my earnings with my blog! :)

Have a good week!


Usually I was the one who suggested to try out new eateries but this time round, my wifey discovered a newly open restaurant and she thought it's a good idea to go there for lunch. That was two Saturdays ago, before I went for my ...urh... root canal treatment. It's actually B.E. Cafe in Taman Molek, where they have moved to a new location here.

That place was quiet when we reached there almost 2pm. I like the clean, quiet and relaxing environment there. Served by a friendly waitress, we got our orders done efficiently. My ideal lunch for the weekend was always a non hurried, relaxing, less crowded and comfortable eatery. That's how I wind down during the weekend. :)

My little princess enjoying the relaxing and quiet ambiance.

An Aglio Olio for my son who shared with my wifey as he always love plain pasta.
A nasi lemak with fried chicken cutlet for me. Oooh... I'm getting fat! :(

A serving of waffles while delighted my little princess.

And not forgetting my Americano.
Have a great week!