Filipino food

Well, thought of trying something different for lunch today and remember my colleagues went for some nice filipino food here in Singapore and decided to suggest them to bring me there. Well, here you are - a nice little eatery called Jologs at  392 East Coast Road, Singapore. The eatery only have a few small tables but the place is cosy and nicely decorated.

Below, the menu at the right , with some other posters showing histories of Philipines to the left.
Here's one of their offerings - Bangsilog or fried fish. This is what my colleague ordered and I thought the fish is so 'fried up'  that it really looks crunchy.

This is what I had...Tapsilog or marinated grilled Beef slices. It's very delicious and taste slightly sweet.
Well, one of my blogger friends, Eugene, suggested I post some satisfied looks after they tasted the food ....and here they are, my colleagues. :)

My other colleagues relaxing on the sofa earlier while waiting for the food to be served, and enjoying the free flow of ice lemon tea. The Tapsilog cost $6.50 while the Bangsilog cost $6.00.


  1. hmmm the beef looked delicious...tasted like rendang ar? HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

  2. YH and SL look are not in satisfied looks la...They are trying to smile while they feel hungry...:D :D

  3. I takut ikan.... wait eat liao tercekik, den seiii lorr!

    Neway, Chris... here's my new blog url...


    wun update the old one nemore... wanna buang sway! LOl...oh ya, forget... happy new year.

  4. manglish - yeap, taste like rendang.

    shin - they happy la...

    clef - cool! Will update your url.