I have a sensitive throat. Whenever I took deep fried or spicy stuffs, I will usually get sore throat and worse still, throat infections! I will end up taking MCs, taking antibiotics and cough syrup. My throat will be irritating and that triggered coughs. Sometimes, in order to work by avoiding taking the sleepy cough syrup, I will end up with difflam cough lozenges, which I always leave some at home and in office. Well, that's my basic problems!

As usual, I had this sickness on and off till my Indian colleague recommended me to take honey. He told me that honey is a medication and is effective against sore throats. I don't buy that at first, not due to the reason I don't believe in him but I am lazy to sip the teaspoonful of honey every morning. This was until I spotted this pure manuka honey nuglets at cold storage in Singapore. I thought how convenient is it, though it may contains more sugar contents than those in jar but then, it is also made of pure manuka honey.

I don't know if it's really effective but it seems so far so good after taking it for 2 months. It seems to prevent sore throats and  tasty some more. I am kinda got addicted to it and been topping up once it's finished. It cost around S$6.90 with around 12-14 nuglets in each pack and come in different flavors. They have ginger, lemon, propolis and original.I prefer propolis and original.

Anyway, I guess I will still go for the usual bottle manuka honey as I believe it contains less sugar than these nuglets. On the other hand, I think honey is really good... no wonder they called it food for the gods in Greek culture.


It was a great and beautiful Sunday! Firstly, I attended church again after been away for a few months. It was surely a refreshing experience for me especially singing the worship songs. I have been skipping church lately but now, I hope to attend regularly again.

After church, and a simple lunch, I took a nap before heading to my kid's kindergarten graduation night with my family. It was raining heavily! My kid was performing that night and as parents, we are definitively excited and get ready our cameras and etc. Firstly he received his certificate for completing his kindy. (hahaha...I didn't recall I got one during my time....) Then, he performed in his dance.
Receiving the award and certificate
Getting ready to perform with his kindy mates
A closer shot before he performed

Here's a short clip of his performance. I am proud of him tonight as he kept himself composed and calm during his performance as he used to be quite shy (like me... :P ) I'm looking forward to his 'actual' graduation from the varsity 15 or 20 years from now ...hahaha...:)

Have a great week!


As an Ipohrean, I definitely missed the food back home! Thus, it was comforting to find Ipoh typed of food in JB! I had this Dry Curry Hor Fun in one of the eateries here near Sutera Mall. Well, it's delicious though it's not like the original dry curry hor fun back home. This one is wetter but then, their hor fun is quite smooth. I will certainly go back and try the famous one near the MGS in Ipoh.

Next, a big cup of kopi kao...what an indulgence!
And, that makes up a perfect afternoon!


What a surprise! I went to collect my cholesterol report where doc asked me to check regularly of late due to my high cholesterol for almost a while. I'm expecting it to be high as usual but somehow it drop to an all-time low! In my previous tests for years, it usually floats around 260+ but this time round, it went down to 170+. woohooo....

I guess my routine of running longer helps as I have doubled my running time to 40 mins to hit 4-5Km, took oats regularly, consume enough fiber, reduce fatty stuffs, took fish oil and as well as medication. Well, doc still wanted me to continue the medication and I have to do another test in 3 months time.

I thought mine is a lost cause but it seems like it still controllable. Will continue to live an healthy lifestyle!