It's the time of the year again to visit the malls more often than before to shop for CNY goods and stuffs. I was surprise my family and I can spent almost 5-6 hours at the same mall while I reached home wanting to hit the bed and sleep. It was really tiring! Anyway, it does take time to get and try on new clothes and apparels especially for the kids.  I love the atmosphere of the malls which plays CNY songs all over the place and beautiful decors. It really makes me feel more eager to 'balik kampung' soon!

I had a craving for beef steak and since we were at Jusco Bukit Indah, I suggested to go for Stonegrill for dinner. I had my sirloin steak fix there.

Here's my steak...still raw but cooking on the burning hot stone!

Closeer look....I think it's sizzling... :)

Flip over and it's some parts already cooked.

With this hot stone, I was real busy as I really gotta flipped and tossed the meat else it will turned into charcoal meat before I knew it. The beef really cooked fast ! I gotta remove the cooked meat from the stone too before it turned charcoal black!

My kid, meanwhile has his salmon steak, healthier. It comes with  corns and fried rice as side  dishes.

I will need to run more again..... :P


I started off my new year resolution by reducing some fat around my belly and thought it's a good idea to stop taking supper, especially after a late dinner or replaced it with a fruit, like an apple. One of the most challenging and stubborn part of a male's body is to trim down the tummy where all our fats are almost 95% accumulated there. Anyway, it's seems very challenging so far! I think I didn't do enough cardio workout yet and love food too much! :P I will need to work harder and run more.

By the way, I thought the new mall at Katong, 112, was like Bedok Point where it housed all the eateries and restaurants, as can see from outside. Yes, it indeed but it does have quite lot of shops and marketplace too. I was there last Friday for lunch and found it to be quite a pleasant place. Anyway, I didn't eat at those expensive restaurants but ended up at a smaller Vietnamese restaurant and take on the set menu. For S$15, I got four dishes as below. The food were quite good, especially the coffee and the beef noodles. Love it!

Vietnamese coffee.... very creamy and strong, nice!.

Main course, Beef noodles and the soup was great!

Mango salad.... very delicious

'Paper rolls'...consist of vegetables and meat. Getting full already!
I will run more from now onwards. :P


It's almost mid-Jan and as the year kicks in, work are back as usual. Gone are the peaceful, quiet but joyful days of December and work stress started pilling up. Well, I do enjoyed the festive mood of Chinese New Year in the malls now, where the Christmas has been replaced with red lanterns, paper firecrackers, plastic flowers and etc. Not forgetting the joy of buying new year goodies and clothes.

However, it's still one month to CNY and reality creeps in, which is back to life and work. :) One of my resolutions are to beat stress this year. And, I thought this sharing could be useful to you too... some basic simple methods.

Have enough rest and sleep
Okay, I have not been discipline enough and it's almost 12.40am while I am writing this post. However,    sleep is really, really important. Whenever I don't sleep well, everything goes down the drain which includes my mood, energy, productivity...etc. And, it's vice-versa too if I slept well. I will try to sleep early. :)

Some physical instructor told me it's a medication, you must eat it. Thus, whether you like it or not, you must exercise and workout. A workout makes you feels good and helps you to sleep well, not to mentioned reducing the extra calories and fats.

Enjoy a game of anything you like, be it boardgame or sports. Read a nice novel or watch a great movie. You need to distract yourself from your problems. Go to some place nearby for a day trip and enjoy  the food and travelling. 

Challenge your problems
Write down and analyse your problems. If possible, work with a trusted friend or a professional. Problems can be opportunities. Overcome your weakness by taking actions. Seek advise in work and work smart.

Cultivate friendship and foster family bonding.
Need not to say much, good buddies and your loved ones are great companies in your life. Enjoy recreation activities with friends and family. Do thing together with family and periodically, have family bonding with kids and spouse on weekends and holidays.

By the way, another way to destress is to enjoy makan, but do not overeat. :) Had these over the weekend and thought it's nice to share with you.

