Niniq Bistro & Bakery, Taman Pelangi, JB

I always appreciate dining in nice restaurant with a great ambience and reasonable price on their food. ( Of course, not as reasonable as food court :) ) Well, here's one new eatery which I've discovered in Taman Pelangi ,JB which serves mainly Indonesian food and some varities of western food. They also sold bread, pastry and cakes and I especially love their assortment of healthy breads.

Here's a view of the main entrance to the restaurant which was just decorated for the seasons' greetings. It makes the place so beautiful!

One of their specialties is the Ayam Goreng Plate which cost RM12.50. It comes with fried chicken, egg in marinated in sambal, salad, nuts and nasi kuning (yellow rice). The rice has a very strong coconut milk fragrance in it.

I had a Chicken Cordon Bleu which cost around Rm18.50. The chicken meat is wrapped with pieces of ham inside it, and presented in a creamy sauce. It's delicious and I heard from the manager that this is one of the bestsellers.

Here's the Soto Ayam soup, cost around RM9.80. This soup is very popular can be found mostly in malay restaurants or even food courts.

Swiss Alpine - RM6.80. Well, this is swiss herbal tea which comes in a pot.

Niniq Bistro & Bakery is located at - 40, Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi, JB.


  1. ahhh must go try next time...are you staying nearby tmn pelangi?

  2. Like the look of chicken cordon bleu

  3. Hey Chris,when i go to JB next year, must take me jalan jalan cari makan, can or not?

    My wife's home town is in JB "Wang Hoe Kung Yuen", very near Taman Pelangi, i guess.

    Have a great weekend, bro

  4. manglish - nope. When ru coming back?

    SJ - yeap. everywhere also got nice xmas decor btw.

    BF - it's delicious!

  5. Eugene - Sure sure! Let me know if you are coming man. I will look for u too in Penang.
    Your wife's taman is far from taman pelangi. It's Taman Tun Aminah, at Skudai.

  6. wah bro.... Chicken Gordon Bleu only cost rm 18+ ... very cheap ler... gordon bleu is a expensive liquor leh! must taste nice with it

  7. All of these meals look great I would like to try the soto ayam soup it looks delicious and refreshing.

  8. vialentino - yup! Maybe they didn't put a lot la..I don't really taste liquor. LOL

    Glennis - Hi there! Thanks for visiting my site :) Yeap, try it!

  9. nice ka?
    hmmm... haha.. quite expensive wor..

  10. Wow! The Ayam Goreng Plate looks really yummy! I'm hungry already! : )