Well, it's has been another long week for me and I definitely welcome today- it's really TGIF. It has been a long long wait, it seems..LOL. Will laze around the weekend .....with good food. :)

Wishing all of you a great, refreshing and relaxing weekend!


In this age, especially to the generation of middle-aged parents where the children are still very much toddlers or young kids, most of us are too busy, worried and concerned about work. I heard from a friend that his boss who's a workaholic has contracted cancer, which I believe he could have want spent more time with family then. I also heard from another friend years ago that his 50 year old colleague got an heart attack in office.

Well, guess most of us have no choice but to work to buy food on the table but however, I believe there should be some balance between work and life. Some of us are so concerned about their work performance, worried about being 'arrowed' for some tasks, worried about the rumours or criticism they heard today, dislike a colleague and vice-versa, someone taking over their job, heated arguments with customers, peers or superiors and etc. All this will ends when we left the company or organisation few years or few months down the road. :P So, is that worth the while?

Just my opinion, I feel that we shouldn't take things too overly serious in work. Getting killed over by stress or paralysed by a life threatening disease caused by stress is no laughing matter to our family, especially middle aged parents with young kids.

For me, I hope I can manage my stress better and live to see my toddlers grow up and get married. LOL... Let's take good care of our health....eat well, exercise, manage our stress..etc.

1 Corinthians 3:16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?


Well, I'm sure everybody would agreed that obstacles are part and parcel of life. To me, it's just like driving on a long journey at the highway, where we will meet good and bad weather along the way to our destination.  When the traffic is smooth and the weather is good, we usually meet the speed limit and drive faster. When there's a drizzle, we might slow down a bit and if there's a terrible storm, we may want to find a rest & recreation centre to wait till it has stopped or make a decision to continue driving, but drive with cautioned.

Thus, in life, there are always obstacles that we can handle which is similar to continuing driving despite a drizzle, in order to reach our destination or goal. There are also times where we think it's good to beat a retreat, like when there's a big storm which clouded our vision when driving, then, it's good to take a break till it is good to move on.

Just some thoughts .... have a great weekend folks! 


I like to introduce this new eatery in JB which was opened by an up and coming MediaCorp artiste, Cai Pei Xuan. She actually acted in some local sitcoms and lately, she seems like making it big in Singapore. By the way, read this article which was published in The Star.

The eatery is located at one of Jb's most bustling township, Taman Sutera Utama where there's a lot of good food around, and nearby the megamall, Sutera Mall. This was a nice place to be around , especially at night. Well, these are what we have for dinner and before I go on , I strongly recommend this place for a good dining experience cos it's affordable and the food is good. There's also Asam Laksa at RM4.80 here where I need to spend around Rm4 at a roadstall in Taman Sentosa!

Braised Pork - RM7.80. It's sweet with a mix of fat and lean meat in small cubes. It's one of the appetising dishes for the dinner. My kid loves it a lot! I can easily add another bowl of rice just because of this dish.

Kangkung with Belacan - RM5.80. A bit spicy but it's fragrance.
My all time favourite - Steamed Lady's finger- RM5.80. Dipping in the belacan was a great gastronomical experience! :P
The best dish of the night, with three pieces of Honey Chicken cost RM7.80. It's sweet and the meat is tender!I will probably order this again in my next visit.
It's been a while since I had a Nyonya cendol and thus, let's go for one. Cost Rm2... affordable right ?

And, as usual not forgeting my cuppa of Bibik White Coffee with added ingredients like Tongkat Ali and Lingxi. Cost - RM1.50

Bibik Kitchen is located at 108, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai, Johor.


After receiving my medical checkup report, I got a new or rather 'renew' resolution to eat healthily (which I will see how long this would last.....), thus I decided to embark on healthy food - check out Bo Cafe again, which I've blogged in my old blog. The environment there is still nice - green, pleasant, serene, pond and fish, free wifi and most importantly, heathy vegetarian food done in bistro style.
Above and below, a view of the interior of the cafe. Notice the nice and pleasant environment there.
Another view - their glassy door entrance towards the pond and beautifully planted trees. It was a good Sunday then.
I especially love their soup and one of them is their mushroom soup. I can felt that it is freshly cooked and brewed, unlike some restaurants which gave us Campbell tin soup. It was a big bowl and by the time you finished it, it was quite filling! Cost - RM5.80
Here's what my wife had - Shanghai Noodle Soup. There's a lot of varieties of vegetables in the soup together with dumplings, without meat. It was a big serving too! Cost - RM8.80.

I ordered a delicious and healthy Pasta with Herb Cream Sauce. It was slightly creamy and I love the taste of their herbs, well, not too sure what type of herbs they cooked with. I guess this is healthy enough to lower my cholesterol.:) This cost RM10.80.
As always, my meal wouldn't complete without a nice cuppa of Americano. Check out the freshly brewed Americano below... :) This really refreshes my mind for the day!
I decided to take a few more pics of the exteriors of the cafe. Below is a nicely made fountain with a spiral shape.It's quite a good place for photo taking.
And, below, checking out the cafe outside. Noticed a lady taking pics too!
Bo Cafe is located at - 8, Jalan Mutiara 7, Kawasan Perindustrian Plentong, 81750 Plentong, JB (near Plentong Giant)


Sometimes we find that there's really a lot of fears that we dreaded in the near future... fear of death, fear of stricken by a deadly disease, fear of an accident while driving, fear of our loved ones and even fear of  presentations and etc etc. Life seems so restlessness with all these worries and concerns which clouded our minds, especially if the fear comes true.  The list go on and on ....

The old fashioned but potent advice from various religions, motivational speakers or authors, psychologist or even the man on the street will probably tell you to live one day at a time. It's a phrase which everyone heard of, I'm sure, and it's still a very good advice to apply. In my opinion, worrying over the future for something that may or may not happened drained our resources for our daily chores and work. It also leads to unnecessary health problems, if prolong. After all, what worry can do to improve our plight? As a song (Don't worry, be Happy) goes...'Worry doubles your troubles'. It will only make us worse but on the other hand, feeling calm and in control may help us to face our fear or concerns better. Take a few deep breaths and slowly relax now. :)

I love this verse and that's also what inspired me to write this post - from Matthew 6:34 : Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

'Looking forward to a good weekend and wishing you a good weekend too!'


These are some great moments that I managed to capture on an Easter evening, while I was at a public beach in Port Dickson called Tanjung Tuan yesterday. The weather is good and I have a great view of the sunset. The sea suddenly became golden while the great Sun descended for the day. Enjoy the pics!

The day is ending and the folks are retreating back to the seashore. The sea is calm and it's indeed a peaceful evening.

Tg Tuan is currently a popular attraction for bird watching. Lots of folks were here during the daytime to check out the migratory birds.
OK, the sun has set for the day. It's time for dinner at PD. It's been a great moment on Easter day.

Nature is beautiful!!


It will be a long weekend in Singapore where Good Friday is a public holiday. I will be taking a day off on next monday to refresh my mind and getaway from the city. :)  Here's wishing everyone a Good Friday and Happy Easter Sunday!

This is also the time in remembrance of our Good Lord who died and suffered for us but resurrected again on the third day. May the Lord God Bless You!

Have a good weekend!! :)