Stay calm with exercise and good food...

I always believe whenever you are faced with a stressful situation like decision-making and etc, it's better to calm down your mind so that you can make a better choice. I was kinda frustrated with some important decisions to make lately and being in a bad mood doesn't really help. Thus, I went for a run and the feel-good hormones really works, and then settled down for a nice Japanese dinner at Men-ichi Japanese Ramen, Northpoint, SG.

A must for me whenever I had Japanese food - Chawanmushi. And, Men-chi's chawanmushi are always one of the best!

'Paitan Tonkatsu Ramen' - when served

After I stirred it...
After taking a shower and feeling calmer than ever, I realised what's that so 'important' is not really that serious after all! Thus, this is the power of positive feeling.... instead of exaggerating the situation, look into the real perspective of the issue!


  1. Nice! I think I would prefer our own local noodles to these Japanese ones....

  2. The Ramen looks good! Thick and creamy broth, I like this type of Ramen but we hardly find a decent one in Penang. Yes, must have chawanmushi, my mom likes this a lot, she'll wallop mine as well =.=|||

  3. Love the chawanmushi!! So you are saying after a good japanese dinner, your stress disappears? LOL

  4. foongpc - good food always a good stress buster!

  5. i normally self distract by going for a run or a long nice shower. when I am calmer I will then analyse the issue at hand.

  6. salmon teriyaki will be my obvious choice:D