Eagle Ranch Resort

Check out this resort at Port Dickson, I find that it's a different place to be at PD, compare to other resorts. Well, why I said that is because there're no beaches at this resort and the place is so 'westernised'. It's like being in the wild wild west, yeap, the cowboys and red indians seen on  tv. It's a place for those seeking adventures and great for teambuildings! Below is the main entrance which leads to their 'eagle street'.

Some vintage vehicles out there to greet you near the main entrance. I wonder if guests can have a ride on it.
Spotted a horse carriage here, well, it's really a cowboy town! The horse is kinda shy and keep looking away from me when i snap a picture of it. Luckily, I didn't agitate it. :)
Well,guess this is the restaurant...and nope, I didn't try the food inside there.
Here's some shots around the place... looks nice, clean and relaxing! 
The souvenir shops,reception, offices and arcade are located around here.
The pools and jacuzzi are located nearby the main area, and I simply like the 'green' environment over there. Love the grass, it's so neat and trimmed, like a carpet.
As above, these are not hotel rooms but .... guess what, toilets and changing rooms.
Probably adventure seekers would love the above , sort like some 'flying fox' stuffs. They also have paintballs games.(ouch!, I tried that before and that will probably be the last time for me :P)

As above, a beautiful kampung house built on the pond. The rates for the kampung house is around Rm170++ - RM199++.

One of the eye-catching views here are the indians tepees. It's the cheapest accomodation here, around RM88++-RM99++.

Above, seems like lots of folks waiting for the horse ride. 


Well, let me add some 'personal touch' to this posting.... here's a pic of myself with my elder kid and with my baby daughter.

And, here's a family portrait.

More information on the resort can be found here. We didn't stay overnight but more of visiting the place. We drove off to check out other places after this.


  1. ohhh had a good time there? seemed like a very good place to spend a quiet weekend....love that kampung house :)

    ps: your family is lovely....:)

  2. It will be cool to dress up as a cowboy and walk around this place

  3. manglish - thanks! Yeap, it's indeed a nice place, probably something different to do there.

    BF - good idea!!

  4. cuti-cuti malaysia..
    what a happy family :)))

  5. OMG! Your little girl will soon grow up to break the hearts of man. She's soooooooooooo adorable! OMGgggggg!

  6. wow such a relaxing place to stay!

    Im back and trying to catch up..

  7. toilet has air con too?

    A smile from SJ =)

  8. jen - :) I love to bring my family out whenever there's an opportunity.

    CleffaClaire- then I will make sure I squeeze those boy boy's pocket dry first before they can go out with my ger... LOL

    chubskulit - glad to see you back!

    SJ - yeap! :)

    wenn - Check it out when u r in PD!