Oh... I been bogged down by a toothache in one of my upper molar,  and have been in and out of my 'atas' dentist clinic  for four times, in a month.The first time he didn't do anything but subscribed medicines to me as there was an infection in my tooth, where some nerves seems got infected. After taken the meds, the pain seems gone but I went back a week later and facing a probable extraction which was diagnosed earlier and that kept me tense for a week. Anyway, I praise God that a filling will do after he took an X-ray and that was great news as I don't have to lose an important tooth. However, he added a root canal is a better treatment for me. The filling seems to be a temporary solution although the pain is gone.  So, after 2 weeks, I decided to go back for the root canal and the days leading up to the treatment was quite tense. Anyway, Praise God again that the procedure was almost painless. However, after the treatment and with the anesthetic wore off, there was some disxomfort and I decided to go back for my final treatment, which is to close up the tooth with permanent fillings. It was really a month of dental blues!! And that 'atas' dentist doesn’t come cheap, though he did a superb job !

Prior to that, after my usual weekly run with my colleagues, we went to Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh for dinner at sports Hub, Singapore.

Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh
The side dishes , i love the mui cai.

Mee sua for those who doesn't want rice

Bak Kut Teh in clear soup, Singapore style!

More pork braised

And dry Bask Kut Teh in claypot too.

I guess I gotta stop meat for a while and go for softer food. LOL... Have a good week!


I was hooked to Korean dramas lately, thanks to my wifey who has been chasing every episodes found on TV! I was not a fan before this but after watching some episodes of Doctor's Crush, somehow I find it entertaining with pretty actresses and cute actors, and I am spending more and more time on K-drama. Now, I understand why aunties and ladies love it, the stories are always romantic in nature, the guys were good-looking and acted gentlemanly while the ladies are gorgeous and mostly girls-next-door type. Added with a nice storyline, it makes a feel good drama compared to those serious and or blood-gore type. I am watching Hospital Ship now online.

And, after seeing many food scenes too, I had a craving of Korean food and ended up in a new restaurant, in Permas Jaya, JB,  Hong Dae. I always like Korean Ginseng Chicken soup which is the only Korean dish that I knew, besides kim chi and bibimpap.

My favourite Ginseng Chicken Soup

Miso seafood soup for my wifey 

Assortment of Korean small dishes 

We just ordered the above for the three of us, as my kid attended a birthday party. It's enough for us especially there are so many small dishes for us which can be top-up.

Now, time to go back to the mushy Korean dramas.....


Before I went into hibernation at this point of time last year, I used to post lots of Japanese food especially ramen. Well, I thought why not I do another one in this post since I just patronised the grand Warakuya Restaurant last weekend.

It really looks grand outside and spacious!
The restaurant - Folks waiting for their seats while they served free tidbits, fruits and beverages. There's even a small shop selling Japanese stuffs and three massage chairs for tired legs.
If you are coming on weekends, it's best to do an advance booking but still, there is some waiting time. We waited almost 40 mins even though we called in to book. And, now the food ....

Some specialty sushi 

Japanese Pizza ... it's crunchy with full of seaweed taste!

Assorted sushi and sashimi

Fried rice and Cold Soba
Cawanmushi ....our favourite
 The food really tasted good and to me,  it's one of the better Japanese restaurant in JB. I understand they have three branches here in Permas Jaya, Taman Pelangi and Mount Austin. Will visit the other two when I am free. Have a great week!!