A simple but healthy pasta

Strawberry latte

My favourite pandan  kaya toast 

Stay relax and have a good mid-week. The less stressful we are, the more we can achieved. :)


The first weekend of the year seems switched back to typical, normal routine before the school break. My kids were in schools on Saturday, with the older one spending almost a day at the tuition center, due to the extra loads of homework. Sometimes, I really pity kids of today as their schoolwork were so much! I wonder is it due to the school's ambition to achieved excellency by producing good students or simply this is today's reality of being in school? My opinion is, besides academic excellence, another important aspect was to trained the kids EQ so that they can handle life in future, and thus reduces cases of suicides, depression, anxieties and etc.

I had a good Saturday rest and even gotta the chance to run 2.5KM around my neighborhood. Took a pix of the sunset below, which was so serene!

Such a beautiful art of nature.....
 Before that, since the kids were not around, my CFO aka wifey and I have the opportunity to 'pak tor' and had a nice tea time at Lavender Bistro. As usual, I had my Americano and we ordered some sandwiches.

Lavender's famous thin crispy kaya toast

Ciabatta with cheddar cheese and ham

After my jog and picking up the kids, we went for dinner at Aeon Tebrau City, as well as hang around there to do some CNY shopping. The mall was filled with CNY atmosphere already, where last week it was still playing Christmas songs. How fast it switches!! And, I am slowly feeling the CNY mood, especially so that I am going back to Ipoh this year. :)

Btw, nice to see that Aeon opened a new eatery serving hot plates menu, just like Singapore's hot pepper meals. It's called Tengu Magic Tepan.
Salmon with rice 
Salmon spaghetti

Salad in thousand Island

Salad in Japanese sauce
And, there was a free flow of soup which they offered Miso soup and Chicken cream soup.

My little princess busy sipping the soup....
Quite a nice but typical Saturday, no more tiring trips to theme parks but relaxing at home and around town. :)


Happy New Year 2013! Hope this will be a good and blissful year for everyone! Frankly, though it's a celebration to usher in the new year, I always had this post new year blues on 1/1. In fact, I missed December! It's really a nice, peaceful, joyful and cool month with all the festivity activities going around. Imagine hanging out at happening places, you can felt the joyfulness around. For Jb and Singaporean folks, last December was a month to throng Legoland and the Hello Kitty town.

Entrance to Hello Kitty town
I shared in my previous post that kid's friendly theme parks like this are great for family bonding. The activities are both suitable for the young and old and of course, the adults must always be there to supervise the little ones in any games.

My kids having a good time helping Bob....
Anyway, I only been to the Little Big Club cos we are running out of time to visit the Hello Kitty town. One good thing I like about this place was its indoor and air-cond., thus need not worried about the changing weather as in Legoland. It was also smaller compare to its famous counterparts, thus, it won't take too long to complete all the activities and less tiring. The queues are shorter too!

Barney's place... my kids having a good time running around 

Angelina's place

Over here, kids can wore the ballerina dress and pretend to dance around... my little princess love this place

A pix with Angelina
The theme park was two storeys where the upper storey contains all the rides in the amusement park.

A view of the upper floor where the amusement park is located

Thomas on the way...

On Thomas's train .... ready for the ride

Another view of the park

That's Bertie's Bus.... it throw you up, down, left and right. lol...

another shot of the park

My kids on  the windmill

Bertie's bus again...taken while waiting for our turn to board

My kid in the bumper car

while my little princess enjoying the helicopter ride

and there's Pingu... my kids' favourite cartoon character

great for the kids and family bonding...
We spent almost 3 hours in Little Big Club and that's more than enough, as my kids ended repeating the rides again and again. There were also playgrounds for them to hang around while my wife and I took turns to supervise them. It's always nice to accompany your kids for games together, instead of them playing computer games on the phone or PC. Let them have a good time before school starts....today. :)