Foh San Restaurant, Ipoh

yo folks...I'm back after a week's vacation back home in Ipoh for X'mas! And, well it's been a pleasant trip and I wished the trip is much longer, probably till 31 Dec, but too bad, I have work commitments and gotta be back early. :( Enjoy the trip very much as well and have a great X'mas reunion lunch with my close relatives, meeting up with reanaClaire (thanks for your posting on me, btw)  as well as the driving ...it's been a while I didn't drive long distance. :) Well, didn't really go around Ipoh as I wanted to, but did try out some of Ipoh's specialities.

Foh San restaurant, one of the best dim sum (chinese cuisines) offerings in Ipoh and been there since I was a toddler, is a MUST to visit for this trip. This is especially that they have moved to another location  and I'm willing to go all out for it, despite some protest from my dad .... no parking la....bad service la.. crowded la...etc. LOL...

The service is indeed not too good as you needed to wait and look for your own table, self-service by going around to get your dim sum with the order card and refill your own tea. I was wondering if anyone got themselves scalded with the hot water since there's hardly any rooms for us to place the teapot properly. Moreover, it's crowded over there and it's CROWDED even on a working day..oh gosh..there must be a reason! Yeap, the dim sum are damn good, even my dad stopped complaining after biting on the above dim sum, har gau ! The filling is consider big and it's very delicious!

I didn't snapped all the dim sum we ordered as whenever I go to collect the dim sum, my family started helping themselves with it... :( Well, can't help it, have to be a fillial son, good hubby and daddy..ahem!! hahaha..
Above are some the dim sum they served, Crystals gau and fish ball.
Here's my all time favourtie, char siew pau (BBQ pork bun). It's still one of the best in Ipoh, and even Malaysia.
And, here's jin dui (sesame ball with lotus paste fillings), which my 4 year old kid is crazy about, that's the first thing he wanted when he saw the dim sums.
As above, folks helping themselves with the dim sums, choosing and collecting it at one of the service counters.

Here's a snap of the restaurant, at their second level. One thing I like about the new building is some of the tables are placed facing the main road, where you can have a good view of Ipoh town while enjoying the food. This place is a must to visit when in Ipoh but I hope they improve on their service. :)
And, last but not least, here's carrot cake. I find that it taste different from other places like JB. This is the type of carrot cake I enjoyed when I was a kid. :)


  1. Wow! You manage to get a seat and dine here. Passed by this place 2 days in a row and it was overcrowded.

  2. nice dim sum...i miss to eat dim sum ler

  3. bf - It's not easy leh... I gotta stand and wait and almost give up before a staff told me there' a table going be vacated soon.

    vialentino - go and eat la..

  4. looks good :D no pic of claire n u leh? :D

  5. Merryn- it's the same pic as Claire's (taken from my camera) LOL..she post already enough la..

  6. We have a Foh San here in PJ too, wonder if it's as good as the one in Ipoh. Anyway, the last time I ate the dimsum there it was not too bad : )

  7. yoooooooooooooooooooooooo the jin dui really make me drool lar.....hahahhaa i tot i would see other versions of u and claire hahah

  8. wah.. took yr parents for once!! good! i told them u always post food and food in JB.. making me drool..
    oh, i went to foosan once.. weekdays.. so service was ok.. they took everything for us.. if crowded, i wont go in.. lousy service! my fren got scolded by them before.. asking for place... crazy lot!
    hey, my girl loves the chin dui too.. must take her there one day..

  9. foongpc - if it's the same management, then it should be around the same standard. Didn't know they opened an outlet outside Ipoh.

    manglish - cham already... only took the same pic with her and same posed!

    reanaclaire - yeah ... will bring out more often for my food adventures. Even my big bro failed to get my dad to go to foh san.LOL