Aromatherapy massage ....

After a relaxing aromatherapy massage at Thai Odyssey in City Square Mall, JB, I decided to patronized Wong Kok restaurant. It was just situated next door to the spa and seeing that there was no crowd on an early evening, I  thought it's an good idea to counter my hunger pangs. I decided for something simple, just a meal and a drink.

'Fu Yong' egg rice. The portion was quite large and I can hardly finished it. Anyway, the egg was nicely fried and it was delicious!

'Ying-yang' - Coffee mixed with tea. I always love this HK beverage. 
It was a great day to end the week. An aromatherapy massage is always relaxing and keep the stress and strains at bay, especially after a week of workout. Probably it's a good idea to have a massage once a month to pamper ourselves, to relax and to loosen the tense muscles!

Have a good weekend!


  1. oh Thai Odyssey, i think we have one here too. I like my Fu Yong egg to have traces of julienned chilies, for the extra kick and aroma :)

  2. Thai Odyssey? Saw at Mid Valley...all those Thai masseurs.... I prefer Chinese massage - gentler, more soothing.

  3. Why not? Also go for yhe facial too. Yes men also need to go for facial leh

  4. oh..I think I need a massage..

  5. the fu yong egg certainly looks good!