A Christmas lunch with ReanaClaire

Ok, this comes a bit late...almost 4 days has past since the event and ReanaClaire has already posted this. Nevertheless, here's a pic I took with her during a X'mas lunch last fri, after our church services.

The pix looks almost the same as her camera cos it's the same position....haha...after taken using her camera, then they took with my camera.  I guess this pix didn't show my head that big as the one she posted on her blog, so confirmed it's the camera..LOL!

It was a great X'mas morning where we attended church together with our families and then went for the lunch organised by the church. The only exception is the food was so so...only, thus I don't think I'm going to post it...haha...

I was seated in between her second kid, Andy and her princess, Fernie. There's a lot of teens in this table thus this makes me almost 10 years younger when talking to them... :P  (Cleffairy : take note, getting more qualified to be your didi) Well, shared a lot of jokes with them and, yeah..also shared what are the baby boomers generation, the generation X,Y and Z with them and how the sales folks use it to target their customers .... (so, Claire, nothing notti ah....hahaha..)

Looking forward to meet her again in the next CNY holidays when I'm back in Ipoh. :)


  1. Become my didi? *rolls eyes* Dream on lah, Chris! LOL...

  2. hahahaha looks like a good meet up lunch! Is it the first time or you know each other already?

  3. Hello Chrisau, looks like you found the right food tour guide. She is very good....all her food pics brings back memories to me.
    Here's wishing you and family a very happy new year, best regards, Lee.

  4. hhhahahahahah this pic is different, the one she posted u got two alien ears , this one u got only one alien antenna hahahahahah HAPPY NEW YEAR....i am wondering who is older, u, me or cleffairy? errr Claire is definitely in her own league now AHAHAHHAAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  5. hey this manglish.. i cannot join in yr league meh??? so seong.. kicking me out one.. yerr... who is older among 3 of u? wait till cleff sees this, she is gonna be like Ultrawoman.. hehee...
    chris, maybe we have our reunion together also la.. u one big table.. we all 2 tables..

  6. clef - hahaha... thought I can have a xmas present next year.

    chubskulit- yeap...long ago!

    Uncle Lee - she sure knows how to makan and find the good ones. Happy New Year to you too!

    manglish - eh.. i actually got 2 alien ears..thsi pic is misleading..lol aiyo.. you said she's old ... look at her reply now! LOL

    reanaclaire- sure sure...u called my mum and plan lor! She already checking out Kok Thai resturant dish menu. I drove her there last week.

  7. hehehehe.. so your head is shrunken in this pic.. lol.. :D

  8. @Manglish...I am definitely younger than Claire. She's old enuff to be my mum. If I meet her up, I cannot call her Claire onli lorr... must call her Aunt Claire. If not, I can be consider rude leh. Chris is old enuff to be my uncle or maybe, big bro. He's around Eugene's age, maybe younger. Now, how old are you again? LOL... I'm 25. That explains why I'm so into those shows that kids born in 80s watched. Ahahahaha...

    @ Claire... ohhh! I like Ultrawoman. Did you watch the Lois and Clark- The New Adventures of Superman? Where Lois Lane gets to be Ultrawoman... damn, I fantasize about that. Vrooom! Fly off with Superman. *melts* LMAO....(Clef gone case liao, watched too much tv, brain damaged liao)

    @Chris... u want pressie ah? LOL...u wait long long lorr... ahahaha... but I'll buy pressie for your kids. They're so cute! Especially your lil girl. *sigh* I want a little girl too. So cute! Can play dress up oso. I got a boy onli... and now, owez get bully by him!

  9. cleffairy - haha...go and make one cute baby girl! You're still young...can have one anytime :) Btw, I still press to be your didi... :P